Wednesday, 13 April 2011


I'm unsure of how I managed to be here this week but I am - so the question is 
what's on my workstation today?
I'd probably define it as my creative space - but you might be tempted with the words 'a mess'
Well top left we have the puddles page for Darcy's 52 words - see button on the right to find out more - its' not finished but it's getting there, technically I wouldn't profess to be an artist or a painter I do all my painting on my art journaling books with my fingers and sometimes has to revisit what I've done to get me to like it.
Then top right is my other journal which is A5 in size when closed up a half done page from our visit to YSP earlier in the week 

Middle centre is a stack of cards which I've been working on - I'm not a card maker but like using scraps up - so this is me sorting out the oranges and yellows in my scraps pile - just finishing off some scanning of my images I've created to finish them off - will probably not put a sentiment on there until I know what I'm using them for!  Excuse stig cup top right of picture - cup from last night 
and huggies on top left - my art journaling wet wipes!
and then finally this guy!  Please tell me you love him - I think he's gorgeous he got donated to one our charity shops through work- is made predominantly of wood and has quite poor posture to say the least!  His legs come off his body and his arms move, their is a void inside but I can't tell if he was a musical box or something in the past?  Why you may ask have I bought him - to alter him of course - I can't cope with twee flowers - so any suggestions of what to do with him? 
And don't tell me to pop him in the bin - I just couldn't he's awesome!


  1. I had such a giggle thinking of what you could do to the little fellow. But not nice ... so I will keep my thoughts on this side of cyberspace. I do hope you post a pic of him after your creative administrations.

  2. You've got a lot on the go as usual, Virginia. I'm lovin' those journal pages, absolutely LOVIN' them!

    I hope you're ok.


  3. What a desk - full of lots and lots!!

  4. Wow! Great artwork and I just love your little old man (I mean the wooden one on your desk not Craig - he's not old!). Will try and think of something to do with him (apart from put him in the bin).
    Hugs xx

  5. You have a wonderfully creative crafty space.
    A x

  6. Hi, a very creative space today! Awesome? a little odd perhaps :0)xx Loving the journal, I haven't been brave enough to try one yet. HAve a good day. Rach xxx

  7. Wow! So much going on here. love it Shaz #105

  8. What a busy desk you have today. Hugs Pam x

  9. Interesting creative mess you have there. Your wooden man in interesting too. Definitely don't get rid of him. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #78

  10. Oh my, I love your wee mannie, no don't throw him away!! You could rub him down and then pile a few mini chippie books on his back, as he seems to be ideal leaning as though a heavy weight were there... I am sure you will make something gorgeous, like the art journal pages which are stunning!!
    Oh and yes, we have gravy all the time... its an English thing... meat, potatoes, gravy... LOL

  11. Love the art journal pages, shaz #105

  12. I had to enlarge the image to see what that was on your desk...very funny little! Gorgeous journal pages!

    Happy be-lated WOYWW!

    I have some yummy candy on my blog if you'd like to check it out! :D

    My Blog Candy!

    xx Tracey xx

  13. Gorgeous journal pages as per Virginia - I'm a finger painter too and have also started just wiping my pallette (posh word for foam pizza base) across the insides of my sketch book when I've finished whatever I'm doing... so as not to waste paint *g*

    Love your little fellas wispy beard.

  14. Hi Virginia hope you and family are well? Ive not been able to look at your blog for absolutely ages cos everytime I tried to look I just got blank pages - don't know if this has anything to do with you mentioning probs with Mr Linky? The head sculptures are amazing so much I will be dragging Chris to see this weekend. Your journaling pages are gorgeous I like the idea of prompts as I get stuck after doing backgrounds so going straight to investigate Darcy as I've not heard of her before xxx