Sunday, 8 May 2011


...but apparently that's the case, it seems to have gone in the blink of an eye - and yet I'm sure we've done things - ah well there was the car washing and car hoovering and ironing, the jaunt to my sister the state of my nieces room - the no nails that don't stick things to the wall grrr - the rugby that was peculiar with it's token 'scrum', the Ugly Truth (film) and the last Pirates Film 'At World's End'. 

Then was the fencing man who came to visit (to talk wooden fence - not to have a fight with swords) and the scrap man who took the old radiator away rather than someone who enjoys scrapbooking.  He didn't however want the reinforced concrete lintel - despite us trying to convince him there was metal rods in it grrrr! 

There was the half hearted attempt at tidying under the stairs and their was the trouser repairs, then there was my nieces coat repair and the sewing machine left out in the hope that something will grab me and make me want to do some more sewing.  Obviously there was blog hopping and a jaunt to town for a trip to the bank and a trip to the post office to send Lou's circle journal on it's merry way and in amongst this there was also some scrapping, a little art journaling and some card making to boot!  So coming to think of it - that blink of an eye took a little longer than I thought! 

A 12 x 12 layout to have a look at

Up close stitching and brads
Together with stickers that co-ordinated and I hadn't even realised!
then butterflies off another sheet!
Hope you've all had a great weekend - off to work tomorrow - for a rest!!!!


  1. Pretty LO - isn't it lovely when you find things 'go' without even realising.

    It sounds like you managed quite a lot even though the time flew by...enjoy your 'rest' LOL

    Toni xx

  2. Phew! You'll have to go back to work for a rest!

    Great LO, groovy colours baby.

    Hope you have a great week (well ok, it's work so maybe a great week is pushing it. Shall we agree on a 'good' week?)


  3. ps could you send me your snail mail address please, missus?!

    My email is


  4. Great LO Virginia, fab colours and the stitching detail really shows up well on the photo. :-) xx

  5. You sound like you need to get back to work for a rest. Blimey woman!

  6. Great layout. Love the colours.

  7. Your post made me laugh Virginia. We don't realise how much we actually cram into our days do we? Hope work provides the rest you need! I love your pretty layout. pen x

  8. Wow - a pretty hectic weekend there - but you do sound nicely relaxed. :)
    I love the LO - great photo of you and well done with all the colour matching.
    Have a good week.
    Hugs xx

  9. Beautiful LO,go back to work for a rest haha, the colour matching is great btw.
    Hugs June

  10. I love the LO the details are fab. Have fun back at work

  11. I love your butterfly page. Lovely to hear from you, I missed you at the weekend. Was fab though. Hope to see you again sometime this year. Anne E x