Thursday, 23 June 2011


Well it is officially Thursday and well in all honesty the home PC hasn't been on since the weekend, which is practically unheard of - honestly it's just not the way we tick. 

Monday was a 'scheduled' grief day, I was at a loss, I knew I wanted to be in my own mind without distractions but I also knew I needed something to occupy me that didn't take too much thinking - yep I cleaned you knew that was what I was going to say didn't you.  Now given the last couple of weeks and the things that have happened has meant that on Monday the house looked atrocious, when you add into the equation the the partially emptied loft and you can imagine the state of it.  Now I could have done my usual which is going to the nth degree to tidy the whole place on my own so when hubby and said 10 year old arrived home they found a pristine house and a grumpy wife/mum so decided that might not be sensible.  Instead I set too on one room, our bedroom, I emptied out under the bed I went through every single drawer getting rid of surplus/old/doesn't fit etc and it took hours, I vacuumed and dusted and polished and let my mind do whatever it needed to do. 

It felt better and I felt like I'd accomplished something in amongst the quiet times of my brain.  As you can imagine however, this was one room of many, so last night was a whole family effort on said 10 year old's bedroom.  Now this was not for the faint hearted but we set about doing through every box and every drawer, my back started tweaking, said 10 year old whinged at a lack of his TV quota and hunger, but we kept going with a brief respite for drinks and food and after about 4 hours it was clean and tidy and everything had a 'rightful' place to live which pleased me no end!

So that's two rooms done with many still to do but now I've started I don't intend on letting the momentum go, every room, every cupboard needs a good sort through and in doing so I'm cleansing not only my brain but also the place that I escape to when life seems difficult.  I haven't mentioned it to dear hubby yet but I want the loft finished this weekend, gulp, yes you heard, which means insulation down and T&G boards down or loft boards, whichever is the easier/quicker and cheaper.  We shall see whether I achieve my goal LOL!

Anyway this was me just putting my brain down on 'paper' and telling you all that I've not forgotten about you, just been a little preoccupied. 

Crafting has been on the 'lacking' side this week but I did manage a layout last night which felt great even though I was fighting with those muted colours!  This morning in the cold light of day - actually it doesn't look too bad!

I do however, have in reserves some crafting that I've not shared that I made recently - this is a favourite from Darcy's 52 words - it was the word endeavour, I loved the picture and used the leopard print fastenator as the inspiration for the page in general, using punchinella to emulate the netting!  I journaled in between as I went!

Then a 12 x 12 layout from when we went to the Puzzling place, I used the free stamp off craft stamper on this page and am really pleased with how it turned out!  I also used a question mark stamp dotted all over on this one!

Close ups of the journaling block and the stamping - see - tiny question mark stamp!
Anyway if you have come along and read my drivel at the top and persevered to here you might as well say hello because you're awesome for listen to the rambling in all honesty!  I will be back tomorrow for the Rocking post - why not join in this week, even in times of grief and sadness there is always a silver lining that allows you to be grateful for what you have isn't there?  Don't believe me just think of one thing this week that has made you smile even if only on the inside - there you go - now that's a "Rocking" thought, a few more of them and you'll see that life although challenging provides us with beautiful opportunities each and every day to just be ourselves.  If you don't feel like you allow yourself that time to be 'you' then maybe it's time that you did! 

Until tomorrow...


  1. Fabulous post Virginia :D We all have days when the grime of life does your head in. Funnily enough, I always start with our bedroom, but I leave my 12 yearolds room to his dad haha! It took him 3 hours last time. He is prepared to throw stuff away that I want to keep(just because it smells of my kids) that layout is fabulous too :D a real alice in wonderland moment :D Must go and work on something for tomorrows post :D XXX

  2. So pleased to see you blogging again Virginia - I've missed you but thought you'd be doing what you have been doing.
    Hugs and sparkles and loving thoughts from me.xx

  3. Lovely to see you blogging this week Virginia and these thoughts are always better out than in! It's good to share.

    Hugs and sparkles.


  4. You're braver than me, taking on the whole house in a massive sort out. Well done!

    'Endeavour' is very cool - you were really clever to carry on the leopard print and netting through to the background.

    See you tomorrow......


  5. Glad your 'off-line' time has helped you recharge your batteries (and blitz the house LOL).

    Love the journal page and the LO is lovely too.

    Fingers crossed for the loft...

    Toni xx

  6. Odd how cleaning can clear the brain, isn't it? And it always gives you that mental boost to keep going once you have one room done! DH always knows when I am upset or angry... the mop and bucket and dusters fly!!