Saturday, 2 April 2011


Morning all it's Saturday morning and I thought I'd share a couple of crafting bits with you and celebrate my new look blog - do you like?  It took me all evening and it's still not perfect but I like - it's more me (well it should be it's my art work LOL), the last blog layout verged on twee and I don't do twee - might still adjust a few things but I'm hoping it will be easy to read - let me know if you don't think it is and I'll tweak I sometimes struggle with blogs when you go and want to read a post and then find the font or the size of the font a little testing on the eyes - so do let me know.

Anyway I'm sure you're not here to talk about font sizes and colours so thought I'd share a couple of art journal pages, this one is now one of my all time favourites, documenting the gorgeous Rotunda museum in Scarborough, added some bunting which was a hybrid download off UK Scrappers last month and add ink and paint and words and well you get the idea, this is as my style started to take a new direction and I'm so pleased with it. 

This page was done on the turn and I'm still not happy with it but sometimes you just have to accept it and leave it as it is 
On the scrapbooking front I've not done as many pages this month but enjoyed the ones I've done, one of the challenges on UK Scrappers was to use white space - not my style at all so I knew this would be a genuine challenge and it was!  
Some people would have left more white space but I couldn't, however, on the plus side I really enjoyed doing the layout particularly when I managed to add paint to it (tee hee) 
Close up on the detail 
Did a wiggly ribbon using some of that ultra sticky red tape - two strips on the back of the ribbon and then overlapped the ribbon as I went!  

So there you are a little Saturday morning crafting - didn't manage any last night (I fell asleep - don't ask) which has meant that I was very grumpy when I went to bed (due to lack of crafting) so I am planning on doing some later today however!


  1. I love the new look Virginia - no mistaking whose page this is! Font is very easy to read on my screen.

    Loving the art work - that may be a new direction but it's still evident that it's your style, I love that journal page it looks like the rotunda is floating on clouds like some magical building.

  2. Loving the new blog Virginia!
    And the art journal..
    And that LO - I'm not good at "white space" either - you done good.
    Hugs xx

  3. Wow, the new look to your blog is great, very eye-catching! Love the art journal pages and the LO too. I'm not big on white space either, but you've done well. :D

  4. I'm LOVING your new-look blog! It's just perfect for you and so instantly indentifiable as yours! I don't know how to make your own background and have always used the ones available on the internet but now I've seen yours I'm tempted to have a go........

    GREAT Rotunda museum pages, the bunting looks fab.


  5. Ha - very YOU blog look! I likey! I love your journal pages Virginia! x x x