Friday, 22 April 2011


So I'm going to attempt to prepare this to see if it will post when I need it to - there is logic to my madness - honestly!  So I'm preparing this before venturing off for a few days with my family

I can't tell what I'll be grateful for in advance - so for now I'm going to schedule it and see how I get on - I'm going to guess at my gratefuls - let's see how close I get

Time away from work to chill
Swimming (if we manage to use the pool)
Tennis (if we manage to use the courts)
Laughter (if we manage to have a giggle)
Art journaling (if I remember to take some paints)
Books (if we get around to reading) 
Blue skies (if the weatherman is kind)
Good company (will manage this regardless)
Treasure hunts (we've bought two so should be fun)
Not stressing about dieting (will definitely manage this one - I can almost guarantee it)
Time with my man (and we so need it)
Wedding anniversary (it's Monday and I've not planned anything - blinking useless I am I tell you - it will be 13 years ago since we tied the knot)
More time to think - this bit I'm really looking forward to being grateful for!  Hope I'll pick up comments as I go on Friday so you can all visit each other!  

Hope you've all have a beautiful and blessed week - catch up with you when I'm back!

Leave you with some journaling out of my A5 journal from the last time we toddled off 
The first one documenting an awesome time at Scarborough!  can you see the Diving Belle
and then another one following our trip to Scarborough, hoping to fill this journal up a little more whilst we're in York!


  1. Hope you managed all those activities Virginia and are well rested from your break. :D

  2. I hope all your gratefuls came to pass and that you've enjoyed your week away.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. my gratefuls are on my blog. :)

  3. Happy Anniversary Virginia :D Hope you are having an amazing time!

    Love your journal pages as usual, am so envious of how you manage to get the pictures to blend in with your background like they just emerge.

    I'm here:

  4. Hi Virginia, I hope you have a wonderful time away with your 2 lovelies. Wishing you and your man a very happy Wedding Anniversary for Monday - allow yourself a break from the diet that day.

    Sweet list which I hope you are able to tick off as 'done'.

    Lovin' those pages, hope you get to do more!

    My list is here


  5. hi. i may not this week, as it's a bit late, but I would like to do this too, if you are down with that.
    i dig reading the whole rocking my world posts.