Sunday, 10 July 2011


So whilst I was away last week I received the above award not once but twice - many thanks to Susie and Carmen for nominating me for this award.
OK so I'm asking hubby for a list of things people don't know about me, he's got a list of four things straight off the bat and all of them are unprintable LMAO! 
OK so here goes

  1. I am a Reiki practitioner and a Roman Catholic and the two aspects work very well together with my pick and mix faith (which isn't the same as religion - so don't get confused)
  2. I was attuned to Reiki whilst pregnant which means said 10 year old is also Reiki attuned, in fact his first scan picture had him with his hand over his head as if he was already practicing.
  3. I met my other half at my step-Father's sisters wedding who is his first cousin, we are still together 21 years later the marriage from that day however didn't last.
  4. I am a qualified accounting technician and plan on continuing onto my chartered accountancy - yes I am that mad.
  5. I work for a charity who has a well known song that follows me on holiday wherever I go and you'll all know the actions to it - consisting of four essential letters!
  6. I used to be a legal secretary and had to sit behind the Barrister's in Crown court taking notes for cases
  7. I worked at one point for the Ministry of Defence and it took a while to get through security clearance due to my Irish connections! 
So there you go a quick post telling you seven things that I don't think you'll know about me - so go on then tell me how many of them you already knew?

Now to pass this on to 8 more blogging friends mmmmmmmmmmm let me think well there will be

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  1. Thank you Virginia for thinking of me - I'll have to have a think about some bits of info about me that I haven't shared with folk.

    Don't know if it's my PC but there doesn't appear to be an image to 'grab' - knowing my very non-techy skills it's probably me LOL

    Toni xx

  2. For the life of me I can't think of the song - I keep thinking conga but that isn't 4 letters and can't think of a charity that uses it!