Friday, 24 June 2011


Well here we are again on a Friday, analysing, taking stock and appreciating what has been good in our lives this week - are you ready for it?
This week in no particular order we have

Quiet times to think
Quiet time to start to cleanse my home surroundings
Finding that sometimes the best way forward is simply not to expect too much of myself
Starting to appreciate that I'm not superwoman and that some things are better handed over to others than making my own life insanely complex
Psychologies magazines that I buy with every intension of reading, absorbing and acting on only for them to languish in the bottom of a drawer for months on end - that suddenly do help when you are trying to make some sense out of the chaos known as life.
Hubby and said 10 year old for the joint effort on said 10 year olds room on Wednesday - it took some doing but now looks pretty awesome!
Indepth conversations with my brother, always a blessing
Appreciating sometimes that I am losing the plot - but it's OK because everyone in my brain knows me - this weeks example, when I arrived home on wednesday I unlocked the front door and proceeded through the door, keys still visible in door, I closed the door and couldn't quite get my head around why the keys were no longer visible - that'll be the fact they were on the outside!  Honestly - no hope sometimes, but did provide a much needed giggle!

Early nights when I need to just sleep

Late nights when my brain is wide awake!

Said 10 year old for his request for a walk on Father's day, a wander around Elsecar dam was enough to brush off the cobwebs, chat, listen and breath in the world around.  Finished off with a gorgeous coffee and my life was beautiful in that very moment - thanks little man - you absolutely rock!

This week has been a strange one with levels of simplicity and of levels of complexity and as I move onto a new path I'm appreciating that having a 'whole life' view of where I am sometimes helps but in order to move to the new path I have to take the time to make the shift, it's slow but nobody said it was a  race.  I hope your week has been filled with silver linings, people you love, things that make you happy or just little rituals that let you say "I am alive and for that I am truly grateful" because that's how I feel this week.  for quite a few of us, I hope the week has been full of memories of fabulous people who are no longer with us in body, but always in spirit.

A little crafting for my beautiful Rockettes that make my heart sing every week, this one showing  a gorgeous boat we found in Mahon harbour it was spectacular all bronze in colour, I used a combination of papers from a giant K & Co pack, I was really happy to finally fathom out out a way of using a paper that was just squares of design (the shells), simply cut them out and use like an embellishment!

Up close using up bits of velum words, old brads etc overall really pleased with the layout!

 Then the word PURPOSE from Darcy's 52 words challenge, again overall pleased with this page, managed to extend the photo either side to cover the double page!
So there you have it my list for this week

Currently -

Listening - Lady Gaga's Born this Way

Eating - nothing yet microwave still housing this mornings porridge
Drinking - Cup of tea - yum
Wearing - Black work trousers, blue t-shirt

Feeling - Unconnected
Wanting - To connect with my inner self
Needing - To allow myself time to adjust after the last few weeks
Thinking - I quite like this track of Lady Gaga's might be good to exercise too, got a lot on at work at the moment, wonder if we can get the loft finished this weekend, do I prioritise the other two bedrooms for sorting or maybe sort the bathroom, what do I need to get together for our holiday?  Finally, my hubby said that was the case and yesterday we had it confirmed -  Yes I am thinking all that and more all at once
Enjoying - Life even though it's hard work the people in my life make it all worthwhile each and every day - love you guys!
Learning - That I'm not superwoman or invincible and that I've got a really really strong mind!
Wondering - Whether said 10 year old would mind if we played the music at the correct volume LOL!
Procastinating - Not doing none of this - life is for living not procrastinating!

Loving - LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aniticipating - A busy weekend

If you're joining in with Rocking Your World then please add your comment and a linky, I love the fact we've got this small crew of 'die hard' fans for Rocking Your World, you are all awesome and in turn completely unique, most people spend their entire lives procrastinating about things and moaning about how life should be better and easier etc, but you each and every week take that step back, hold your head up and say thank you for having those special moments, in turn these set you up for the following week.  I know for one, these days when we're busy in our day to day lives things happen and I giggle and think - that'll be on my Rocking post this week!  When you join in I remember how truly blessed I am - thank you!   The other side is that I know sometimes its just not possible to post, when you really can't face trying to put a post together, don't stress on these weeks just try and be kind to yourself and try to at least acknowledge the little bits of your life that have made it more bearable on difficult weeks

Thursday, 23 June 2011


Well it is officially Thursday and well in all honesty the home PC hasn't been on since the weekend, which is practically unheard of - honestly it's just not the way we tick. 

Monday was a 'scheduled' grief day, I was at a loss, I knew I wanted to be in my own mind without distractions but I also knew I needed something to occupy me that didn't take too much thinking - yep I cleaned you knew that was what I was going to say didn't you.  Now given the last couple of weeks and the things that have happened has meant that on Monday the house looked atrocious, when you add into the equation the the partially emptied loft and you can imagine the state of it.  Now I could have done my usual which is going to the nth degree to tidy the whole place on my own so when hubby and said 10 year old arrived home they found a pristine house and a grumpy wife/mum so decided that might not be sensible.  Instead I set too on one room, our bedroom, I emptied out under the bed I went through every single drawer getting rid of surplus/old/doesn't fit etc and it took hours, I vacuumed and dusted and polished and let my mind do whatever it needed to do. 

It felt better and I felt like I'd accomplished something in amongst the quiet times of my brain.  As you can imagine however, this was one room of many, so last night was a whole family effort on said 10 year old's bedroom.  Now this was not for the faint hearted but we set about doing through every box and every drawer, my back started tweaking, said 10 year old whinged at a lack of his TV quota and hunger, but we kept going with a brief respite for drinks and food and after about 4 hours it was clean and tidy and everything had a 'rightful' place to live which pleased me no end!

So that's two rooms done with many still to do but now I've started I don't intend on letting the momentum go, every room, every cupboard needs a good sort through and in doing so I'm cleansing not only my brain but also the place that I escape to when life seems difficult.  I haven't mentioned it to dear hubby yet but I want the loft finished this weekend, gulp, yes you heard, which means insulation down and T&G boards down or loft boards, whichever is the easier/quicker and cheaper.  We shall see whether I achieve my goal LOL!

Anyway this was me just putting my brain down on 'paper' and telling you all that I've not forgotten about you, just been a little preoccupied. 

Crafting has been on the 'lacking' side this week but I did manage a layout last night which felt great even though I was fighting with those muted colours!  This morning in the cold light of day - actually it doesn't look too bad!

I do however, have in reserves some crafting that I've not shared that I made recently - this is a favourite from Darcy's 52 words - it was the word endeavour, I loved the picture and used the leopard print fastenator as the inspiration for the page in general, using punchinella to emulate the netting!  I journaled in between as I went!

Then a 12 x 12 layout from when we went to the Puzzling place, I used the free stamp off craft stamper on this page and am really pleased with how it turned out!  I also used a question mark stamp dotted all over on this one!

Close ups of the journaling block and the stamping - see - tiny question mark stamp!
Anyway if you have come along and read my drivel at the top and persevered to here you might as well say hello because you're awesome for listen to the rambling in all honesty!  I will be back tomorrow for the Rocking post - why not join in this week, even in times of grief and sadness there is always a silver lining that allows you to be grateful for what you have isn't there?  Don't believe me just think of one thing this week that has made you smile even if only on the inside - there you go - now that's a "Rocking" thought, a few more of them and you'll see that life although challenging provides us with beautiful opportunities each and every day to just be ourselves.  If you don't feel like you allow yourself that time to be 'you' then maybe it's time that you did! 

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, 19 June 2011


Good morning one and all, well after a very difficult day yesterday I've woken today to a brand new day, the funeral yesterday was a very solemn but also very intimate reflection on an amazing life and the resounding sounds of my Grandma's life came through as two aspects and these have left me with some significant reflection today


these were the two aspects of my Grandma's life that were at the forefront of her mind each and every single day and I believe that these are two aspects by which to mould my life a little more, I've always had a strong faith base but feel a need to reaffirm it in order that my life have a more holistic balance and family has always been front and centre but is predominantly my immediate family rather than extended family - not that I don't want it to involve my extended family it's just with such a huge family it's all too easy to put off for another day what in all honesty you could do today, so I for one will be trying to make changes along these lines in order that the influence of my Grandma becomes stronger now that she is no longer here in person.

Quite a deep post as you can see but it has helped me immensely see the value of those interactions of amazing people, I see it all the time through my blog but now I'm wanting to bridge that with my extended family so my scrapbook albums are full of extended family memories as well as immediate family memories.

Anyway thought I'd just come and tell you that I'm doing OK and that your thoughts have meant the world to me, I know others are struggling today on Father's day, here is a tribute to my amazing Daddy, photo of him here with my Mum and me as a baby!
 A little crafting - a slightly blurry picture (sorry) of the Atlas fountain at Castle Howard - unfortunately when we saw it it wasn't running so we didn't see it in all it's glory but it was still awesome!
then a 12 x 12 layout - catching up on photos from our 2009 Menorca holiday has proved interest (and quite a lot of fun)
 Up close detail - using long held stash and upcycling clothes tags from new items!

Hope you are all having a beautiful and blessed Sunday, wherever you are whoever you are able to spend time with!

Friday, 17 June 2011


Good Morning my beautiful Rockettes and how are you this morning?  Well I've had the strangest of weeks, I don't suppose it was going to be a 'good' one but I wasn't imagining strange if I'm honest, I seem to have had to 'schedule' grief - how on earth do you do that - I mean how do you put that sort of thing to one side whilst you get on with normal work life and then pull it out to have a good rummage around in when time pressures aren't so great?  I'm not sure that it's a healthy thing to do or a sensible thing to do but it is something that I've done, so I'm now feeling a little numb?  No idea what I'll be like over the next 24 hours but that really really isn't why you are here is it, so in an effort to remember the essence of the Rocking post let's celebrate what is Rocking my world this week
Blue skies and milky coffees
Moments of quiet in the back garden
Loud music and headphones
Scrapping time and mojo (when it reappeared briefly)
Husband - he still amazes me how he just goes with the flow of our lives and keeps me mentally with it even when I seem to be losing the plot
Said 10 year old for just being him, for giving me hugs when I've needed them
For my amazing sister who when things were starting to crack on Wednesday let me arrive at her house, completely break down into tears and give me the biggest hug, before feeding me copious cups of coffee and letting me rant whilst joining in - thank goodness for sisters!
For my brother who despite being poorly kept dragging himself into work at the beginning of the week despite the combination of illness and grief
For Dara O'Briain DVD's when you need a giggle his take on 'gamers' and the 'escalator' sketch - laughed til I cried

For my boss offering to buy my husband a pork pie - honestly the conversations you have sometimes, it went something along the lines of appreciating that I'm still going that extra length to get things done which means that my family life suffers, to him asking if Craig likes sweet things when I said I'd have to bribe him when I got home - then I said - no Craig doesn't like sweet stuff so he said "ah a savoury man" I said "yes he likes pork pie" to which my boss said to tell him that he owed him a pork pie - yes I think we are losing the plot!

Hairdressers sorting said 10 year olds hair out last night and fingers crossed sorting my hair today.

New patio doors that give us a better view of our postage stamp garden

Boxes of memories with sentimental letters and paraphernalia in them

Finding the box of missing photos that I've spent 7 years trying to find

Yep I think that's about it I'm afraid but it's a longer list than I expected!

Now crafting creations for you lovely people using yet again the Shimelle layout mentioned in the last post!

Up close - border punches and layers
A little art journaling in my A5 journal from when we went to York I enjoyed playing with the colours of this one!
So there you have it you lovely people

if you fancy joining in, put yourself a post together and then pop along here leave a comment and put a link in.  If you don't have time to do a post yourself or don't have a blog just remember to think of those little glimpses of fun you've had this week, those little parts of your life where you've had a smile on your face!

May you all have a beautiful and blessed weekend!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Just wanted to say thank you to you all for your kind words they are very much appreciated at the moment, given how difficult this week is proving to be add into that the news that the funeral will be Friday night into church and Saturday morning actual funeral you can imagine that this is not getting much easier.  Whilst not wanting to dwell on yesterday's post what it does remind me of is how amazing you all are, I didn't want to put anything too lengthy on my facebook page as there are many of us going through this grieving process.  I did want to document it here as it felt like a more 'permanent' home, so thank you for listening even though it wasn't a cheery post, my blog friends you are simply awesome! 

Talking of facebook - my brother's status yesterday brought a smile and a tear and before it gets lost into the depths of facebook I thought I'd put it here as well - he's always been fabulous with words

"thinks somewhere a very feisty old lady is being met by a very giddy Jesus in a party hat.  Goodnight Grandma, another beautiful star learns to shine in the nightsky" - like I said beautiful words

Anyway at times like this you start to appreciate how fabulous crafting is - basically because when life is hard it's something to 'throw yourself into' completely to allow your brain some download time.  I'm not coping particularly well and have spent two days moving paper around my desk at work - (worrying when you consider that I should be running payroll LOL!)

Anyway some recent crafting came from a link on someone's blog (apologies cannot recall whose) indicating that Shimelle does a sketch every Wednesday - well not one to shirk a sketch I discover one that required 4 squares on the sketch and it meant I could drag out all those value packs of 6" x 6" (I never understand why I buy them - think they are value for money then realise I can't really use them on a 12 x 12 layout) and generate some great layouts - this one

which I loved doing and loved it so much I did this one (excuse hubbies warped sense of humour LOL)
and then this one which I love the colour combinations on - I did the journaling around the edge on the latter two because it worked! 
So I'm off to do some more crafting tonight in the hope it's not just paper rearrangement!

Monday, 13 June 2011


I've been dragging myself through the weekend, it's been a hard one.  After posting my Rocking post on Friday I found out when dropping my little one at school that my Grandma had passed away, she was an awesome lady, a feisty amazing individual who never ceased to amaze me, her strength her love her warmth all of it utterly amazing.  She was mother to 11 children which is no mean feat, she lost my Grandad when he was only in his fifties and continued to work tirelessly, she was also an amazing and devout Roman Catholic remembering each and every one of her children, grand-children and great grandchildren in her prayers every night.  The hole she has left is cavernous and will never be filled and in all honesty I thought hospitals and Doctors would continue to rebuild her forever.  This however, has not been the case and I sit now reflecting on a long and amazing life with a heavy heart. 

However, in the spirit of Rocking my World Friday, I wonder sometimes if little glimpses of her are still shining this week unbeknown to me on Thursday evening when she left this life to start a new one I was at home surrounded by my Mum and my sister and my brother amongst others and I was art journaling albeit badly - these are the two pages I completed on the night - both pages were works in progress, both in different journals both documenting a flying person and both lots of journaling done on Thursday evening.

This one is in my A5 journal and says simply "Spread Your Wings and Fly"
This one says "The ripples of my life are creating strange patterns at the moment could really do with a guardian angel"
Goodnight Grandma may our loss on earth be a true celebration in heaven surrounded by your husband and five of your children, forever in my heart and my prayers.

Friday, 10 June 2011


Good Morning and the Biggest of Waves to my beautiful Rockettes and Rockers out there, how does this fair Friday morning greet you - well I hope?

Yes that's right - Friday - when did that happen?  Well once again life is racing by, my sister reminded me that we are nearing the longest day of the year which means - well what it actually means is the days start getting shorter - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr but we shall not think about that yet - we shall celebrate the bright blue skies and the summery days (when we get them)
So top of my list are those blue sky days - just sitting in the garden with a cup of tea I have really enjoyed doing this recently, you forget sometimes that the little things in life give the greatest of joys.

Next was a fabulous day out to celebrate my sister's birthday at Chatsworth on Sunday which was her actual birthday.  We were blessed with a dry day and went along and had an amazing time, we also had the world's strangest picnic courtesy of my Mum - now tell who normally would purchase a plus in cool box, a gas stove, table and chairs and a windbreak for a picnic - well actually not my Mum but her husband, however it was a great success!

Once I've downloaded the pictures I'll share a few on here, it has been years since we went in the house and had forgotten how amazing and how ornate the building is inside - absolutely awesome!

Then there was the day out at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park which proved to be hot, unusual and a little costly but predominantly lots of fun!  Our favourite creatures were the Meerkat
the rescued Romanian lions
and the gorgeous mischievous ring tailed leemars, this was one of the most patient Mum's I've ever seen because these baby leemars had a whole lot of energy!
Then there is last nights craft night, Mum, Melanie Nirvana, John and Fi, John enjoyed utilising the Wi-fi he's been internet free for some time so enjoyed just surfing last night and Fi tucked into my 'card making' box of goodies to produce some cards and the rest of us were doing a bit of art journaling - I actually was fighting with mine - quite a lot - not the most productive of evenings, decided that the black paged book I bought doesn't blend easily with my art journaling pictures - I'll get there just not sure when!

E-mails from friends informing me of good reads and providing a good giggle - you know who you are!

The black dagger brotherhood book that I got the other day provides an 'insiders' guide and actually has a 'mini-book' at the beginning which tells part of the story of one of the books that you don't see!  Honestly made me cry and smile and cry and smile a bit more.  It's been a good read up to now!

Pinterest - dearest Carmen what have you got me hooked on now, up to now I've not 'joined' I've just been looking but wow there are some pretty awesome things on there - I mean seriously awesome!

Making some progress on emptying the loft - honestly how do you end up with that much stuff?  And it's currently only half emptied - crazy absolutely crazy, what it has meant is me going through boxes and find parts of my 'past life' reading the diary of me as a 17 year old is truly mesmerizing seems like I'm reading about someone else's life!  Most of it I remember but occasionally I'll find something that I simply can't and then it seems strange!

Finally Cardinal Crafts for providing a timely Internet order full to the brim of exceptionally well priced double sided tape and I do use absolutely shed loads of the stuff! 

Anyway that's the list for this week - quite a full one if I'm honest!  Here is a 12 x 12 layout that I've done in the last month, really enjoyed doing this one, it was from a sketch but can't remember whose and I really enjoyed working with the papers!

A Close up showing the bunting and the hole punch.
And a little art journal page from our visit to York!
If you join in don't forget to Linky but also put a comment so we can find you in the future too - plus I like to hear from all my amazing Rockettes

Thursday, 9 June 2011


I can't quite put my finger on it but to be honest, if you add 'free time' to 'blogger issues' throw in 'family life' a whole dollop of 'work' what you get is what you got which is me missing in action for some time - so apologies on that front!

I promise I'll try and make it up to you all LOL!

Firstly it would appear that my mojo is poorly - now it is well trained and used to constant work at unsociable hours but in all honesty this time I'm unsure what to do with it!  Last night despite several challenge sketches all I did was move paper around my desk for a little over two hours and achieve zero has anyone else suffered a poorly mojo and how did you get it back on the road to recovery?

I'm not sure when it will return to normal and not sure if it's because it's wanting to spread it's wings and do something a little different but at the moment it is really struggling!

Thankfully I've got a little crafting in reserve - now let's see if blogger will let me upload it - don't hold your breath!   This is my circle journal home after it's jaunt around some amazing scrapbookers and art journallers alike - it was a Rock In Peace journal and before it even left my mitts it was supersized (not intentionally just got a little overexcited when making it!)

Unfortunately the cover has spray ink on it which seems to like to come off on my hands - if anyone knows a way of setting this spray ink can you let me know because blue avatar fingers are not always becoming at work!  And apologies to all the ladies who took part in my journal - I hope you've managed to remove the ink from your fingers!

My pages, the whole layout was an extended envelope with a difference and was something I found on you tube, allowing me to cover my Rock In Peace hero, my favourite track on the CD that accompanied the journal together with details on live gigs I'd seen and a little about myself - like I said supersized!

Other contributions from the great girls in my group look a little like this

and this

and this

and this

 and this (anyone recognise the style?)

and this

and finally this

as you can imagine I was absolutely blown away with the gorgeous work inside my journal, there is still more to see within it and it is incredibly tactile which I love!  All I can say is ladies your work is awesome thank you for looking after my journal on its journey and for your beautiful work!