Friday, 15 April 2011

ROCKING YOUR WORLD FRIDAY and some more Darcy's Pages

In the blink of an eye and here we are back at
I can hardly believe how ultimately quickly this week has gone - I truly mean that - blink and you'd have missed it - well you would if you were me.

It has been a hard week - year end, payroll year end, bringing two companies together and keeping my head above water has been almost (but not quite impossible) - throw in a VAT inspection and you can see how great my life has been this week - I'm supposed to do 22 hours per week in holiday time so I can spend time with my 10 year old - I've clocked up in excess of 40 hours - I've had to beg borrow and steal time from people to look after him - this is not what being a Mum was about for me and it's made me feel incredibly selfish and guilty - but if I tell you that if I didn't do what I did - almost 100 people wouldn't get paid you will maybe appreciate that the time sacrifice has been minimal - but in all honesty it has been the hardest of weeks.

I'm limping over the finish line with a week away to look forward to - so be warned next weeks Rocking Your World may be late unless I can manage to do one to be put on next Friday or do one on my phone - we'll see - just bear with me as there may be technical difficulties.

So you may think that I'm going to abandon gratefuls for a week - but you would obviously be mistaken - so digging deeper than I've ever dug before

I am grateful to be alive - it is a gift not to be taken for granted.
I am grateful that I have my health (I know I whinge about my back etc) but overall I'm still upright and still fighting - even the acne is being beaten into submission (at least at the moment) and the slap is looking about what it used to so almost back to normal!
I am grateful for my amazing family 
for my hubby Craig who has listened, provided ample hugs, done some reflexology on my feet, allowed me to craft at crazy times at night to get my brain to shut up, provided three course meals, ironed the world, entertained the 10 year old and been his all round amazing self!
For my son who still makes me smile with his absolute vigour for life - you are amazing - even when you haven't done your maths homework!
For my brother who has kept me going this week (we work together), kept saying "we can" when I've said "we can't", stayed late (way beyond the call of duty) and been an absolute rock - I've driven us both into the ground but he's done it willingly and kept me going!
For my sister whom I absolutely adore who is going through yet further difficulties in her life - if you're the praying type please keep her in your prayers because she could do with every single one of them, if you're not and believe in positive good karma - then send some of that her way because she could do with everything you could possibly give her at the minute.
To my Mum who is very stressed out at the minute - Mummy stop crying - things are going to be fine!  She takes the stresses of the family on her own shoulders when she really shouldn't!
To my niece who learned yesterday that she has a new half-sister is off to visit her today - you're going to be an amazing big sister! 

To my lovely Rockettes - you absolutely brighten every single Friday for me - I adore seeing your list of gratefuls and thank you for the privilege in sharing part of your life

For the fantastic Yorkshire Sculpture Park which gave me much needed mental downtime at the weekend and managed to provide some amazing sights!
For my first piece of mail art arriving at its destination and the recipient - the ultra talented and amazing human being we all know and love as Carmen actually liking it!

Now last week I was asked a few questions following up from my Rocking your World post 

Susie wanted to know if Craig fancied finishing her ironing - his answer was he's OK thanks LOL

K asked question on gingerbread - we always use the BBC Good Food gingerbread recipe 
Link for
This was the first recipe we used and we've used the same ever since - there is even a template at the bottom of the recipe for the house on the picture.  The first year we converted the house into a Church for us and then miniaturised the house for family members to do a gingerbread challenge on Christmas Day!  The key to making it is to cut the shapes of the gingerbread house out onto plastics (laminated sheets that have been laminated work just as well) cardboard is OK but absorbs the oil from the butter which means its not reusable but as long as it's clean you could use it as a template!  Cut the shapes out to begin with, cook in the oven as stated, when it comes out of the oven it will still be very very soft - at this point reposition the template and recut the shapes to give you good clean lines.  We glue the houses together with egg white and icing sugar mix as per the recipe and they set like concrete (honestly), obviously we don't assemble them into the shape until we are almost ready to use them and like I say we stick them to a cake board with this icing 'glue' and then use it to mortar the house together and then the best bit decorating with sweeties!  Hope this helps, we then the following year bought a gingerbread recipe template download (yes we are this mad) which included the castle and the clock tower, there is also a beach house, a Victorian house and many others to boot! 

Hope this info helps any more questions just shout!

And to Darcy who is sending me some stamped Celtic images - can't wait - need to go and find Doone's book of knots but she's informed me that I have to harangue her for this! 

So all in all lots of awesome people in my life 
couldn't go without leaving you with some images!  The first one is for Darcy's 52 word challenge and the word was crush - I don't tend to do 'celebrity fancying' so thought I'd go for the range of books I've been reading recently as my inspiration!  The journaling has been done on the coat sleeve and overall I was really pleased with the layout as it pushed me on the colour front!
and then another favourite - the word mileage and the journaling is around the masked clocks!  I'm really pleased with this image as well!
For those non-art journallers a layout for you showing the humour that seems to be genetic in our family - !
and close ups showing the stamped title, the free sentiment from a magazine and some of the hand written journalling
Now it's been discovered that Mr Linky doesn't like my background colour (you may have noticed that you appeared to disappear last week - you didn't you just had to put the area into 'negative' to see you) so I'm abandoning him this week until I fathom out how to sort!  So leave your link and your comments below and I shall catch you later!  Have a beautiful and blessed day and even if you feel like you have little to be grateful for - remember - you are being given the gift of a life today which in itself is awesome!



  1. Bravo! Brilliant list, especially considering the stresses and strains of your week.

    You and your family are certainly riding the surf of life with its ups and downs, aren't you? Your poor Mum:0( Don't feel so bad about asking friends/family to help out with your lovely son - it doesn't happen all the time does it, and I'm sure they and he understand.
    I do hope that work calms down now - it's got to hasn't it?!
    Great great great journal pages again, Virginia! Love them both but particularly adore Mileage, super colours.

    Enjoy your weekend,


    ps my list is here

  2. Hi V, Wow you are amazing. You're obviously struggling with work interfering in your life to such a degree and yet, you show gratitude aplenty in the face of adversity every week without fail. You can obviously be relied upon when times are difficult! Love your pages. Your crush made me think of strawberry crush! I'm still not back to rockin on my blog but I am bloggin again. After a horrible end to last year, I keep a gratitude diary every night tho - helps me to stay focused and to chase away the night-terrors I developed which have, fortunately, hopped it! So thank you for giving me the inspiration. Its helped me heal. Thanks also for your lovely words of encouragement. Hope next week is better! Pen x

  3. Love your list - it's amazing since you had to dig so very deep.
    Great art work - I totally empathise with the "crush"'ve just given me the subject for a LO challenge (something other than people!)...yay!!
    Enjoy your week away - you totally need and deserve it.
    Back later with my list.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. damn about the ironing but tell Craig I thought it was worth a try!lol

    Here is my link I will be back later to read up on everyone elses x janet

  5. Fab list Virginia - your family sound wonderful! Off to think up my list for this week!


  6. Here's my link:
    Hugs xx

  7. Awww, thank you hunny, I shall be trying that recipe out & I really appreciate all the tips.

    By working your also helping your son, showing him strong work ethic and being able to treat him to things you might not otherwise be able to afford, I'm sure your week off will make up for not seeing you so much this week, and by him being looked after by other people I'm sure hes had a far more interesting week than if he was at home in front of the tv/game console etc.

    BIG hugs hun, & heres my list :)

  8. Been "noseying" at some of your older posts, and am loving your journal pages!! Isn't it funny, I've lived in Yorkshire most of my life yet never been to the Sculpture Park!!! Can feel a day out brewing :D As for your "little friend" I think he's screaming out to be altered in the vein of "Quasemodo" :D XXX

  9. Virginia - I didn't like my mail art, I LOVED it! Am going to frame it and it's already written down as part of my Rocking Week that am typing at the moment. It really really arrived at the perfect time, I keep looking at it this week when I've been down and doing what it says *g*

    I agree with K about your working so hard. Your lovely son knows you are are doing it for him and if he doesn't now, believe me when I say that when he looks back he will wonder how on Earth you did it all and was still such a hands on Mum - I speak from experience with my own wonderful Mum.

    Will linky up in a bit - your last couple of journal pages have convinvced me to start playing along! They're gorgeous.

  10. Loving your pages, especially where you are putting the journalling!

    i have your stamped images ready, i need your addy..have you emailed it to me, cos i havent got it..

    Big karma hugs for your

  11. I'm heeeeere:

  12. You inspire me by remaining grateful even through such bad times, thanks!! Hope you can keep up the positive outlook AND the crafting! :D Love the pages.

  13. Here's my link (finally):