Thursday, 5 May 2011


Good morning one and all - I hope I find you well - it's Thursday morning - "so what" you may all be crying - and my work place is used as a Polling Station - yep I can hear it now - "so?"  - so it means we can't go into work today and despite the odd bit of begging and pleading I've decided - wait for it - to have a day off - yes you heard right - then added to that I've decided to take tomorrow off as well - well I've got 128 hours to get rid of - yes this is what I'm 'in credit' by at work - so you can tell why mentally I'm doing a happy dance can't you?

So what am I going to do as a lady of leisure today?  Well off to Post Office to collect a parcel (which I'm hoping fingers crossed will be a circle journal that's on it's way to me) and then maybe a jaunt to Hobbycraft and then maybe a wander around Meadowhall, perhaps a tootle to a craft shop?  Wander around a garden centre - are you getting the feeling that I'm going to be doing a bit of retail therapy?  Yes I think I may well do just that it's good for the soul!

Talking of good for the soul - crafting (my eternal saviour in keeping my head together) - more pages to share - this one for Darcy's 52 words and if you've not joined in yet - why not - it's been a blast! This page is called 'Fooled' and shows 'art' that I didn't 'get' you know the stuff where you just can't work it out - now don't get me wrong I believe all art is good and that for someone this stuff would have blown their mind - but for me - it looked like someone had had a bathbomb fight in Lush and 10 attempts to put a shelf up on the wall - it just didn't float my boat and as it was in the long gallery so it had taken quite some time to trudge over there and find - so we were a little disappointed - however on the plus side we had a great walk!

Now onto one of my favourite layouts from this challenge - the word was 'today' and on that particular day we'd been to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and seen some amazing Sculptures - so this is the page I did - I love the summery feel to it - think it's the colour choice that I like!  I did the journaling on the head on the right hands side of the page - can you see it! 

Then onto a challenge that was set on Scrapology for their April sketch (I think I'm too late to join in the challenge but I did enjoy it so thought I'd share here regardless) I think it was the bunting that got me hooked and the one used on my page is a pale green and pink Union Jack and if you want to use it yourself head over to UK Scrapper - it's in their digi section and was a PDF download, I just printed it onto cardstock and cut it out - backing it onto green card (to match of course) and then using it on a layout!  Don't you love a freebie and when it's as gorgeous as this - honestly you could have a field day!  If you can't find it holler and I'll point you in the right direction.

I'm sure you are going to want a close up on this one buttons sewed onto cardstock and used as embellishments and cross stitch around the edge in little crosses
 and then the title - using various different alphabets I've had forever and then drawn around not neatly (on purpose) with a co-ordinating blue pen!

 Then a couple of layouts from my A5 journal - ooh aren't you lot being treated at the moment! 

Planning on doing some more crafting later as I didn't get chance last night or the night before and I'm now behind on Darcy's challenge (I've got three words to go at) and I've found some more sketches to have a go at as well - bliss!

In answer to a couple of recent questions - Susie wanted to know where I find my images - in all honesty Susie I find them from all over - the 'Deceit' page (the one with the gagged woman being faced with a pavlova)  was actually a Sunday Times image from an age ago - I remember cutting it out thinking - I'm never going to be able to use her but it's such a good image - the Sunday Times magazines often give some great images to use, other than that we have a great magazine stall in the local market and he charges between £1 and £1.50 for magazines and there I can buy some crazy magazines that I wouldn't normally buy!  More recently as I've been documenting where we've visited I've been using the promotional leaflets they give you - which is fantastic because it doesn't cost a single penny - hurray! 

Joanna has some mighty fine eyesight because she spotted the journalling on the A5 page last time with the words

"if I had my life to live over again, next time I'd find you sooner so I could love you longer"

These were the words inside my Valentines card this year and they stopped me in my tracks - they make a lot of sense when it comes to hubby and me and I didn't want them to get lost in the passage of time so my art journal seemed like the ideal place to put them! 

Toni commented that she'd probably have thrown away a mistake (refering to the Deceit) page in temper and in times gone by Toni I'd have been with you - but I actually find it quite therapeutic to keep working on a page to get it right even if it means practically re-doing the page - the hardest part was toning in the flesh tones to try and make them not stand out but it was certainly a challenge - I've actually discovered that I'm quite good at picking colours out - it's something I've known vaguely in the past - you know the thing - when you buy a duvet set for the bedroom and then you spot something to go in the same room but you're not sure whether it's the same colour - I can tell if it is - or if it isn't!  
Finally and if you've got to here - give yourself a clap and a pat on the back and reward yourself with a steaming mug of tea - but not before you leave a comment LOL!
  • listening - Burning in the Skies - Linkin Park
  • eating - actually eaten the usual morello cherry and blueberry porridge with banana
  • drinking - it's empty - sod - was drinking tea it was nice hence it being empty
  • wearing -green floaty top and leggings
  • feeling - excited - retail therapy here I come
  • weather - grey and overcast but it's brightening up a little
  • wanting - to relax and enjoy a couple of easier days
  • needing - some plastics for my 12 x 12 album - I'm running out and a flame thrower for our front garden which I hate with a passion!
  • thinking - I've had a good week
  • enjoying - listening to music 
  • wondering - whether little things sent in the post are going to reach their destinations? 
Say hi if you get here - it's always lovely to know whose visited!


  1. Worked my way through this post between trips to the kitchen for coffee and toast LOL

    Weather very dull here too.

    I'm loving seeing your word pages as the colours are fab.

    Enjoy your break...I'm not one of the lucky ones so I'll be heading off to work shortly - think I've been spoilt by two short weeks because this week is feeling too long already.

    Toni :o)

  2. Hey Virginia, your not too late, I can add your stunning layout up till midnight today. Thanks for taking part and hope you have fun with your extra time off work.

  3. great work there, like the use of the buttons on the layout. Enjoy your time off :)

  4. Hi Virginia and happy Thursday to you. I loved this post. You sound very bouyant and I'm so pleased you've given yourself the day off to enjoy. I hope we get to hear about your purchases! Your Fooled page is fantastic - I love how textured it looks. You are right about you and colour - its one of the things I've always noticed about your work. The detail on your Quiet page is really lovely too - I particularly like your deliberately untidy edging! I started my art journal in earnest last night but its only in the beginning stages. Will post it when its done. Yesterday, I was expecting a Bad Post day ... you know, the one where all envelopes have windows and instead, a Purple Thing of Beauty descended onto my doormat! I can't thank you enough V. I love your Mail Art and I was very touched by your words of encouragement. Its a treasure and, so are you! Big Love, Big Thanks, pen x

  5. Wow! What a fabulous post and even more fabulous art work. Thanks for the answer to my question re images (off to retrieve Sunday Times mag from recycling bin - lol!).
    Now I can answer your question.....thank you sooo much for my lovely mail art - it really brightened my day yesterday and will be shown in all its' glory tomorrow as it truly rocked my world.
    Big hugs and sparkles for your day of retail therapy. xx
    p.s. well done you for taking some time off -enjoy!!

  6. Hi Virginia
    Hope you have a lovely couple of days off - you have certainly earned them. Loved the quote from the valentine card - what a gorgeous sentiment.
    Best wishes

  7. lol. That was a long post. Hope you enjoy your day shopping and get some bargains.

  8. Wow! Virginia, what an amazing post! And I just love your layout you have entered this month at Scrapology. The bunting is gorgeous and so unusual in that colour, works perfectly on your page. Love the hand sewing and buttons too. thank you for joining in again this month.
    Warmest wishes Anita.xx

  9. Well what a wonderful post, Virginia! I do hope you enjoyed your day off today, especially knowing that you're off tomorrow as well! Love your Darcy 52, your journal pages, and your layout. You are really churning them out at the moment, aren't you?! Keep 'em coming cos I love 'em!

    Thank you so much for my gorgeous Mail Art with beautiful art card inside which arrived yesterday, safe and sound. I have examined it closely, and will be re-examining it closely, many times, to try and learn how to do something like this (although not exactly like this cos your style is so 'you' and I wouldn't want to be a copy-cat).

    See you tomorrow when we Rock our fridays.


  10. Hi Virginia,

    Not too late!

    Lovely layout and who doesn't like a freebie??

    Thanks for joining in again this month.


  11. Wow. you had a busy weekend and you still had time to turn out a great Lay out. You certainly lucked out with the freebie, I am sure you will make something fab with it and I can not wait to see what you do with the T Shirts.

  12. Hi! Love your blog and creative pages. Love your posts. I feel like I am there with you. I get so ingrossed with what your saying, and drifting off into my procrastinating thoughts. Brilliant I can't fault it. Thanks for sharing