Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Good morning one and all - I hope I find you well - it has been a fabulous weekend and despite working through bank holiday Friday I have managed to enjoy a long weekend!  Unfortunately there hasn't been much in the way of crafting going on boooo hisssss - however, I plan on making up for that this week!  

I don't know what it is about blue sky days but they just make you feel so positive - ready to take on the world!  Just fabulous! 

We've mowed lawns (that's the royal we obviously - hubby did front lawn due to it's ridiculous gradient and my back not being a great combination)
We went to Bolsover Castle which was fantastic if not a little on the cool side - dragged Melanie along for good measure - we spent most of the time hiding next to sunny walls to try and avoid the harshness of the spring breeze!  

We went to the theatre to see Jekyll and Hyde (a Broadway musical starring Marti Pellow) - wasn't sure if hubby would be impressed or child - but it has to be said they both seemed to enjoy it!  

We wandered around the foreign market in Sheffield which all smelled divine.

Melanie and Nirvana came and stayed for a night and we watched 'The Tourist' on DVD - such a good film - really enjoyed it!

So it's been busy busy busy 

How was your weekend?  Was it fun and busy, or calm and serene?

Then onto the word deceit - now I think you're going to be expecting a long rant about someone or something but in actual fact it's Darcy's 52 words challenge and this is my layout for the word deceit - it was an absolute nightmare to do because I in my infinite wisdom decided there was a P in the word yes I spelt it deceipt - what an idiot!  I then had to procede with vast quantities of paint - because I hadn't written it once - oooh no I'd written it over and over and over again - all with the incorrect spelling - and no before you ask I couldn't leave it it would drive me nuts!  So here it is all sorted! And despite fighting with it it's one of my favourites!
Little bit of crafting - just tidying up some 'older' layouts (about a month old LOL) this one of hubby making the almost infamous gingerbread castle! 
Close up showing the extensive layers on this one
and finally a layout from my A5 art journal
Hope you like - if you meander along - don't forget to say hi!  Hope you all have a beautiful Tuesday!


  1. oh i'm a numpty at spelling so i know how frustrating it can be...but your journal page is just stunning! well worth all that faffing! ;)

  2. Hi Virginia, those blue skies sure make all the difference to us all don't they? Love your deceit page - I'd have put a 'p' in it too! Your A5 journal looks amazing. Marti Pellow's got to be worth a look whatever he's doing in my book! pen x

  3. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Hope the weather stays awesome. Love the LO and the journal pages too. I had to laugh at your "deceipt" error. Sounds like something I would do!

  4. Sounds like a good (if a little bit chilly) weekend.
    Loving your art work - where do you find your images?
    Hugs xx

  5. Oh my goodness, your artwork is beautiful. I love all three of these pieces but it took me a couple of minutes to work out if the picture of your husband was a photo or a painting, lol

  6. great work there, you have been busy :)

  7. Oh don't even get me started on this weekend. Wasn't the best. However - there's a lot to be said for angry power walking so lets hope it shows on the scales ;)

    Love your pages - adore your journals. I just love the magic you do with paint Virginia.

  8. Loving those journal pages...fab, love the LO too.

  9. So...that rhymes with receipt does it.... hehehe, couldn't resist! Love popping by and reading what you're up to :D x

  10. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend, mine was also lovely but much much quieter which suits me!

    Your Decei(p)t page is fantastic - you have such a talent for picking the right image to go with the word, and then changing it to suit your purpose.

    Your journal page is lovely too - I love the bit on it about if you had your life to live over again you'd find him sooner and love him longer. Bravo!


  11. If that had been me I think I'd have binned my mistake (probably in temper LOL) but you have made such a wonderful job of the piece - well done for sticking with it.

    Toni :o)

  12. Wow, that journal page is amazing. Great layout too. Thank you for your comment on my blog.

  13. Loving your pages, your Layouts are always gorgeous!!!!

  14. Just love the art pages.They're great.

  15. Hey V! Your lovely Mail Art arrived yesterday, just wanted to let you know. I haven't opened it yet, want to photograph it first and it was SO BUSY here yesterday so didn't have a chance.

    THANK YOU, lovely girl. It's such a happy envelope and it really made me smile when I got home to see it on the door mat. I shall show it off on my blog later on today.

    Lotsa love,