Sunday, 3 April 2011


So it's Mothers day and we went and visited my Mum and met up with my sister at the same time - so lots of Mums together.  My Mum treated me to a pot plant - which she swore I won't be able to kill - I may be able to prove her wrong but we'll see.  Anyway it's sat on the window sill looking - well currently looking healthy - but it won't take long.  So why did my Mum buy something for me - surely the wrong way round - well because it was to celebrates Mums in general and because she no longer has a Mum to buy for.  So thank you Mum for the plant (you'll be pleased to know I went armed with gifts too - so we had a general swap, followed by a natter, some PC issues to sort, uploading photos to bonusprint and cake).  

Now back home we've had tantrums over homework (said 10 year old tantrums) which have taken the edge off things slightly and discussions about questions from school 'friends' sometimes I do wonder what kind of friends they really are when they obviously say things that are hurtful!  So the afternoon hasn't finished on quite the high note that I was hoping.  However, on the positive side I've got my pinny on and I'm painting - well not at the minute because that would mean that the computer would be looking a little - wet - but I've got two art journal pages on the go - a 12 x 12 layout that I could quite happily drop kick out of the house at the minute and some envelopes I've decided to paint (don't ask) 

To top off my day my sister has been explaining more of the issues she's got at work, I'm so cross so very very very cross.  How can someone in a senior position be so blatant in their general vileness towards her.  I mean really and truly what gives one human being the right to make someone elses life unbearable.  We're now actively cajoling my sister into keeping notes - lots and lots and lots of notes of what is happening, she's now being given impossibly tasks for which she will be ridiculed and put down in front of other staff members when she doesn't achieve them.  She doesn't want to go to work any more, she's in tears whenever she discusses the same and is feeling incredibly vulnerable - not in a good way - how can we as family members help - what can we do!  I'm so utterly frustrated about it all, I could scream!
Wow I'm sorry this Mother's day posting has turned into general miserableness - not my usual style but when life is throwing this at you all you can do is try and deal with your emotional feelings on the same and hope to come out the other side a stronger and better person for it!

I'm on with my 'mileage' layout for the 52 word challenge by Darcy - I'm thinking that this is probably a good time to do it given them things are so fraught and I'm feeling so very very very old in the whole equation (I'm an very aged 38 year old don't you know)
Right off to paint something to get happy - wish me luck - ooh and before I forget - some crafting for you - you didn't think I'd forget did you?  When I started this I thought what the hell does a showgirl, a turtle and some standing stones in common apart from the fact they were all slightly tied in by the colour purple and then it came to me - fragility!

 On a positive note - sending all my love to all the Mums out there, hope you've all been thoroughly spoilt!  I've tried to re-read this unsuccessfully several times - I'm going to post it and go and paint something - best way me things!  Hugs to you all - I'll try and get normal service to resume shortly!


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you too! I will expect a weekly update on the health of plant (your Mum seemed sure you couldn't kill it - are you sure isn't plastic?!).

    I'm so sorry to hear that your sister is having such a hard time at work. Does she have a union rep or someone like that who could help? You're right to get her to write down the bad stuff that happens. Does she have anyone at work who will verify what is happening? Honestly, I can't imagine what pleasure people like this get from causing such misery. But I am a firm believer in what goes around comes around.

    Your journal pages are, as usual, fantastic.

    Enjoy your painting, Virginia.

  2. So onteresting to hear about your 10 year old I posted about mine yesterday having had a tough time recently with hurtful words from 'friends'. I think the boys are going thr a testosterone surge or something like that!!

  3. Happy Mother's Day Virginia.
    Sorry it didn't end too well - I remember the tantrums and the bullying - DS (well, the whole family) had a dreadful summer the year he was 9.
    I'm so sorry to hear about what Mel's going through too - getting her to write things down is a good idea. Has she thought of seeing her GP? A friend's DIL went through something similar and was signed off by her Dr. Ended up seeing Occupational Dr. and had a "planned" return to work - Dr wouldn't let her go back until everything was sorted to her benefit.
    Hugs xx

  4. I'm glad you are trying to get sis to document things. That's what I got told with the troubles I had - I know it's not quite the same thing but document, document, document. If ever proof was needed she'll have days, times etc, etc.

    Your journal page is gorgeous, love that colour. HAd a giggle about the drop kicking! Ohhhh yes, been there.

    Big hugs!

  5. Sending big Sandy hugs and some encouragement to both you and Mel :) I too believe in 'you reap what you sow' I know it doesn't help Mel through this painful time but she is right to keep evidence in writing. The time will come when wicked person gets sorted ...don't know if its a man or woman and I was going to say evil person, but thought I'd better tone it down!Keep strong. x

  6. PS! Forgot to comment on the journal it! :D x x x

  7. Sorry to hear your Mother's Day ended on a sour note. *hugs* to you and hope that the painting helped!