Monday, 11 July 2011

A LITTLE BIT OF CRAFTING including one of Darcy's words

Morning all how fair thee all this fine morning?  How has your weekend been, did it provide you with much fun and laughter?  Mine was busy, dizzy and tiring in that order and now I bravely go where others fear to tread - back to work LOL!  So thought I'd schedule a little post and share some crafting with you whilst I'm technically at work - how strange managing to do two things at once - genius!

Anyway this photo is part of Darcy's 52 word challenge and the word was NEARBY, what was close to me on that particular day were a string of bats that said 10 year old had cut out in that concertina 'line of men' fashion and lots of typed messages from him and I thought it would be a great way of keeping his little typed messages that had kept me smiling since he'd got his newly acquired typewriter!
then a layout from our last Menorca holiday which is about two years ago, I seemed to have managed to not scrapbook most of the images for some reason, I've no idea why so I've been catching up and trying to recall the time when we were there and the reasons behind the photo.  This one was when we ventured up to some caves, only to find that it was far too hot and there were far too many naked people down by the water, so we had our picnic perched up in the caves and then we ventured back. I  used up some old stickers and stash hurray!
then the stitching up close and personal.


  1. Great journal page Virginia and a really good way to hold onto DS's "work".
    Love the LO - but where are the naked people? lol
    Hugs xx

  2. D'you know what? I ADORE all of your journal pages, I really admire them all. BUT, I think this one is my favourite ever. I LOVE those bats, how wonderful and such fun. And said 10 year olds little typed messages to you? Priceless.

    Great LO too. Happy memories eh?

    ps thank you for your lovely comment about my journal pages, I REALLY appreciated them as I'm still finding my way in this Art Journal lark!

  3. Oh now I love that page with DS's bats and typewriter messages. What a thing for him to look back on when he's older :)

    Yes - where ARE the naked people in your other page :P

  4. What a lovely page to create Virginia, a perfect way of keeping all those little notes.

    Great LO but I think I need stronger glasses cos I couldn't see the naked folk either LOL

    Toni xx

  5. Wow! Nice :D Love the idea of using stuff your son did for a journal page...fantastic memories :D XXX

  6. love those bats, they are fantastic. so glad you used his typed messages, what a great way to save them to look back on. I am happy you are still joining in and that you are enjoying the word prompts. i must admit there are weeks when i feel I am not enjoying it, but then i make a page I really like and I changed my mind lol

    P.s i am working out the details for next years weekly project.