Friday, 8 April 2011


Good Morning Rockers and Rockettes - this week has been immensely long - but we can still dig deep and find some gratefuls for 
So first up is hubby for helping me on the blog layout that you see before you, he's still not happy with the backgrounds fully and has taken further photos of said art work to see if he can improve on it but overall I'm really pleased with it.  He's also Rocked My World all week in more ways than one (now take your gutter out of your mind LMAO) he listened when I whinged about sabotaging my healthy eating with cakes and pizza and curry (yes this is a literal sabotage rather than one invented in my head), his idea to plan ahead one day at a time (yesterday went pear shaped we saw a simnel bar at Asda and wanted to know what it tasted like), but in the grand scheme of things that was no where near as bad as some of the other stuff I've eaten.  He has listened to the highs and lows of my life and listened to my current workload at work and attempted to keep me focused and yes before you ask I do know how blessed I am - not sure how many other women walked through the door on Monday after the worlds worst day to find hubby three quarters of the way down the ironing pile - I kid you not!  So big hurray for my rock Craig this week!

Second on the list has to be Darcy's 52 word challenge - when I've got home at night and there has been little left of me mentally (you know the dazed and confused blank look) I've found utter solace in playing with paints and thinking and rummaging for images and thinking and stamping and thinking and well you get the idea - sheer and utter bliss - I've got some more layouts to share but not photographed them yet but promise I'll try and put a post on over the weekend!

Then there's the fact that spring appears to have arrived - I'm not shouting it from the roof tops but there is something amazing about getting up to blue skies and sunshine in a morning irrelevant of how cold it is outside!  So last weekend we went and bought some herbs and some cultivated British bluebells as demanded by said 10 year old and we sorted the border out that I can see from the kitchen window, bit of weed suppressant fabric topped with some green slate and it looks good!  Plus we got fresh air from gardening so that was a bonus! 

The people at work who are listening but not judging, assisting but not cajoling, firefighting (not literally) and dealing with things diplomatically on my behalf - they don't read my blog (well most of them don't) so they won't know I've mentioned them but they really have kept me just about with my head above water!

The Doctor for listening to me (first and foremost) telling me the facts (straight talking) and then saying that we will work at things together to try and resolve my current round of ailments and irritations - nothing serious just constant so now on long term antibiotics to see if that helps! 

Well I think that's it - which means I can't have had the best of weeks - sorry peeps - promise to try and sort something more positive for next week - but that's Rocking Your World - some weeks we have loads to be grateful for other weeks the week has been tough and we need to dig a bit deeper!

Crafting wise I thought I'd share this one finally scrapped the gingerbread castle from 2009, I like how busy the layout is and I used non-Christmas related papers just tied the colours in!

 Detailed shot on the ribbon and the edge of the paper - handcut using decorative scissors!  And finally got to use my Paper Artsy castle stamp - first time (had it like well forever!!!!!!)
Art journallers amongst you this one I did following a trip to Whitby Abbey using some new - wait for it because I can get very excited Celtic knotwork stamps I found in Whitby - honestly I didn't know such things existed - and yes I bought them and yes I love them - one is a running border which is the same as - well go on guess - no - no idea - my wedding ring!  Unfortunately doesn't have hubbies Celtic ring design on it but I was still pleased - didn't even realise at first! 

 So there we have it Rockers and Rockettes - done for another week - if you're joining in try Mr Linky (but he has been going a bit weird the last few weeks - so leave a message too in case we can't see the linky) 


  1. Ouch! That sounds like a really hard week Virginia - sending you lots of hugs and sparkles.
    You still found gratefuls, so well done! WTG Craig! He's a treasure of a husband. :)
    Loving the art work - (I did some fancy stitching/beading one afternoon this week - very therapeutic)- not quite mindless activity but helpful and healing.
    Have a great weekend and don't worry about "healthy" eating - sometimes you just need comfort food.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. when Craig finishes the other quarter of the ironing could he come and do mine pls? lol

  2. Hun, how on earth did you teach your OH to do the ironing for you? Glad your getting support from both him & people at work xx

    That gingerbread castle is REALLY cool, any chance of a tut or tips on how to make one in the future, maybe which gingerbread recipe you used? I made little houses one year but the gingerbread was kinda soft & they fell apart while the kids decorated them, lol.

    I made a new years resolution that I would try & keep up & scrap the newest photos, then work backwards-in-time as it were with the older photos. Not quite upto date but almost :)

  3. Beautiful page, love the art journal

  4. I've posted my gratefuls:
    Hugs xx

  5. Wow what a love your man is x Mine wouldnt be found doing that job but does do the bathroom another stinker of a job! Loving your art work and wow what can I say - your rollercoaster seems to have been super sized compared to mine I do so hope it settles for you - I agree about blue sky and the sun - thats one of my gratefuls too this week. huge hugs will be back later to visit everyone x Janet

  6. Oh I do hope you have a betterweek this week Virginia but the gems you managed to find are marvellous!

    Good for Craig, how fabulous is he? Love the celtic stamps bet your squeals could be heard from here... actually, I did here a strange noise one day... :)

    Will do my list tonight. Got to head off to nursery play day in a mo then take Devvie shopping straight after school and get my Ally Pally train ticket! Yay! But will do it tonight!

  7. Hooray for Brilliant Craig! Love your list today, Virginia. It impresses me you manage to come up with so many gratefuls when you've had a bit of a difficult week. Well done you! You know how much a adore your journal pages and I don't use this expression lightly (or indeed, ever) but they are AWESOME! I hope the antibiotics sort out your problems.

    Wishing you and your family a lovely weekend,


  8. Awww he's a keeper that one. so so glad you are loving the prompt pages, look forward to seeing more. I just blogged my disasterous one for this week.

    I have a ton of celtic stamps if you want some images stamping up.x

  9. I await your 52 page spreads with bated breath, I will also send you some REAL instructions for celtic Knots from my Ashley Book of Knots - except I shall forget so you will have to nag me relentlessly - on my blog there is a link to my website and on there is a contact page - email me if you want the knots, ignore me if you don't,


  10. I'm heeeere

  11. I am grateful I made it thru this horrible week! OMG so glad it's Sat! Lovely LO's and stunned at your Gingerbread castle = WOW

  12. So good to hear that you found lots of things to be grateful for and positive about throughout this awful week. Hope this one is much better for you. *hugs*