Friday, 29 April 2011


Well can't we tell we're back at work - hardly any chance to blop this week - boo hiss!  
However, it is Friday and therefore it is time for 
I'm going to use some of the beautiful things that happened last week for this - hope you don't mind too much!

Firstly is my hubby - on our wedding anniversary he provided me with the following (remember I didn't have time to do anything, no present, no card nothing, how utterly useless am I - my excuse is work related but you know that).  So what did I get
well first I got this which is a piece of citrine, one of the stones you can use to celebrate your 13th Wedding Anniversary
and then I got this - a piece of lace he'd managed to find when we were trawling the shops in York which is apparently a traditional way to celebrate your 13th Wedding anniversary
And finally he presented me with a silver wrapped parcel - that turned into this when I opened it 
So first thought was it's a book...
then the next thought was - it's a funky journal 

and then I opened it and went gulp....
it's a spa day for the two of us to share a rasul treatment (something about clay) followed by use of the spa facilities at Thoresby Hall - double gulp 

did I cry - nope - why not?  - too much shock - I couldn't believe it - I mean honestly I was absolutely blown over and the joy of the gift because we're sharing it - means that it's a treat for him too!  I did manage to get him a crystal when we were in York but I never imagined something like this!

So a big shout out for hubby today!
Next up has to be the beautiful blue skies weather we've had recently I mean honestly it's been amazing and it meant our week away was even better than expected due to the fabulous weather such as the day we went to Castle Howard
And the time at York Minster (more carvings from the west doorway)

together with the underneath of the screen in the Minster - how utterly gorgeous is this!
then there was this little beasty at the National Railway Museum!

Other things Rocking My World This Week!

Hot milky coffees
My half assed attempt at Weight Watching
Coming home to a tidy house from holiday was enough to make me giddy
Crafting time in the evenings (and free bunting which have really made a difference to a couple of layouts I've been playing with this week)

Right off to work (I know I know but the logics are it will be quiet because everyone will be at home and I'm hoping to be home in time to watch live footage of the wedding!)

but before I go a 12 x 12 layout that I did recently not one of my favourites but it'll do!

and my replicate page with regards to Darcy's 52 words - I really enjoyed doing this page - such good fun! 
And finally Mr Linky - I'm hoping you can see your links this week - if you can see numbers and no links hover next to the numbers and you should see them appear as if by Harry Potter magic - don't forget to leave a comment so I can head over and see what's Rocking Your World this week!


  1. Such a thoughtful hubby! Definitely a keeper. LOL Love those sculptures too - amazing!

  2. Oh yes, I'd hang on to that hubby of yours - what thoughtful and imaginative gifts. WTG Mr. Celtic House!
    Beautiful photos from your week away and I just love that "replicate" page.
    Sounds like a good week.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. my gratefuls will be listed later.

  3. Gorgeous list again Virginia - what amazingly thoughtful gifts from hubby.

    Love seeing the Hogwarts train :P

    My list will be up later - not done it yet :)

  4. I'm in love with your husband, Virginia! Top top man (and wishing you both a Happy Anniversary for Monday).

    Superb photos of your fantastic trips out - yes, I would have stood next to the Hogwarts train for a photo too.

    'Replicate' is FAB!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend,


    I'll put my post on Mr Linky but it's here too