Friday, 29 July 2011


Well this year is certainly Rocking along at a fair pace at the moment - and the end of the first week of School Holidays!  So what's been Rocking My World this week?
Well we've had a day trip to Harewood House, and what a fabulous day it was, we had been so busy on Saturday that we thought a day trip out made complete sense, so we toddled off up the A1 getting to Harewood just after it opened and a thoroughly good day was had by all, we saw most of the park from the walled garden, to the penguins (yes I did just say penguins) to Adam ( a giant statue inside the house) to the Himalayan garden and my absolute favourite the beautiful terraced garden in front of the house, simply breathtaking!   Add to that a quick and simple picnic, one gorgeous hubby and a fabulous 10 year old and what you've got is a pretty awesome set of ingredients for a fabulous day out!

Monday and Tuesday were just busy busy busy work days but we'll ignore them for now and head straight on to Wednesday which brought me and little man (still wondering how long I'm going to get away with calling him that when you bear in mind he's going to be 11 in September mmmm?)  to a day off together, so we headed into town for an art walk around which was fun, a jaunt to the local library to get little man started on the summer reading challenge so all was good!

Add into that the fact that Little Man and I have been doing our own version of illustrations for the Alice in Wonderland book which has proved fun up to now, I still want to get on with doing a smash book for the two of us to document the holidays but it hasn't come to fruition yet?

Thursday brought a second showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2and we can confirm that this is still just as much fun in 2D as 3D, note to everyone - I cried again what am I like it's just so emotional!

Trying to have some balance with life at the minute, not just work life and home life but what I do at home, spending time with hubby, son, working on house, crafting, days out, sorting - it means things are ticking along quite nicely at the minute!  So Rocking my World this week is life balance, it may be a fine act to achieve but soooo worth while?

So what's been Rocking Yours this week?  Have you done anything fun because its the school holidays or are you up to your eyes in everything at the moment? If you join in let me know what you've been up to and how your world has been Rocking this week and don't forget to link so we can come and read and see what your world looks like at the moment

A bit of crafting, said 10 year old and the face he pulled when we went near him whilst he was eating a double chocolate muffin - let's put it this way - he was very very scary and made us giggle quite a bit!  

and another converted advert that I loved, did this one recently such good fun to play with
right Mr Linky and off we go

Thursday, 28 July 2011


Good morning everyone and how are you on this fine thursday morning?  Me I'm up to my eyes in washing at the minute and trying to keep said 10 year old busy as well as a multitude of other things but off to see Harry Potter again in a short while which should be fun, although I need to remember tissues again! 

Well the six week holidays always prove a challenge in all honesty, how to keep said 10 year old away from the goggle box 24/7 is always a challenge so I've made a huge list of things we could do which should keep him away some of the time from the square box in the corner.  Yesterday saw us venturing into town, the local council earlier last year decided to employ someone to create pieces of artwork over closed down shops to try and create a prettier backdrop rather than boarded shop after boarded shop, one of these shops is now in the process of being 'let' so we decided to go and capture arty piccies before the pieces disappear forever, once uploaded I'll share them with you!

We also managed a venture to the local library for said 10 year old to join in with the summer reading challenge, now all I have to do is get him to read them!  So we're on with the plan, as well as this with all these lengthy days ahead I decided that a general attack on cleaning could be had with not much impact on the day as a whole.  Now last year when I set too cleaning every kitchen cupboard it resulted in my in agony for weeks with a poorly back, this time the approach is different I'm attacking approximately 3-4 cupboards per day, empty, sort, clean, anti-bac, dry back in, up to now I've a whole section of the kitchen done and my back is still working! 

Finally (before I share a little crafting of course) I saw a recent program on TV and it was talking about Dali's illustration from Alice in Wonderland - confused?  Yes I was to be honest, I didn't know that Dali had ever done illustrations for Alice in Wonderland, I managed to find them on line - for the purposes of research of course and I've decided I'd like to do my own illustrations, now let it not be forgotten that I can't draw so up to now I've got page after page after page of backgrounds, said 10 year old has managed far more than me but is struggling with the key character - Alice - however, he does a pretty mean white rabbit in a waistcoat, so I'm wondering whether to make this a joint effort between the two of us?  I'll let you know what unfolds.

Anyway going to have to dash so I'll leave you with this photo, now do I like the photo - no - why not all I'll say are chins - multiple ones that I hate with an absolute passion, however, this photo reminds me of the "Knight fight" me and my sister had in a gift shop recently.  the puppets of the Knights were amazing (and expensive) but we could help but have a quick joust in the shop!  Happy happy times and the photo still makes me smile - right have to dash Mr Potter awaits - now were are those tissues!

Saturday, 23 July 2011


As promised here is the quilt I made as part of my GCSE in Needlework 23 years ago! 

Please ignor the atrocious waffling that I do over the top of it, I was trying to explain what it was etc.  Anyway this should have given me the knowledge that I will never 'scale down' rather large projects or shortchange myself on anything.  For our final school project for needlework (we had to make 3) I went to school with the grand concept of making a 'quilt' not a quilt cover a full blown quilt and I didn't want to make a 'cot quilt' which was the request by my needlework teacher nope I had to do one I could have on my bed! 

I made a 'picture' out of a window scene on the front complete with cat sat in the window, curtains, vegetable plot, neighbouring cottage.  I used so many different techniques everything from tie dying the sky (which has unfortunately faded so much now you can't tell that'll teach me for using poly cotton and not cotton) to applique, machine embroidery, fabric painting, hand embroidery - you name it I did it. 

A close up of the spade in the vegetable plot
Cabbages and carrots in the veggie plot

 Predominantly machine embroidered 'neighbouring house' using fabric paints
 then the hand embroidered rose arch

On the back I did a patchwork quilt, using offcuts of fabric I had in 'stock' together with bits from the needlework offcuts box at school.  The amazing thing with something like this apart from it being a complete labour of love, is that looking back at it now I can still pick out the fabric that I made my 1950's style suit from (another needlework project that has long ago seen the recyle bag) and the fabric I used to make my sister a jacket and skirt set.  I don't know about it becoming a family heirloom but its as close to generating something like that that I will get. 

Currently it's kept in an air tight bag in the loft, but there may come a time when it's dragged back down again to use in the guest room.  And before you ask yes it is machine washable - that was another part of what it had to be capable of being when I made it so over a period of time it's been in and out of the washer. 

Mmm I'm wondering whether a bit of graffiti style quilting may be in order the school holiday, I haven't done anything on that scale for quite some time!  We'll see...

Anyway I thought I'd put a post on here.

Friday, 22 July 2011


Ooh I'm starting this one early I tell you!  I thought I'd try and do the post as the week progresses rather than battering the old grey matter into submission the night before.

Rocking my world most definitely was last Friday, retail therapy - nothing finer!  I popped and got a new journal book from Hobbycraft and a large tub of paint with a couple of magazines to boot!  Then I headed down to the Craft Box to see them in their new home which is gorgeous, huge and full to the brim with goodies, I had a thoroughly good time walking around the shop filling my basket with all sorts of things including sale items!  So not only did I come home laden down I came home with bargains too - now you can't ask for more than that can you!

Once home I got changed and tried Zumba on the Wii for the first time - an experience in itself - but fun and enjoyable so I'm going to attempt to do a few more sessions this week to see if I can move this weight issue of mine along!

Then Friday afternoon found me - now get this
  • Sat in the garden
  • Milky coffee at the ready
  • Enjoying a warm breeze and blue skies
  • Two craft magazines to read 
Now let's be honest us girls really aren't difficult to please are we when it comes to this sort of thing!

Hubby due home shortly so coffee at the ready - just considering when to try and get to see Harry Potter film - lots of them already sold out for this evening (this was last Friday) - I'll let you know when we managed it!

Ooh look at me with my good intentions earlier in the week - can't you tell it didn't last LOL!

So how did my Rocking week continue you may ask?

Well we managed to see Harry Potter 3D on Saturday morning when it was raining (not that we knew we were far too busy catching up with the last installment), I cried quite a lot, went armed with appropriate quantities of tissues!  So that's the end of them, might just have to go and see it again because well it was fabulous wasn't it!

Anyway hubby then spent Saturday afternoon finishing the loft boarding and dragging items back and forth and up the ladder with a little help from yours truly and said 10 year old!  So we can now walk into the guest room even though it's not fully clear it is feeling a little more manageable - so this week (as always) my hubby Rocked my World for getting on with the loft!

Sunday we had a family get together at my Mum's for my niece who reached the grand old age of 12, we had a good few hours eating, chatting, laughing and supping tea - nowt finer (broad Yorkshire accent to be used at this point).  So family Rocking My World.

Work busy busy busy, but a couple of eventful evenings making teacher gifts, "Making Gifts" magazine managed to hit the Rocking list this week because it's simple straightforward instructions on a 'writing set' took this demented female from stressed to 'sorted' in about 3 hours, yes that's right I managed 3 teacher gifts in 3 hours and add to that that I'm pretty happy with the results which are now all cellophaned up and ready to head to their rightful home!

New garden furniture also has to be high up the list, why, because there is nothing finer than sitting out when I first get home with a coffee to wind down from the days stresses!

Home cooking, after having a blip at the weekend (blame the part baked rolls and the party) I had yet another heart to heart with dear hubby, who bless him listens to my whinging pretty much continually, anyway he agreed that the 'formula' we'd used last week when it came to eating seemed to work (albeit that we abandoned the plan at the weekend) so we're now back in line with what we were doing last week and I'm trying not to stress about it - so with this comes the need to cook from scratch which always has us dabbling with new recipes which we have really enjoyed so home cooking sits up there too!

Now I think that will be this weeks list, people, bargains, home cooking, listening ears - you get it all here you know!   What's been Rocking Your Week - was it a person that made it more manageable or something else, if you spill the beans and join in then don't forget to link so we can come and see what's Rocked your week this week!

Finally the resurrection of the RIP Circle Journal I've been involved in, it's coming back bigger and better than before - so thank you Flo for getting this one moving again!  Now only question is what to do?

Now can't leave you without crafting can I so here is my Illuminate page from Darcy's 52 words, I was overall pleased with this once I'd finally settled on an image (still fighting with Alliance)

then the blue page to complete the green one from post earlier in the week!
and finally a 12 x 12 layout from our Menorca holiday a couple of years ago - just occasionally you get that perfect shot and this is one of those, I love this photo of little man, so very relaxed and chilled out!
Close up showing the title, using a 'free gift' stamp which I then mounted and added buttons to finish it off! 
Here's Mr Linky (if you get this far give yourself a pat on the back because this has felt like something of an epic list).

Thursday, 21 July 2011


Morning all she says yawning and stretching her arms!  Late night last night making last minute teacher gifts, I know I know should be more organised, had every intention to be more organised it just didn't happen.  Then teacher goes off long term sick, then numerous supply teachers before said 10 year old ends up with one over the last few weeks who has been pretty awesome (said 10 year olds words not mine) and then teaching assistant says she'll see long term sick teacher and before you know it I'm sat at my desk, scratching my head thinking what on earth am I going to make - I promise to share this one over the weekend - anyway three writing sets made complete with notelets and writing paper in one evening - not bad going even by my standard and the instructions were fabulous (out of a magazine) and made complete sense. 

Whilst pursuing the above activity we had "Unknown" on DVD on the TV hubby obsessed with buying DVD's at the moment - think he's trying to fill the next one we've bought to prove a point if I'm honest!  Anyway had that on in the background, what a mighty strange film, I think it was quite good just a bit weird and they indicated it was like "taken" and well it wasn't - not at all! 

Anyway waffling for this morning done with (I think), very excited that the RIP CJ is being resurrected again with a new host, just got to think of a new theme now!  Got tomorrow off again (but shhhhh don't tell anyone), assistant still off so I'm tearing my hair out but determined not to be in work tomorrow - trying to get this balance back!

Bit of crafting for you, this is a Christmas layout from two years ago and I used my brothers jumper colour of red to really set this one off and I love it!  It also has some gorgeous little red leather corners that I was given as a present *blush* that work so well on this layout!  The papers I bought in a sale a while ago - hurray!

Quick art journal page from when I was away at Center Parcs, managed to find some awesome adverts in the Sunday papers which resulted in this little one which I love and on the opposite page in the magazine was a 'blue version' of the advert so I'll share that later.  Don't you just love adverts in magazines when they are this inventive!
OK putting off the inevitable - work time! 

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


It's 8.22am I have to leave the house a little after 8.30am - hence the statement fastest post in the world ever so let's see if I can get sparks off this key board this morning.  My life is being strange again, I'm doing immense hours on a Monday and Tuesday and don't even venture on this computer when I return home after work and then Wednesday morning I can breathe, a shorter day and no breakfast club combined mean that I can simply settle back into a 'normal' routine, I'm not sure it's healthy but with my assistant off at the moment it's the only way I can make things work, although even when he returns I think there will be a degree of continuation of this into the school holidays, although I am trying to reclaim my life back!

Anyway crafting has been a little thin on the ground, I've got stuck on Darcy's word of Alliance, I know what I want to write but can't find the image that I'm after so that's my plan later to find that together with the other two words I haven't done!

I am enjoying Darcy's challenge immensely, I'm also managing a bit of scrapbooking of the 12 x 12 variety but I say again (and I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one saying it because Anne-Marie commented last week and agreed that Leslie felt the say) that we miss Sandra's class, I went and visited Lynn in her new home and she now has a great teaching room, wonder if we could twist some arms and find out exactly how many people in a class makes the class profitable enough to run?  I miss my class!  Enough said!

Anyway I thought I'd share a couple of photos that I took at the weekend, this is my Voyage page in my journal and yes this is one I absolutely love, predominantly a giant advert out of a magazine which has been significantly played with I love all the cogs and inking and painting on this one - great fun!

Then this one is out of my little journal, started before my journaling style started to alter recently which meant I was stuck with a 'half done' page which drove me insane, anyway I kept going with it and decided a few clouds and a little journaling and it was officially 'done'! 
And finally a 12 x 12 from our Menorca holiday 2 years ago, because we were holidaying on our own we never got a decent seat for the evening entertainment, so we started to take ourselves off into the garden area and sit and have a quiet drink, there was another family doing the same and two of the adults from the other group used to play rugby at night with their children/grandchildren and allow our 10 year old to join in!  So I had to document the fact, I'm really pleased with this layout! I managed to use a combination of pictures, and the title was a strip of tickets on a 12 x 12 paper - you know the type strips of colour or borders, that I handcut and then wrote on by hand. 

So there you go 8.33am - not bad going for 11 minutes was it!  If you stop by say hello.

I will also try and share with you in the next few days, a project I made when I was 15 and yes before you ask I still have it!  Problem is it won't behave for photographing and I've tried taking a quick video but you end up with my Yorkshire dulcet tones spoiling it LOL!  I remember comments on my accent last time I put a video on!

Friday, 15 July 2011


Good morning Rockettes - anybody feel like someone keeps stealing these weeks away?  I know I do because in all honesty they are racing by, we are over half way through the year, I still have umpteen things on my list of things to do (that I've not done yet!) and we're almost at the school holidays - scary stuff.

Anyway what has this week brought, well it's been a quiet one on the 'Rocking' part if I'm honest, it's been a couple of 12 hour work days which have been long long and very long so this list might be short and sweet if I'm honest!

OK, hot cup of coffee sat on new garden chairs in the garden this week - bliss

Seeing an owl sat on top of an aerial at the back of the house watching the bats - that was pretty awesome too!

Getting back on the healthy eating front and actually embracing it for a change!

Talking healthy eating with hubby and trying to do a holistic approach has been really helpful. 

Cooking homemade meals at tea time and thoroughly enjoying them!

Having quiet moments in a morning when I sit and have my breakfast and ponder the day!

Being thanked by my boss for doing an urgent piece of work!

Going to Lidl and doing a food shop, coming away with a basket full of raw ingredients and a bill that I could cope with!

Crafting night on Wednesday when I did more than move paper around my desk and managed a layout and a card - woo hoo!

Being here to live and breathe and enjoy the world around me, seeing the blue skies, hearing the sound of hubby and said 10 year old chattering away (really warms my heart), having long chats with hubby and discussing life the universe and everything.  Spending time with those I love - crucial and always amazing knowing how blessed I am!

Ah - see the list wasn't so thin on the ground if I'm honest it was just my every day life but having the opportunity to be me, to enjoy life to listen and breathe and grow as a person - nothing finer!

So what's rocked your world this week, has it been quiet and reflective like mine or full tilt manic and fun!  Or have you been enjoying a holiday - if you fancy joining in let us know so we can come and read all about your life and what you've been doing!

On the crafting front I have this which is actually a double page layout documenting a trip to the Puzzling Place when we stayed at the Yurt in the Lake District last year!  The photos show the 'illusion' we saw on screen (us all stood on a tiny chair) and how it actually worked, the pages are stamped and stitched and I really enjoyed doing this layout!

I also have some mail art pictures of mail art I sent out a while ago, some of it appeared on recipients blogs an age ago, but I'm wanting to tidy up my blog file so I'll share what I've got so I can move it - the mail art started predominantly by seeing some gorgeous examples on Jo's blog and then discovering some unused 8 x 8 envelopes!

And finally a little bit of art journaling - oh I am spoiling you - both out of my small A5 journal, the first from when we went to York around Easter
 and the second from a visit to Castle Howard during the same week, this page has a picture of the Mausoleum from the house!
So there you have it - another Rocking post with a little artwork added to it for fun!  If you're joining in leave a comment and I'm going to try and do Mr Linky - will check back to see if it's working as scheduling this post because - shhhh - I've got a day off on Friday!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Well I made it to Wednesday morning, it was touch and go yesterday and Monday if I'm honest, with two ridiculously long shifts done at work so I wake up this morning feeling quite refreshed and with a slower start (no breakfast club).  So I've wandered around blogland and thought I'd put a quick post together, I also remembered (rather late) that one of the things in the seven things you didn't know about me award (see earlier post) should have mentioned that I didn't tell any white lies - for those that read my blog - you'll know what I mean - Center Parcs was that fun and insert the word security van where the word taxi was to make it even more entertaining!

Anyway enough of the cryptic (although it has to be said most of you know me and my life well enough now to believe all of it!) - what that says about me and my life I've no idea LOL.

Anyway there hasn't been much crafting done since I returned I am thinking that I'm in need of some retail therapy, pages are crying out for some new embellishments, problem is I'm so damn tight when it comes to buying anything because I like to feel that I will 'get my monies worth' - think it might be a Yorkshire thing?  Anyway I'm battling with a layout at the moment, it has paper and photo and journaling and sewing but it's still lacking and I can't tell from what.  I so miss my scrapbook class that I used to do, they sadly came to an end last year and I haven't had that creative outlet since, it was also quiet time for me and meeting new people, I thinks I may have to find another one to travel to because I really do miss the camaraderie - Sandra I MISS YOU!!!!! - Yes my scrapbook teacher was the amazingly talented Sandy Poppins - now of Art From the Heart Fame! 

Anyway I think I'm whinging again - sorry - so what have I got to share with you this morning, let me see.  This is the word "preparation" in Darcy's 52 word challenge, I was really pleased with this one using more than one image, the first of a long wooden pier, the second of a female looking over her shoulder.  I love the colours on this one and I've used the gorgeous cobweb masks that Carmen sent me I love them hun!  

Darcy asked recently if we liked the pages we were creating and I said on the whole I was (20 out of the 24 at the point of checking) I love and am really pleased with, however the one below is one of the 4 that I'm just not that keen on!  It's one of those when occasionally you should step away from your desk, the hot air balloon stamp was within reach and so I went a bit mad with it (again) and well the page just doesn't float my boat as much as it should!  The prompt was Mountain and I did my journaling around the hot air balloons which was quite novel! 
I've really enjoyed this challenge, it's one of those that because Darcy isn't asking a question she's just providing a word you can take the word at it's literal level or look at life obscurely and see how the word fits with your current life.  I've opted for the latter method on most of my pages and it's been a really heartfelt method of journaling, strangely it's a way I'm documenting 2011 without the anxiety of 'keeping up' with a challenge, as it's just one prompt a week I can pour my heart and soul into it!  The book I'm working on is A4 hardback and has 51 double pages in it, thus meaning each page I show you is A3 in size!  I intend on using the outside cover for prompt 52 to finish the book off!  Darcy has mentioned in a recent comment on my blog that she is working out the next 52 week challenge and I for one can't wait!  Think I'll be heading to get another one of these journal books again because they fit the bill perfectly! 

Anyway there you go a mid week post for all my blogging friends I hope you're week is proving fruitful and positive, I'm lining myself up for a day off on Friday but sshhhh don't tell anyone!

Monday, 11 July 2011

A LITTLE BIT OF CRAFTING including one of Darcy's words

Morning all how fair thee all this fine morning?  How has your weekend been, did it provide you with much fun and laughter?  Mine was busy, dizzy and tiring in that order and now I bravely go where others fear to tread - back to work LOL!  So thought I'd schedule a little post and share some crafting with you whilst I'm technically at work - how strange managing to do two things at once - genius!

Anyway this photo is part of Darcy's 52 word challenge and the word was NEARBY, what was close to me on that particular day were a string of bats that said 10 year old had cut out in that concertina 'line of men' fashion and lots of typed messages from him and I thought it would be a great way of keeping his little typed messages that had kept me smiling since he'd got his newly acquired typewriter!
then a layout from our last Menorca holiday which is about two years ago, I seemed to have managed to not scrapbook most of the images for some reason, I've no idea why so I've been catching up and trying to recall the time when we were there and the reasons behind the photo.  This one was when we ventured up to some caves, only to find that it was far too hot and there were far too many naked people down by the water, so we had our picnic perched up in the caves and then we ventured back. I  used up some old stickers and stash hurray!
then the stitching up close and personal.

Sunday, 10 July 2011


So whilst I was away last week I received the above award not once but twice - many thanks to Susie and Carmen for nominating me for this award.
OK so I'm asking hubby for a list of things people don't know about me, he's got a list of four things straight off the bat and all of them are unprintable LMAO! 
OK so here goes

  1. I am a Reiki practitioner and a Roman Catholic and the two aspects work very well together with my pick and mix faith (which isn't the same as religion - so don't get confused)
  2. I was attuned to Reiki whilst pregnant which means said 10 year old is also Reiki attuned, in fact his first scan picture had him with his hand over his head as if he was already practicing.
  3. I met my other half at my step-Father's sisters wedding who is his first cousin, we are still together 21 years later the marriage from that day however didn't last.
  4. I am a qualified accounting technician and plan on continuing onto my chartered accountancy - yes I am that mad.
  5. I work for a charity who has a well known song that follows me on holiday wherever I go and you'll all know the actions to it - consisting of four essential letters!
  6. I used to be a legal secretary and had to sit behind the Barrister's in Crown court taking notes for cases
  7. I worked at one point for the Ministry of Defence and it took a while to get through security clearance due to my Irish connections! 
So there you go a quick post telling you seven things that I don't think you'll know about me - so go on then tell me how many of them you already knew?

Now to pass this on to 8 more blogging friends mmmmmmmmmmm let me think well there will be

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