Friday, 24 June 2011


Well here we are again on a Friday, analysing, taking stock and appreciating what has been good in our lives this week - are you ready for it?
This week in no particular order we have

Quiet times to think
Quiet time to start to cleanse my home surroundings
Finding that sometimes the best way forward is simply not to expect too much of myself
Starting to appreciate that I'm not superwoman and that some things are better handed over to others than making my own life insanely complex
Psychologies magazines that I buy with every intension of reading, absorbing and acting on only for them to languish in the bottom of a drawer for months on end - that suddenly do help when you are trying to make some sense out of the chaos known as life.
Hubby and said 10 year old for the joint effort on said 10 year olds room on Wednesday - it took some doing but now looks pretty awesome!
Indepth conversations with my brother, always a blessing
Appreciating sometimes that I am losing the plot - but it's OK because everyone in my brain knows me - this weeks example, when I arrived home on wednesday I unlocked the front door and proceeded through the door, keys still visible in door, I closed the door and couldn't quite get my head around why the keys were no longer visible - that'll be the fact they were on the outside!  Honestly - no hope sometimes, but did provide a much needed giggle!

Early nights when I need to just sleep

Late nights when my brain is wide awake!

Said 10 year old for his request for a walk on Father's day, a wander around Elsecar dam was enough to brush off the cobwebs, chat, listen and breath in the world around.  Finished off with a gorgeous coffee and my life was beautiful in that very moment - thanks little man - you absolutely rock!

This week has been a strange one with levels of simplicity and of levels of complexity and as I move onto a new path I'm appreciating that having a 'whole life' view of where I am sometimes helps but in order to move to the new path I have to take the time to make the shift, it's slow but nobody said it was a  race.  I hope your week has been filled with silver linings, people you love, things that make you happy or just little rituals that let you say "I am alive and for that I am truly grateful" because that's how I feel this week.  for quite a few of us, I hope the week has been full of memories of fabulous people who are no longer with us in body, but always in spirit.

A little crafting for my beautiful Rockettes that make my heart sing every week, this one showing  a gorgeous boat we found in Mahon harbour it was spectacular all bronze in colour, I used a combination of papers from a giant K & Co pack, I was really happy to finally fathom out out a way of using a paper that was just squares of design (the shells), simply cut them out and use like an embellishment!

Up close using up bits of velum words, old brads etc overall really pleased with the layout!

 Then the word PURPOSE from Darcy's 52 words challenge, again overall pleased with this page, managed to extend the photo either side to cover the double page!
So there you have it my list for this week

Currently -

Listening - Lady Gaga's Born this Way

Eating - nothing yet microwave still housing this mornings porridge
Drinking - Cup of tea - yum
Wearing - Black work trousers, blue t-shirt

Feeling - Unconnected
Wanting - To connect with my inner self
Needing - To allow myself time to adjust after the last few weeks
Thinking - I quite like this track of Lady Gaga's might be good to exercise too, got a lot on at work at the moment, wonder if we can get the loft finished this weekend, do I prioritise the other two bedrooms for sorting or maybe sort the bathroom, what do I need to get together for our holiday?  Finally, my hubby said that was the case and yesterday we had it confirmed -  Yes I am thinking all that and more all at once
Enjoying - Life even though it's hard work the people in my life make it all worthwhile each and every day - love you guys!
Learning - That I'm not superwoman or invincible and that I've got a really really strong mind!
Wondering - Whether said 10 year old would mind if we played the music at the correct volume LOL!
Procastinating - Not doing none of this - life is for living not procrastinating!

Loving - LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aniticipating - A busy weekend

If you're joining in with Rocking Your World then please add your comment and a linky, I love the fact we've got this small crew of 'die hard' fans for Rocking Your World, you are all awesome and in turn completely unique, most people spend their entire lives procrastinating about things and moaning about how life should be better and easier etc, but you each and every week take that step back, hold your head up and say thank you for having those special moments, in turn these set you up for the following week.  I know for one, these days when we're busy in our day to day lives things happen and I giggle and think - that'll be on my Rocking post this week!  When you join in I remember how truly blessed I am - thank you!   The other side is that I know sometimes its just not possible to post, when you really can't face trying to put a post together, don't stress on these weeks just try and be kind to yourself and try to at least acknowledge the little bits of your life that have made it more bearable on difficult weeks


  1. Awesome post Virginia. I know this week has been difficult for you but you still found the "silver lining".
    Fabulous artwork too. Thank you for "showing me the way" - I have that K&CO paper and have never known what to do with it!lol
    Have a fabulous weekend - whatever you decide to "tidy".
    Hugs xx
    p.s. I love that Lady Gaga song too. :)

  2. Fabulous post Virginia!! Now DO THE ATTIC FIRST!!! If you finish cleaning the bedrooms, you won't want to mess them up with building stuff. Where as, if you make a mess with the attic stuff, you'll just "have to" clean the bedrooms, get my drift :D I love the way you use photo's in your journalling :) XXX

  3. Big hugs I am glad you got some cleaning. If you finish your house and need some more come up here my house been suffering forever.. poor thing lol. Been jotting down things all week so I can join in this friday again- with everything so up in the air it's important to keep hold of the things that make your life a bit more bearable isn't it.. so I thank you for that. mmwah mmwah hug x

  4. Brilliant list, Virginia, you are so honest with yourself and with us. Sounds like 'the times, they are a-changing' (yes, you must sing that in Bob Dylan voice), which is always hard but also really refreshing.

    I'm LOVING Lady Gaga - it seems to have taken such a long time to 'get' her, but bought her cd in a charity shop (not the latest cd) and have been playing it ever since. She's brilliant.

    I'm Rocking this week but haven't put it together yet, just got back from a lovely walk with The Hubster and The Dogster. Be back later.

    Love the Purpose pages!


  5. Another fab post Virginia, revealing a certain indomitable spirit.

    Take care sweetie.


  6. I'm back with my list;

    Have a wonderful weekend, Virginia.


  7. brilliant post as always Virginia so inspiring to us all - its been a tricky one this week but I hope ive got there in the end x

  8. Brilliant list Virginia. I shall be back tomorrow with my list - been such a busy day. but I do have gratefuls.

    Wish I could give you a real big hug but a virtual one will have to do :) *hugs*

  9. p.s Do my eyes decieve me or is there actually NO sewing on that scrapbook page? *gasp*

  10. Running late but I am here & present, woohoo, lol.

    I have those "Key" moments way to often. "where have I put that flamin key" throws everything around the house, Zack comes in from school "Mom, key was outside the door again" DOH!!!

  11. Am back. Am late, am late, but I posted!