Sunday, 10 April 2011


Let it not be said that when I have a blissful, soulful, beautiful, inspirational and amazing day that I do not acknowledge it!  Today has been all of those things and more and for that I am truly grateful and yes I know I should wait for Friday but sometimes when you're World is Rocking on Sunday it's worth shouting from the roof tops!  

Now that would make you think all is well again and life has returned to normal (do not be fooled on that front), I worked yesterday til three then home and worked some more - heading up to 50 hours again this week so things are as crazy as ever, but today was officially a day off.  Now in all honesty I'd have hibernated - why you ask on a beautiful blue skies day why would I do that?  Because I'm having a bout of the most dreadful acne - honestly it is horrendous and no before you ask I'm not a teenager far from it - I've always had problem skin and suffered with acne as a teenager but to be hit by it as you head up to the age of 39 is just downright rotten - so I feel I look dreadful and that everyone is looking at me and therefore I'd prefer to hibernate - but hubby said to stop being so daft, put some slap on (my terminology for make up application because that's about what I manage to do with it if I'm honest - but it's about as good as it gets) and let's head out there and do something

So I agreed and we headed out quite late this morning (because I had a lie in - honestly don't normally manage one of those either) and we went to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to see the new exhibition - it is completely and utterly amazing and I loved every minute of it - enjoying the blue skies and the time with my family, walking and fresh air - it's good for the soul and it's left me wanting to create something when I got home - so watch this space!   For those of you who don't know it the Yorkshire Sculpture Park is 500 acres of historic parklands with five galleries with sculpture and artwork to be found all over.  It's doesn't cost anything other than your car parking fee £4 to go for the day (although we managed

This is the first sculpture we saw over the fence as we headed in - how utterly amazing is that!

Another shot - these heads are on top of the long gallery and just melt your brain because they look like they've been photoshopped - they haven't they are three dimensional sculptures.
Then we saw this inside the main building - the hanging sculptures - and yes that is me and little man bottom left of the photo - I loved some of the sayings on them!
A close up of my favourite saying it says
"The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom"
 Then we walked through the main area up to the Long Gallery - which was strange today, then up to the basket and back through the Henry Moore part of the park and into the skyspace which we've never managed to find before (don't ask me how we missed it).  Basically this is a converted brick built deer shed for you to spend time admiring the sky - sound strange - well it was but utterly mesmerising at the same time.  

This is what you get to see when you are sat inside - a constantly changing canvas known as the sky - with the whispy clouds dashing across the canvas - it was beautiful - it's supposed to be a quiet and contemplative space however, most of the children discovered that the place echoed really well - so it wasn't that quiet but rather gorgeous though

And then little man got this photo of me and hubby in there
and in turn I got a photo of my two gorgeous men outside at the last sculpture we came across
So like I said a beautiful and peaceful day for us all 
and not wanting to leave you without some crafting - here is the word Build from Darcy's 52 words which I really enjoyed
and the word encourage! 
Just on with deceipt at the moment (altered it from deception - why because I didn't read it properly).
I hope you've all had a beautiful and blessed Sunday.


  1. Those sculptures look amazing! Glad you went out to enjoy the weather.

    I have a 12yr old who isnt keen on trying new food, especially when it looks "weird", or unappertising (he thinks bolognaise looks ucky), he'll pull a face before it even passes his I have a deal with him, if he eats it all but doesnt like it'll I'll try re-working it next time, if he eats everything I put infront of him through out the day he earns a third of his pocket money. Doesnt always work but its a definate improvement. I also find getting him to cook the stuff helps a lot.

  2. That sculpture definately looks photo shopped - it is amazing! I love the people - I bet they make great shadows in the sunlight too. Glad you had a lovely day

  3. Looks like a fab place to go with a camera. I know your pain with acne, it suffered till I went into early menopause and now it's all stopped and I am such a happy bunny. So there is an end to it, chin up!

  4. What a glorious day out (and you def. deserved one of those). The sculpture park looks amazing.
    Hugs xx

  5. Well Virginia, you've made me homesick...looking at those piccies of the Sculpture Park, they all look wonderful with the blue skies :)
    I'm enjoying your 52 words pages - thought about joining but time pressures and reasons like carting my art stuff between houses made my mind up.
    Keep 'putting on the slap' it helps me :) x x x

  6. great work, fab sculptures, yes they do look photoshopped :)

  7. Lovely to hear that you've had such a lovely day V. The sculptures are amazing. I really want to go there now you've previewed whats on offer so thankyou. Hope your week continues to rock. Pen x

  8. Glad you had a very enjoyable day and that the acne didn't keep you housebound. It's nice to be able to go out and enjoy the day rather than waste away at home. I should know, I do the latter far too much! LOL Love all those sculptures!

  9. Looks like you had a fab day, great photos & fab journal pages.

  10. Those are wonderful photos of a great day out. Love the journal pages.

  11. That first one looks as though they are floating. What an amazing place to have and explore.

    Love your pages... may join you yet!