Friday, 20 May 2011


Morning Rockers and Rockettes out there - how are you all this fair morning?  Well I trust?  I appear to have been missing in action pretty much all week, I hadn't realised just how much I depend on hubby until he's away and well then I'm busy cleaning and tidying and cooking etc - so much so I've not been a blog hopping at all this week - I promise to come and annoy you really soon! 

Yes it's Friday again - so whilst most of us whoop it up as the weekend approaches what things have Rocked our world this week - they can be tiny little things or great big things it doesn't matter - as long as it makes you remember that life even when difficult still gives us little threads that make us smile!

So what's Rocked my World this week - well hubby being away on business has made me sad - but a big shout out for mobile phone contracts which mean he can ring me and chat to his hearts content - that's enough to make me cheer!

A free martial arts taster class at work last night that made said 10 year old very happy - so much so now looking into it for him!

Advance thoughts on birthdays and special occasions almost on us, with work being so mad this year my pre-planning has been none existent so even though the thoughts have been random and off the wall they are possible - all will be explained in due course - excuse the cryptic side of all this but giving myself a little pat on the back!

The cleaning bug - I'm going to blame Melanie because she got me started  and even though it meant a whole night without crafting and then it seemed to sap my creativity it has to be said that there is something about a clean and tidy work area that just makes your heart sing!  Definitely getting into the spring cleaning mode now!

Special post dropping through my door, I won a book on a blog giveaway with the amazingly talented Susie recently and it dropped through the door this week - thank you hun - not had time to read it yet but it looks like it's right up my street and thank you also for the beautiful tag (it is beautiful I will have to photograph it for you to appreciate just how gorgeous it is) and some little crafting items that will be appearing on a layout near you very soon!

Finally I'm glad to be here, I'm glad to be alive, I'm glad for all the beautiful people in my life - I am truly blessed and each one of you that joins in this little journey each week makes mine complete!  Thank you for being part of that - you are all truly amazing!

Can't leave you without the crafting now can I (even though it's been in short supply this week).

This is a journal page from the week we had away in York - documenting the seaside day to Scarborough, this image was in one of the local papers that was in the bin ready for the wood burning fire - thankfully  and really struck a cord!  I did the hubby rescued it for me - I wrote my journaling along the sand!  It's not my normal colour choice which is probably why I like it so much! 

Then a layout for you, I was sooooooooooooo pleased with the title, which is an acetate piece out of a booklet which I cut into a circle and then mounted onto a piece of cardstock and finished with a piece of ribbon, once again pleased with the colour combinations on this one because they go with the photo and yet aren't my normal loud style!
So there you have it - what's your week been like?  What's been Rocking Your World this week?

Trying to give Mr Linky a go again - see what you think - if you do manage to leave a link please leave a comment with the linky too just in case, plus in means in future people can find you again!


  1. Sad that your DH has been away this week but the rest of the week sounds good.
    So pleased the book etc. arrived safely (can't wait to see what you do with the hands! I just thought of you when I saw them :)).
    Like the projects you've done this week even if they're not in your usual colours - good to stretch ourselves sometimes.
    Hugs xx

  2. That journal page is fab...gosh it's many years since I was last in Scarborough.

    Toni :o)

  3. I'm SO busy I can't think right now. Great journal page!

  4. Hi Virginia, what a lovely post from you today - I bet you're looking forward to your DH coming home. Cleaning is all very well, but it just goes and gets grubby again, doesn't it?! Grrrrrr! I love the freedom pages, great image saved from the bin, and I like all the writing in the sand. The LO is sweet, I love how the photo has caught said 10 year old in rather a pensive mood. The martial arts thing sounds lots of fun.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend, V.


    ps I've done the Mr Linky thing but my post is here


  5. Happy Fri Virginia! Your pages are fabUlous as always... love the scarborough scene. Thanks for dropping by recently and have a lovely weekend. pen x

  6. I've done my post and Mr Linky but just in case:

  7. Love the journal page and LO. Hope you've having a great weekend!

  8. Oh so much positiveness here. Guess what I'm going to do right after catching up with the Rockettes? Clear my home desk - it's annoyingly used as the house dumping ground and I am forever claiming it back... it's that time again!

    LOVE that journal page what an amazing image and the writing in the sand is so clever!

    I'm up there and also here *g*