Friday, 27 May 2011


Good Morning Rockers and Rockettes

How does this fair morning greet you - ours is a little on the grey side and looks likely to continue in this vain for the weekend - typical bank holiday - however, I'm sure you haven't come over here to read a Yorkshire weather forecast so it must be time for
Ok so blogger is being slow this morning and decided to put 10 copies of that picture on my blog - grrr!

Anyway list of gratefuls for this week - now you might think it's been a bad week, but you'd be wrong it's been a 'normal' week - the usual trials and tribulations nothing insurmountable but it's not been one of those amazing weeks either!

Actually thinking about it (literally as I type) Friday last week was awesome and technically that is the start of this week isn't it?  Because hubby arrived home from his week away in Birmingham, now we lived in Stafford for 14 years and in all that time we never actually ventured to Birmingham, never fancied the car park known as the M6 the closest we got was Aston Villa's Leisure centre when we went on a coach to see a gig.  So he was quite enthused when he arrived home to chat about the mix of buildings and architecture in Birmingham and he took a photo for me - what do you think?  We don't know 'why?' but I do think it's amazing  isn't it gorgeous! 

Then he took a few more piccies these outside memorial hall - apparently built after the first world war, commemorating the navy, the air force and the army as well as women's services!

I also liked this mix of old and new
As well as this building called the box!
So we had a little photographic tour of Birmingham when he arrived back
Last weekend was just a relaxed chilled weekend with some rugby watching which is always good because it means crafting, I discovered Shimelle does a sketch every Wednesday and I got hooked on one particular one and made several in the same style (not photographed yet but promise to share soon).

The week has disappeared with work in the blink of an eye (if I'm honest) but other gratefuls include

Weight watchers, I've started on plan again this week - with 6ish weeks until a break away I'm aiming for trying to shift a stone, it'll be a long haul but I'm thinking that short goals might work better, the idea is to lose it then maintain for a bit before going for the next stone, that way I can't technically get bored.

My glider, I hate it with a passion, never got the exercise 'high' that other people talk about, don't like it don't technically want to do it but know that the only way of getting somewhere near the stone goal is to bolt exercise into my routine, so I've set myself the challenge of gliding 2 miles every day, Monday and Tuesday were shakey starts but gentle persuasion from dear hubby and said 10 year old meant that I managed it and then managed it wednesday, Thursday and this morning before I'm even leaving the house.  I've found MP3 player at full blast and concentrating on 'speed' rather than 'mileage' means the half hour it takes go quite quickly, so I may end up slimmer by the end of this challenge but also slightly deafer!

Hubby for embracing yet another bout of dieting - bless him - he's seen me do this so often before.  Now my logics that set in whilst he was away was that the teetotalness that we've been enjoying (and yes I did just say enjoying) since New Year has been possible because we've both done it, so I've asked him to join me in the next five weeks dieting challenge to keep me going and bless him he's joined in with great enthusiasm, pointing up a couple fo Jamie Oliver teas as well as a Gino DeCampo meal - he's a star!

Sister and niece for coming over for crafting last night, my sister is going through rough times again and so we decided on some art journaling and despite her reservations that she wouldn't like what she'd done, she embraced it, got on with it and then said at the end that she finally liked the page - result!

Finally Jasmine and Carmen in my Rock In Peace circle journal for sending a couple of CD's with some great music on for us to sit and sing along too last night!  Thoroughly enjoyed the tracks thank you ladies I may try and share the album with you over the weekend but blogger doesn't seem to want me to upload 37 photos at once I just don't understand what's wrong with it LOL!

So there you have it, it took some thinking about but a lovley list of gratefuls was had - how was your week - there must be something that made you smile, a giggle you had with a friend, sharing a cuppa with a loved one?  Whatever, it is, no matter how small it reminds us that we are alive and that life even when tough has things that we can all be grateful for.

Now I'd normally share some crafting here with you and there is some to share but blogger is still considering trying to upload 37 photos from my circle journal that asking it to do any more seems a little silly - so I'll leave it for now and promise to do a couple of crafting postings over the weekend.

If you fancy joining this rather elite club of Rockers and Rockettes then leave a comment and if you're feeling brave (because let's be honest Mr Linky doesn't always work) - leave a link!

Sending you hugs this weekend, hope it's filled with enjoyment and happiness


  1. Oooo, you are being good - well done you. I can't use those glider things as the motion actually makes me sick - don't know why but even the trainer at the gym decided it was best that I avoid them...LOL

    Have a fab weekend

    Toni xx

  2. Hullo me ducks - wow your OH is great taking all those pics and joining in the diet. brilliant! Managed to play along this week - medical and militant seem to be my themes LOL take care and hugs for Mel xx

  3. GREAT list, V, love your hubster's photos of Birmingham. Great mix of old and new.

    Diets, bleugh! Gliders, bleugh! I have never got a workout high either (I thought I was the only one), but I really enjoy Zumba for the dancing bit and it's the music and the beat that gets me through, definitely not the 'fun' of exercise. And there's no mirrors thank goodness.

    You have such a lovely family and it's great that you know it and appreciate it.

    I'll be back later with my list - having trouble thinking of many though :o(


  4. Great lit as always - must try and get back in the Friday morning stride.


  5. Hi V, I'm back!

    My list is here

    Hope the sun shines for you this weekend.


  6. Ooh you are more than welcome. You are lucky that I discovered a couple of my CD's missing (not that I was best pleased - no idea where they've gone, I suspect a sly Alice cull on Craigs part!) otherwise you'd have got loads more CD's it was hard enough cutting it down to those few :P

    Be back later with my list... struggling a bit to be honest.

  7. I'm here... for now. Still debating about leaving it up... Have a lovely half term Virginia :)