Sunday, 19 June 2011


Good morning one and all, well after a very difficult day yesterday I've woken today to a brand new day, the funeral yesterday was a very solemn but also very intimate reflection on an amazing life and the resounding sounds of my Grandma's life came through as two aspects and these have left me with some significant reflection today


these were the two aspects of my Grandma's life that were at the forefront of her mind each and every single day and I believe that these are two aspects by which to mould my life a little more, I've always had a strong faith base but feel a need to reaffirm it in order that my life have a more holistic balance and family has always been front and centre but is predominantly my immediate family rather than extended family - not that I don't want it to involve my extended family it's just with such a huge family it's all too easy to put off for another day what in all honesty you could do today, so I for one will be trying to make changes along these lines in order that the influence of my Grandma becomes stronger now that she is no longer here in person.

Quite a deep post as you can see but it has helped me immensely see the value of those interactions of amazing people, I see it all the time through my blog but now I'm wanting to bridge that with my extended family so my scrapbook albums are full of extended family memories as well as immediate family memories.

Anyway thought I'd just come and tell you that I'm doing OK and that your thoughts have meant the world to me, I know others are struggling today on Father's day, here is a tribute to my amazing Daddy, photo of him here with my Mum and me as a baby!
 A little crafting - a slightly blurry picture (sorry) of the Atlas fountain at Castle Howard - unfortunately when we saw it it wasn't running so we didn't see it in all it's glory but it was still awesome!
then a 12 x 12 layout - catching up on photos from our 2009 Menorca holiday has proved interest (and quite a lot of fun)
 Up close detail - using long held stash and upcycling clothes tags from new items!

Hope you are all having a beautiful and blessed Sunday, wherever you are whoever you are able to spend time with!


  1. My thoughts are still with you Virginia.
    Love your art work and that's a great photo of your Dad. I'm planning to do a LO of my Dad today with journalling about what I miss most about him - seems an appropriate way to remember him and pay tribute on Father's Day.
    I know today will be difficult for you too.
    Hugs and sparkles xx

  2. Glad you are getting through this tragic loss with so much positivity :D XXX

  3. A beautiful post Virginia. Sometimes it helps to just sit and reflect.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    Toni xx

  4. Losing someone you love has a way of making you look at yourself, doesn't it? Your Grandma would be so pleased that you have decided to make a conscious effort to keep in contact with your extended family.

    That's a lovely photo of your proud Dad with your Mum and you. Lovely pages and LO.