Friday, 10 June 2011


Good Morning and the Biggest of Waves to my beautiful Rockettes and Rockers out there, how does this fair Friday morning greet you - well I hope?

Yes that's right - Friday - when did that happen?  Well once again life is racing by, my sister reminded me that we are nearing the longest day of the year which means - well what it actually means is the days start getting shorter - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr but we shall not think about that yet - we shall celebrate the bright blue skies and the summery days (when we get them)
So top of my list are those blue sky days - just sitting in the garden with a cup of tea I have really enjoyed doing this recently, you forget sometimes that the little things in life give the greatest of joys.

Next was a fabulous day out to celebrate my sister's birthday at Chatsworth on Sunday which was her actual birthday.  We were blessed with a dry day and went along and had an amazing time, we also had the world's strangest picnic courtesy of my Mum - now tell who normally would purchase a plus in cool box, a gas stove, table and chairs and a windbreak for a picnic - well actually not my Mum but her husband, however it was a great success!

Once I've downloaded the pictures I'll share a few on here, it has been years since we went in the house and had forgotten how amazing and how ornate the building is inside - absolutely awesome!

Then there was the day out at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park which proved to be hot, unusual and a little costly but predominantly lots of fun!  Our favourite creatures were the Meerkat
the rescued Romanian lions
and the gorgeous mischievous ring tailed leemars, this was one of the most patient Mum's I've ever seen because these baby leemars had a whole lot of energy!
Then there is last nights craft night, Mum, Melanie Nirvana, John and Fi, John enjoyed utilising the Wi-fi he's been internet free for some time so enjoyed just surfing last night and Fi tucked into my 'card making' box of goodies to produce some cards and the rest of us were doing a bit of art journaling - I actually was fighting with mine - quite a lot - not the most productive of evenings, decided that the black paged book I bought doesn't blend easily with my art journaling pictures - I'll get there just not sure when!

E-mails from friends informing me of good reads and providing a good giggle - you know who you are!

The black dagger brotherhood book that I got the other day provides an 'insiders' guide and actually has a 'mini-book' at the beginning which tells part of the story of one of the books that you don't see!  Honestly made me cry and smile and cry and smile a bit more.  It's been a good read up to now!

Pinterest - dearest Carmen what have you got me hooked on now, up to now I've not 'joined' I've just been looking but wow there are some pretty awesome things on there - I mean seriously awesome!

Making some progress on emptying the loft - honestly how do you end up with that much stuff?  And it's currently only half emptied - crazy absolutely crazy, what it has meant is me going through boxes and find parts of my 'past life' reading the diary of me as a 17 year old is truly mesmerizing seems like I'm reading about someone else's life!  Most of it I remember but occasionally I'll find something that I simply can't and then it seems strange!

Finally Cardinal Crafts for providing a timely Internet order full to the brim of exceptionally well priced double sided tape and I do use absolutely shed loads of the stuff! 

Anyway that's the list for this week - quite a full one if I'm honest!  Here is a 12 x 12 layout that I've done in the last month, really enjoyed doing this one, it was from a sketch but can't remember whose and I really enjoyed working with the papers!

A Close up showing the bunting and the hole punch.
And a little art journal page from our visit to York!
If you join in don't forget to Linky but also put a comment so we can find you in the future too - plus I like to hear from all my amazing Rockettes


  1. Loving your list Virginia - you're right, we do often forget about the simplest things bringing joy (like making friends giggle!). Sorry you're struggling with your artwork - sadly, I'm doing the same at the moment. :(
    That LO is beautiful - fabulous papers and photos.
    Your Mum's idea of a picnic is brilliant! I don't like "roughing it"!lol
    Have a great weekend - I'm just off to do my list.
    Hugs xx

  2. Mine is posted now -

  3. Wooters... finally managed to post.. not sure if link worked tho lol

    I lovelovelovelooove those animal photos.. stuck in house for a bit I can't wait to get out there... more please :)

    As for pinterest it keeps emailing me asking why I haven't signed up yet but I have enough on my plate at the moment.. don't want to become a super addict just yet.. my PC time severely limited hehe

    Goooorgeous LO xxxxxxx

    When you finish your loft can you give my kitchen a go? Not well enough to do it at the moment and it seems the rest of the household just don't see all the muck!! hehe


    G xxx

  4. Love those yummy papers you have on your layout!!!Hope your weekend rocks too :D XXX

  5. Look at that dear little Meerkat!

    Fun list of goodies, Virginia. The picnic sounds like you were all going on a major expedition! I love that colour on your York pages. I'm signed up to Pinterest but haven't been sucked in, I don't think I can allow myself to get into it too much or I'll be lost forever. I think Carmen's just trying to drag us down with her.......

    Have a lovely weekend, hope the sun shines so you can enjoy lots more cups of tea in your garden. Bliss.


    ps my list is here

  6. Lovely LO Virginia.

    The only thing currently rocking my Friday is the fact that it is Friday LOL

    Have a great weekend

    Toni xx

  7. Virginia, a fab list as always and love the photos. My daughter and I ADORE meerkats and that is a great photograph.

    Thanks for continuing to keep our merry little band of Friday bloggers strong and regular (some more than others **blushes**.