Friday, 1 April 2011


Good Morning Rockers and Rockettes alike and welcome to Rocking Your World Friday 
 Wow what a week it's been,  I mean seriously hard work but I'm sure I can dig deep and come up with some gratefuls somewhere 

this shouldn't take this long should it 
erm, right brain in gear are you ready, eyes down starter for ten no conferring

hubby - just for knowing me - in all honesty how he puts up with me sometimes I don't know - mentally I've been off line at home all week, when things get tough at work it's how I cope - so he gets the vacant blank look to deal with at home (and no before you ask that's not how I normally look)

said 10 year - because he has made me smile this week, he decided to have a conversation the other week about typewriters as though they were an elusive item - to which I reported to him that mine was in the loft - therefore hubby had to take a trip up there and find said item - and 10 year old was happy for about 2 minutes - I told him before he played with it that it had had it but that I kept if for sentimental reasons (my Dad bought it me for my 10th birthday) but he persevered.  Then I said to him that we'd have to ask my Mum if she ever got them in the Charity Shop that she manages.  You've guessed it she'd got two that she couldn't sell - apparently nobody wants them.  So along we went and he tried out both models making the choice and assisting his mother (yes me) in parting with £3.  But it has kept him happy, he is going through full sheets of computer paper like its going out of fashion and the sheets only contain one sentence - but they've been fun.  Think I'll include them on an art journal page somewhere - just not quite sure in what context.
Talking of said 10 year - another happy moment was yesterday - well happy is probably the wrong word, he said to me in the car coming home from school - "what's the blackbird song Mum?"
So I sit in the car trying to recall the words to Sing a Song of Sixpence (badly) and I start saying it - but he frowns at me - so I think he definitely wants me to sing it - so I warble my way through the worlds worst rendition of the song.  Get to the end of it and he says "what is it for 2 magpies Mum?"
So I go through the saying "one for sorrow two for joy etc" - and he says "so 2 is for joy?"
Then the penny drops and I say "You didn't mean the blackbird song did you you meant the magpie saying" 
to which he grins and says "yes"
We both set off laughing - "you ratbag" I said - "You had me singing a nursery rhyme in the car like it was normal, true laughter is such a gift for which I am grateful.
Full family tidy ups meaning the job takes less than an hour before the house is back into tidy mode.

Work colleagues giving me time management tools to try and keep my sanity chip in place, not guaranteed that it will work but it has certainly made me feel valued as a person.

My garden space, I moan about it because of its tiny size and the face its north facing so gets very little in the way of sun but it was lovely to spend time in it last weekend tidying it up, now all I need is a flamethrower for the front garden and I'll be happy.
Darcy's 52 week word challenge (I'm on a catch up) but it's been bliss to work through up to now - she's given the words and the a definition and then some thought provoking points to consider - click the button on the top right if you want to find out more, plus and this is the best part - the group currently taking part are simply awesome - seriously fabulous individuals, that have had me giggling, laughing and smiling all week! 

Here is the third weeks word - acknowledge and yes it is that red in real life!

For those of you who happen to wander here for scrapbooking purposes this one should give you a giggle
OK so you're thinking why are you supposed to be giggling - because in my infinite wisdom I did quite a lot of stitching on this one, go on look at it, the yellow thread was a brand new skein of embroidery thread and this layout - wait for it - used it all up - yes that is right a whole skein on one layout and yes before you ask it does weigh an absolute ton, close ups to show the threads - yes I am that mad - there are more wholes in this layout than a colander!
another close up 
So that should suffice the Rockettes, the art journallers and the scrapbookers amongst you!

Ooh hold up 

  • listening - Burning in the Skies - Linkin Park
  • eating - actually eaten the usual raspberry and blueberry porridge with banana
  • drinking - it's empty - sod - was drinking tea it was nice hence it being empty
  • wearing -black work trousers and blue wrap top
  • feeling -what will today at work bring and why oh why can the weather man not get the weather right!
  • weather -Hurrumph - drizzling despite the full line of washing wave in the air - wonder if it's blustery enough for it to dodge the raindrops?
  • wanting - to help my sister who is having the worst of worse times at work at the minute and I feel so helpless, let's just say work place bullying is downright nasty, but I'm a big believer in karma and what goes around... just hoping little sister can keep her head above water whilst we work out a way forward!
  • needing - a punchbag to get rid of my frustration
  • thinking - if it doesn't stop raining I'm going to get grumpy
  • enjoying - listening to music 
  • wondering -whether I can get the washing dried off before I leave for work in 20 minutes now I've had to bring it in?  Probably not!
Right if you got to here give yourself a pat on the back - you've survived the weekly ramblings of what's Rocking Your World Friday and you need to be congratulated on that and if you are as mad as me (and hopefully they'll be lots of you) then write a post about what's Rocking Your World this week and then come back and link so we can come and visit you too and please pretty pretty please, leave a comment and your link in there as well because Mr Linky disappears after a week and we won't know where to find you if we want to look back and visit you in the future!   


  1. I've added my link:
    As you know I was a full 24 hours this week.
    Pleased you found some gratefuls in what was obviously a trying week. Thank goodness for supportive husbands and delightful sons.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. re sis and workplace bullying - I have some seriously painful crafting tools that are at your disposal and the will to use them (I'm better in health than temper at the moment).

  2. (((BIIIIG)))hugs hun, I hope next week you find it so full of positives that you find it easy to write an essay, several pages long, for RYWF.

    I'm sure I read somewhere that the magpie verse was originally for crows so your son wasnt far out with blackbirds.

    Love the detail on the scrapbook page, did your hands ache after all that sewing? I know mine has before after doing a lot onto thick paper.

    Is your sister keeping a diary of the bullying? It'll help later on if action is taken if she does. I really hope she gets through it & the bullying stops.

  3. I have been such a bad bad bad blogger of late but am off to Rock Your Friday for first time in months! Virginia - as always - your list is F.A.B.!!!!


  4. That little chap of yours is such a character! Such fun.

    Lovely list of gratefuls - the 52 words is a fab challenge. You are coming up with such stunning work, today's pages included.
    Fun scrapbooking LO, great photo!

    Have a lovely weekend, hope the sun comes out for you:0)


    ps my link is here

  5. Some Fab stuff virginia - Loving your pages on the post above this too - I am late with my post but figured better late than not at all LOL x Huge hugs Janet

  6. Here's mine:

    Sending you and sis big big hugs. K's right - I hope she's keeping a diary.

    I'm seriuously tempted to join in 52 words - might get me journalling! Loving all your pages - that stitching is glorious!