Wednesday, 20 July 2011


It's 8.22am I have to leave the house a little after 8.30am - hence the statement fastest post in the world ever so let's see if I can get sparks off this key board this morning.  My life is being strange again, I'm doing immense hours on a Monday and Tuesday and don't even venture on this computer when I return home after work and then Wednesday morning I can breathe, a shorter day and no breakfast club combined mean that I can simply settle back into a 'normal' routine, I'm not sure it's healthy but with my assistant off at the moment it's the only way I can make things work, although even when he returns I think there will be a degree of continuation of this into the school holidays, although I am trying to reclaim my life back!

Anyway crafting has been a little thin on the ground, I've got stuck on Darcy's word of Alliance, I know what I want to write but can't find the image that I'm after so that's my plan later to find that together with the other two words I haven't done!

I am enjoying Darcy's challenge immensely, I'm also managing a bit of scrapbooking of the 12 x 12 variety but I say again (and I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one saying it because Anne-Marie commented last week and agreed that Leslie felt the say) that we miss Sandra's class, I went and visited Lynn in her new home and she now has a great teaching room, wonder if we could twist some arms and find out exactly how many people in a class makes the class profitable enough to run?  I miss my class!  Enough said!

Anyway I thought I'd share a couple of photos that I took at the weekend, this is my Voyage page in my journal and yes this is one I absolutely love, predominantly a giant advert out of a magazine which has been significantly played with I love all the cogs and inking and painting on this one - great fun!

Then this one is out of my little journal, started before my journaling style started to alter recently which meant I was stuck with a 'half done' page which drove me insane, anyway I kept going with it and decided a few clouds and a little journaling and it was officially 'done'! 
And finally a 12 x 12 from our Menorca holiday 2 years ago, because we were holidaying on our own we never got a decent seat for the evening entertainment, so we started to take ourselves off into the garden area and sit and have a quiet drink, there was another family doing the same and two of the adults from the other group used to play rugby at night with their children/grandchildren and allow our 10 year old to join in!  So I had to document the fact, I'm really pleased with this layout! I managed to use a combination of pictures, and the title was a strip of tickets on a 12 x 12 paper - you know the type strips of colour or borders, that I handcut and then wrote on by hand. 

So there you go 8.33am - not bad going for 11 minutes was it!  If you stop by say hello.

I will also try and share with you in the next few days, a project I made when I was 15 and yes before you ask I still have it!  Problem is it won't behave for photographing and I've tried taking a quick video but you end up with my Yorkshire dulcet tones spoiling it LOL!  I remember comments on my accent last time I put a video on!


  1. WTG on a fast post Virginia - lovely to "see" you posting. :)
    I just love your Voyage page - all those cogs and gears.
    The LO is great and I love the "back story" - just the sort of thing we did on holiday when DS was small.
    Hope work settles down for you and you get your life back.
    Hugs xx

  2. Love the cogs page - I think I could stare at it for ages - I can see why you liked the photo sooo much. The 12 by 12 is great...the tickets are great - can't believe you cut them all out - beautiful :) Thank you for your support :D as you can tell done lots of 12 by 12 scrapping recently :) LOL

  3. So, how many words a minute did that work out at haha! Love your "journey" page a real steampunky look :D XXX

  4. OOOh love the steampunk page!

    Well done on the fast post! I need to take a leaf out of your book!!

  5. Fab work Virginia - just love that cogs piece.

    Toni xx

  6. Oh my goodness, I'm LOVIN' that cogs spread! Fancy seeing that advert in a magazine - it'd be worth buying the magazine for! Love how you've journalled over it. BRILLIANT, Virginia!

    Happy memories for your LO, these LO's will really help preserve those memories.


  7. GORGEOUS work. All of them but WOW at that cogs one and I love the story behind the LO.

    Ooh yes - we need another dose of Virginia accent :D