Saturday, 23 July 2011


As promised here is the quilt I made as part of my GCSE in Needlework 23 years ago! 

Please ignor the atrocious waffling that I do over the top of it, I was trying to explain what it was etc.  Anyway this should have given me the knowledge that I will never 'scale down' rather large projects or shortchange myself on anything.  For our final school project for needlework (we had to make 3) I went to school with the grand concept of making a 'quilt' not a quilt cover a full blown quilt and I didn't want to make a 'cot quilt' which was the request by my needlework teacher nope I had to do one I could have on my bed! 

I made a 'picture' out of a window scene on the front complete with cat sat in the window, curtains, vegetable plot, neighbouring cottage.  I used so many different techniques everything from tie dying the sky (which has unfortunately faded so much now you can't tell that'll teach me for using poly cotton and not cotton) to applique, machine embroidery, fabric painting, hand embroidery - you name it I did it. 

A close up of the spade in the vegetable plot
Cabbages and carrots in the veggie plot

 Predominantly machine embroidered 'neighbouring house' using fabric paints
 then the hand embroidered rose arch

On the back I did a patchwork quilt, using offcuts of fabric I had in 'stock' together with bits from the needlework offcuts box at school.  The amazing thing with something like this apart from it being a complete labour of love, is that looking back at it now I can still pick out the fabric that I made my 1950's style suit from (another needlework project that has long ago seen the recyle bag) and the fabric I used to make my sister a jacket and skirt set.  I don't know about it becoming a family heirloom but its as close to generating something like that that I will get. 

Currently it's kept in an air tight bag in the loft, but there may come a time when it's dragged back down again to use in the guest room.  And before you ask yes it is machine washable - that was another part of what it had to be capable of being when I made it so over a period of time it's been in and out of the washer. 

Mmm I'm wondering whether a bit of graffiti style quilting may be in order the school holiday, I haven't done anything on that scale for quite some time!  We'll see...

Anyway I thought I'd put a post on here.


  1. I quite often want to video something but I sound like a Kentish chav with a cold the whole time. No one understands me *oh woe is me!* LOL - your voice is lovely!

    The quilt is amazing, what is it doing in THE LOFT woman? Are you bonkers?

    And yes - lets see some graffitti quilting deffo - I shall live my crafty urges through you at the moment! (Yeah - what muppet packs EVERYTHING and takes it to the other house? I ask you!)

  2. Wow! Amazing needlework there Virginia - something to be treasured.
    All I made was my hockey skirt and an apron for cookery...and then I never took cookery! I did play hockey though so it wasn't an entire waste of time . lol
    I love all the detail and work you've put into this.
    Big hugs. xx

  3. Well, I'm blown away that you made this when you were just a babe! The idea you had to use a "window scene" and how you made it happen - no wonder your teacher thought it was ambitious! Amazing Ginnie - good on you!
    I'm getting more into using fabric in art (taking a couple of fabric classes) so watch my space!

  4. Oh Virginia, what a wonderful piece. I've never managed anything bigger than the front of a cushion cover (and that was straight forward patchwork). It's lovely that the patchwork on the back of your quilt is like a memory box of other things that you made.

    Toni xx

  5. Good for you, sticking to your guns and doing exactly what you wanted to do. Early signs of the Virginia we know and love today! Great quilt, full of imagination and skill. And as Carmen says, it's in the LOFT??!! Get it down now and enjoy it!