Friday, 6 May 2011


Good morning one and all - I'm running a little late but sooooooooo needed that shower, unfortunately the heating also kicked in at the same time so now I'm running a little on the warm side - whoops - anyhow why are we here?  Well the question is what's Rocking Your World this Friday?

First up was the theatre last weekend - Marti Pellow in the musical Jekyll and Hyde, we had to fight our way through the snooker 'traffic' (world championship snooker was on at the Crucible as we were seeing the musical at the Lyceum and they are next to each other), together with getting slightly sidetracked with the foreign market in Fargate but we made it, just the three of us, wasn't sure if hubby and child would cope with wall to wall singing but they did and enjoyed the musical to boot, probably not what you'd call child entertainment and there were a few parts with raised eyebrows but when quizzing said 10 year old afterwards he seemed to have missed the questionable parts!

Then Sunday we headed to Bolsover Castle in glorious sunshine, despite the sun it was still extremely cold when you got caught by the breeze (which we did quite often) so we clung to walls - don't believe me?  A photo to prove it -  me and my sister 'clung' to walls - and no we weren't ignorring each other whilst on phones we were in fact listening to the history of Bolsover on one of those sound thingies!
Then there was the barbecue's at my Mum's last Friday night (forgot about this one - all sense of order lost LOL) she decided to have a barbecue because of the wedding - forward planned you may ask?  Nope spur of the minute as usual, but it was a grand night with good company.

My sister and niece stopped over on Sunday night, we sat up chatting and nattering, had pizza for tea and many many many garlic breads (don't ask) and then sat and watched The Tourist on DVD (another thing that Rocked my World) honestly the DVD is brilliant loved it - Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie - great stuff!  We all enjoyed it - sent hubby on a popcorn hunt to the local shops (he found some phew!!!!!!) after the kids headed up to bed we decided we weren't tired so we put on another film - Taking Lives with Angelina Jolie - I'd forgotten how many times I jumped when this film is on and Melanie was no better - we had to watch Russell Howard's Good News afterwards to help us sleep LOL!

Royal Mail for getting my mail art to their destinations! 

Then there is a day off - you asked did I go and shop?  Hell yes I shopped so here is how it's looking, this was the state of the dining table on my return!
What did I get? Well I got some plastics which I needed
then I got some promarkers reduced down to £6.49 a pack (every time I see these I think I'll buy some and then I think I'll wait til I see them cheaper, then I see them cheaper and I don't buy them - go figure)
 Then I bought some spray fabric paint - no idea what I'm going to do with them (yet) but I'll let you know it'll either be a complete success or a miserable failure LOL!
Then I got this book, it's absolutely fantastic - I love it sooooooo much, normally I'd have waited to source it cheaper but wanted to bring it home straight away so bit the bullet and paid that little bit extra for it!
Finally I bought this - I can't make my mind up whether it was a great idea or not - I'll let you know - if it ends up gathering dust on the coffee table or if it sparks a run on the sewing machine then it will be worth it!  Watch this space

Then I went to Homebase and bought this - not exciting but necessary!
Then I bought these in the sale - thinking of using the images for art journaling
Then I bought this recipe book
I loved the inside cover of this where there is a dedication to curvy women - it says "to all the curvy women out there who are constantly calorie counting.  Remember, no man likes to chew on bones!" More interestingly I actually came home and cooked out of it (and it was yum)

A couple of t-shirts to play with (or destroy depending on the state of my spray fabric painting!
then I popped to my sisters to pick up my Weight Watcher pack (need a re-read)
Then on to my brother who has loaned me these to help with the t-shirt project
And then home to have a proper look at the CJ I had picked up from the Post Office and look at the beautiful goodies Carmen had sent me as my prize from a recent draw she had had, she'd asked what I'd wanted and I said to surprise me and this is what I got - gulp - absolutely awesome and she's a mindreader - honestly this girl is utterly amazing!  The two masks I don't have but have wanted for an age (I almost ordered them at the weekend but held back) and I'm fighting with the dregs in the bottom of my glossy accents bottle!  Added to that the stamps are absolutely gorgeous I promise to share what I make with them - they will all be appearing on a journal page near you LOL!
Then I toddled off to the Charity shop where my Mum works and picked these up - no idea what I'll do with them yet - any ideas?  I've removed the flowers but wanted to create something 3 dimensional inside but not sure - you know when you buy something and think it's a good idea and you're not sure why and then you seem to lose the plot when they are sat in front of you - well that's where I'm at.  The frames are really well made and I don't want to lose the 'box' effect on them!
Then finally I got a cheap game for said 10 year old to play on the second hand XBox we bought recently (Xbox rather than an Xbox 360 - so the games are proving interesting to try and find) anyhow he was more than happy with my £1.50 purchase!  And yes before you ask I did tell him to sit up straight after I took the photo! 

So there you are hold up a 12 x 12 layout for you - quite happy with this one it came together really quick!
Close up showing the faux stitching around the title and really stitching around the photos!
A Darcy page on Puddles - sorry for the appalling photography this one proved hard work to photograph!
Then another page from my A5 journal when we went away for the weekend to Scarborough back in February!
Finally (I promise)
  • listening - child laughing at TV
  • eating - actually eaten the usual morello cherry and blueberry porridge with banana
  • drinking - was tea - need more!
  • wearing - black top and leggings
  • feeling - tired at the moment but looking forward to some crafting today!
  • weather - overcast but bright - weird
  • wanting - to get this post on my blog!
  • needing - some fresh air
  • enjoying - life it's a true blessing
  • wondering - if my CJ buddy will get in contact soon! 
So we are finally at the end of the post - pat yourself on the back for getting here - yes it was an ultimate post but it was fun wasn't it - Leave your comment and the details of the link if you're joining in - haven't bothered with Mr Linky this week - he's driving me nuts! 


  1. I've gotta dash now so I'll be back later to enjoy your post with a cup of tea!

    My post of gratefuls is here

    Enjoy your day off.

    Be back later,


  2. That was like reading a book,lol,wish I had your energy.What a week..............

  3. Wow-how did you fit all that into a week!Love all the purchases!

  4. Cor you have been busy. I often buy things to 'do something' with and they are still sitting there lol. One Day :) Great lo too :)

  5. Wow Virginia - what an absolutely fabulous post. I love it all and am so glad that you had such a lovely time last weekend. Must try and get back in the swing of posting.


  6. Oh what a brilliant post :D

    I love the look of those graffiti books and I have that doll book - it was on my wishlist and my friend sent it to me for my birthday - it's stunning isn't it? I have been practising my sewing so I can have a go!

    Love the pages, just gorgeous and loving all your thankfuls - that picture of you and sis is fab :D

    So glad you liked your bits and pieces! CAn't wait to see what you make both with those and with your box frames and fabric paint!

    Back later with my post.

  7. Fab reading as always virginia - knew I didnt havetime to read really but did anyway LOL Loving your bargains and wow what a prize have fun creating! have joined in this week sorry i am such a hit and miss player but being a shif worker does mean I get my days befuddled sometimes! happy friday x Janet

  8. Wow I'm shattered just reading how busy you have been lol!! LOve the purchases.

    As for Xbox games try places like Cash convertors I gor DS some for as little as 99p x

  9. Wow! That was some week Virginia!
    Loving the photos and art work and purchases....but esp. the cook book and the inscription...I am a curvy woman!lol
    Will be back later with my list.
    Have a lovely,lovely weekend.
    Hugs xx

  10. Right, I'm back!

    Lovely post today, Virginia. Sounds like you totally enjoyed your day off yesterday - I hope today is just as good for you. I LOVE the things Carmen got for you - but IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME!! I've hummed and ha'd over that Homestyle Sewing mag but didn't get it (mainly because I'm useless with a needle but practice makes perfect, or so they say.....), so I'll be interested to hear what you think of it.

    Lovely LO with great photos. Puddles is BRILLIANT!

    I hope you've got the weekend off too and that you enjoy it.


  11. I guess I'm supposed to leave my link here(?) I'm a new rocker and here's what's rocking my world today:

  12. Gosh you've been busy...lovely pieces of work.

    Now I noticed some pens in your shopping so look forward to seeing what you do with them.

    Thank you for your lovely comments over on my blog - very much appreciated as is the following. Blogger has not been playing 'nice' today so it could be fun when I get around to posting something later LOL

    Toni xx

  13. Sounds a really good book, with lots of fabby goodies.
    Try car boots for games, ours always has LOADS dirt cheap, check the discs & as long as they're not scratched or marked they should be ok
    Heres mine:

  14. I'm heeeeeere!

  15. okay three things:

    I have a picture of you in black yop and leggings ) opaque tights) but no skirt or anything and you know that look ain't flattering - then realised you mean LEggings as in tight fit but not at ALL see through and thought silly moo ( me) she (you) probably has fantastic legs,

    second - on my blog is a link I thinkit is way over ont he right and at the bottom to Natalie Hamade ( I think I call her Nat) - check it out and tell me what you think..


    love the dimmed puddles but have where is the Indulge?? or is Gina the only good girl this week???


  16. I couldn't find the link on my own blog

    I need serious help...


  17. You're right, it was epic, Thanks for sharing.