Wednesday, 25 May 2011


The statement "if it's not broken don't fix it comes to mind" blogger seems to have had more issues for me in the last couple of weeks than ever before.  Last night being no different and I assumed it was something I'd done wrong, after lots and lots of growling at the screen we went and tracked down bloggers apology indicating they were suffering problems yet again!  Let's hope now they've fixed it they leave it alone! 

Anyway the intention was to photograph my desk and chat about what I've been doing etc, but if I'm honest I was up at quarter to 7 and on my glider - half an hour on that and time to wash, get dressed etc, eat breakfast, catch up with the 101 blog posts that I'd missed (and I really did miss them) and then well then it was 8.28am and I haven't had time - so I thought I'd just say - hello - big wave to you all - hope Wednesday morning is greeting you in a positive and upbeat way! 

A little craft sharing me thinks! I cut the paper out an age ago - it's the one from the Once Upon a time stack and I literally cut the scroll shape out and attached it to another sheet, now you might not appreciate it here but it looks great close up in real life.  I used a journal page out of a book (using old stash) but the flower in the bottom left corner didn't do it for me so I stamped a Celtic knot and covered it with that!

The photo is of my son and niece when we were at the Yurt last year, a huge tree had been cut down and the base of it had been carved into quite a relaxing seat!   The title is from a DCWV stack that I've had forever, it was one of those that came with lots of extras in the stack including a couple of pages of velum with statements on them, I've been in 'using up' mode recently with these.
Knot up close
And a bit of art journaling this one done after the visit to Castle Howard and shows the central dome image that has now been restored (it was decimated in a fire back in the 1940's)
So there you go - how's your Wednesday and is blogger playing ball now?


  1. Blogger still not fully functioning for me (had to sign in just using name & URL to be able to leave this comment as it is not recognising my google account).

    Love that LO the colours are beautiful.

    Toni xx

  2. What a gorgeous scrapbook page, lovely photo and your journal page is stunning. xx

  3. Fabulous L/O love the papers very effective. Great journal pages. Lynne xx

  4. You have a Yurt?? Cool! Love the journal page :D XXX

  5. Virginia I so love your journal pages - how about a tutorial on how you blend your photos into your pages so well? I really admire how you do it!