Thursday, 9 June 2011


I can't quite put my finger on it but to be honest, if you add 'free time' to 'blogger issues' throw in 'family life' a whole dollop of 'work' what you get is what you got which is me missing in action for some time - so apologies on that front!

I promise I'll try and make it up to you all LOL!

Firstly it would appear that my mojo is poorly - now it is well trained and used to constant work at unsociable hours but in all honesty this time I'm unsure what to do with it!  Last night despite several challenge sketches all I did was move paper around my desk for a little over two hours and achieve zero has anyone else suffered a poorly mojo and how did you get it back on the road to recovery?

I'm not sure when it will return to normal and not sure if it's because it's wanting to spread it's wings and do something a little different but at the moment it is really struggling!

Thankfully I've got a little crafting in reserve - now let's see if blogger will let me upload it - don't hold your breath!   This is my circle journal home after it's jaunt around some amazing scrapbookers and art journallers alike - it was a Rock In Peace journal and before it even left my mitts it was supersized (not intentionally just got a little overexcited when making it!)

Unfortunately the cover has spray ink on it which seems to like to come off on my hands - if anyone knows a way of setting this spray ink can you let me know because blue avatar fingers are not always becoming at work!  And apologies to all the ladies who took part in my journal - I hope you've managed to remove the ink from your fingers!

My pages, the whole layout was an extended envelope with a difference and was something I found on you tube, allowing me to cover my Rock In Peace hero, my favourite track on the CD that accompanied the journal together with details on live gigs I'd seen and a little about myself - like I said supersized!

Other contributions from the great girls in my group look a little like this

and this

and this

and this

 and this (anyone recognise the style?)

and this

and finally this

as you can imagine I was absolutely blown away with the gorgeous work inside my journal, there is still more to see within it and it is incredibly tactile which I love!  All I can say is ladies your work is awesome thank you for looking after my journal on its journey and for your beautiful work!


  1. Hope your Mojo is soon feeling better...

    That journal is amazing - what a super thing to have & treasure.

    Toni xx

  2. The journal is FANTASTIC! I loved seeing all the contributions, which are superb and so different.

    Mojo just resting, will be back soon, promise.


  3. It looks amazing Virginia :D It was a privilege to behold and I was so lucky that it came to me quite late through the process so I was able to see some of those gorgeous pages up close! I must say I can't think who that style is *ahem* I really loved working on it... and for my part, no blue fingers! But I use a helluva lot of moisturiser daily as have very dry elbows and hands so maybe it just slid right off?

    As for mojo wanderings. I fairly regularly have that happen. Don't try and force it. Do something else like lose yourself in some books or catch up on DVD's (True Blood sesh with Craig every night this week! 1 or 2 a night!) Pinterest is amazing for sparking the inspiration - you need to give it a good chance to 'get it' but honestly I've so many things on there I want to try! I sent you an invite I think. It'll come back don't worry :)

  4. Wow! That journal is something else - love the theme and all the contributions. Absolutely stunning!
    Your mojo has run away with mine I fear. Home alone last night, could have scrapped all evening...but no. Managed to do some much needed crafty tidying but no crafting..and I still ended up with blue fingers. How?!!!
    Hugs xx.
    p.s. did you get email about books. Apparently I made Carmen laugh. Oh,well, I aim to bring laughter into lives. :)

  5. what an amazing CJ!!!! wow wow wow.

    Love Carmen's page and the Linkin Park one best (who did that?)