Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Good morning one and all - how are you this Wednesday - weather is a little grey and cloudy this morning but currently dry which is good.  Here is the state of my desk this morning are you ready yes this is exactly as it looks this morning and yes I do realise there is little in the way of space to work LOL!
What you don't normally see is some of the other space that I often use - this is our Pool room - fairly obvious the reason why and yes I do appreciate that that is not how the table is supposed to be used!  Layouts that are work in progress, two cycle helmets and the start of a wooden crossbow hubby is making - glider in background and certain 10 year olds go-cart in the bottom right of the picture - the only time this room is truly used as it should be is Christmas!
At the other side of the room is my stack of papers on the rack (I got from the local craft store when they were having a sort out ) and I still claim that I don't have enough papers LOL!  There is also a giant canvas a couple of wooden Celtic knots on the floor and a back of chipboard/greyboard
Up close on my desk a layout I did last night which I think I've overworked - boo hiss will have to resolve later - the challenge was to
  • put something secret on it - check
  • Include either instructions or a recipe - check 
  • Include four techniques that you've learned in the last four months - I haven't learned any in the last four months - the techniques I use go wayyyyyyyyyyyyy back so I thought I'd use four techniques that I've not used in absolutely ages, therefore paper weaving, making frames, hand cutting title, using an envelope to create a pocket for the something secret!  However this morning I can see that my over zealous stamping hand has attacked the page with some vigour - will have to resolve later - hey ho!
Then the art journal page - it's the word 'nearby' on Darcy's 52 word challenge (see link on right), and was the perfect excuse to use up the type written messages my 10 year old has been typing to me and his Dad recently since the purchase of said typewriter in a charity shop, together with a row of bats he made and coloured in which I thought were adorable!  Together with the craft stamper magazine stamps from last month and little bits of journaling in between, overall really pleased with these pages and definitely a view of what was 'nearby' when I created it! 
Finally the wooden man I bought the other week - minus his beard - he needs a sand so he's still sat there because strangely enough I can't actually touch sandpaper - just one of my weird traits so have to wait for DH to accept the challenge - however little wooden man who I'm going to call Herbert because he needs a name has a huge hole for a mouth so I can see some facial moulding coming on - didn't know I was into a bit of the old plastic surgery now did you!
Finally the word prompts from Darcy's word challenge, the next one is 'purpose' and the one after that is 'indulge' - should be fun!  So what's on your workstation this Wednesday.  I've been considering making the PIF gift for the second anniversary - but I have two issues, the first is will anyone want what I've actually made and the second is what the hell to make?  Mmmm what do you think - still have time?
Hope you're all having a great day!


  1. Gosh you've been busy.

    Some interesting words coming up can't wait to see what you produce.

    Toni xx

  2. what a great room - I thought for a minute you were going to be crafting in a swimming pool - doh!!

  3. I love a messy desk! Must take a photo of mine. I rather like your LO and the Darcy page is beautiful.
    Hugs xx

  4. Great busy desk and pool table there! I havent started a pif yet either - far too early for me to panic about that! Thanks for sharing. Sunshine Girl no. 24

  5. Lots of loveliness - that blue is fab. I agree on the paper thing - it's all just too nice and worth buying to look at but this month I'm on a mission to hack into it...

    Thanks for sharing today,

    Sarah at 5

  6. Yikes - loads to look at - don't you fret about the LOs being abused if you don't put em in albums..? One of my teeny tidy triumphs that! Love the work on the journal..and your using waaaaay oldish techniques - still work a treat huh!!

  7. Excellent use of the pool table! ;)
    Chrissy #71

  8. Of COURSE someone will want what you make. What about a grafitti canvas or some mail art or an altered book? Or a Journal that you could alter the covers of to start someone on the journalling journey...

    What a great use of the pool table :P

  9. I love your journaling style!! It looks so free and organic :D I'm definitley going to try your style for my next journal :D XXX

  10. oh so much to see adn read and catch up on,

    I think we may be psychically connected - I have the exact approach to paper & sourced the storage the same way, ditto on the ownership of typewriter/Celtic knots/ inappropriate use of table surfaces,

    and I dig your Darcy pages too.

    i think we can safely say we would understand each other if ever we met...