Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Good morning bloggers and here we are again at Wednesday - where does the time go!  
Without further ado - fanfare please - this is the sorry state of my desk this morning
The current look is 'precarious' (as in the balancing of items LOL)!

We've got the 12 x 12 layout top right that I've wanted to drop kick all week, added a few more bits to it last night and may allow it to stay - if it promises to sod off into an album pronto because it definitely is not one of my best.

Bottom left is a secret - I could tell you but then I'd have to .... LOL - so not mentioning that - let's just say good ideas that flow often mean lots and lots and lots and lots of work without me realising it and I can't do small and sweet - nope mine have to be supersized - I'll explain in a later post!!!

Top left is another layout for Darcy's 52 words (see button on right, click to find out more or even to follow along) - the word for that particular layout is follow - I am catching up honest - I've so enjoyed the freedom of this challenge the one word means you can run with that and make it your own, or take the dictionary definition (which Darcy provides) or failing that you can look at the questions she puts to you about it and think and write on those!  

Right trying not to make this a super long post this morning so I can get around some desks, I never manage all of them because there are so very many! Hope you have a good WOYWW!


  1. Great desk today with loads to see!

  2. Busy and creative looking desk there Virginia.
    Hugs xx

  3. Your desk gives a lot to do. Wishing you a happy and creative wednesday.

  4. I'm just jealous of everyone's space, I work at my day job desk and put it all away after!

  5. Lots of lovely things going on today...
    Thanks for sharing your space today. Have a fab week...
    Sarah (sasa at 2)

  6. Super Size is BEST and the "Darcy" deal looks interesting. Will have to check it out. Happy WOYWWing Virginia!

  7. hehehe
    hi sistah.
    didn't know you did the darcy thing.
    me too.

    i like your journal pages by the way - i scrolled down a few posts...


  8. p.s.
    down with word verification!!

  9. Thanks for sharing your desk!

    Happy Wednesday ;-)

    Greets Marleen

  10. Love the colours of the pages on the top left of your photo.

    Looks like you're keeping yourself busy!


  11. Ooh, a real life working desk, I love that. I bet once you've filed that LO that whn you browse through the album some time from now, you'll like it. I do...what's not to like?! I'm not good at small and neat wither, so am looking forward to your explanation!

  12. Great desk. It is frustrating when you are crafting your heart out and it just won't come together! Good luck with the layout! Thanks for sharing! Vickie #88

  13. You appear to be in good company as a few of the desks I visit are doing the Darcy thing as well and they all appear to be lovely and thought provoking pages. Annette

  14. Lots going on here, looks like a true working desk. Shame about the LO, hopefully it will come together.

    Brenda 98

  15. either that is a distorted wide angle lens shot or your table is bowing under the weight of your work....


  16. With all that delicate balancing we crafters do, do you think we should all be Jenga experts? I spy some gorgeous colours on your pages.

    Bernie x