Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Well life is fraught and hectic and mad and insane in that order, I've brought some work home to do which is a mad thought if I'm honest.  Hubby trying to cope with my completely irrational self at the moment, I make little to no sense and I'm constantly distant - in the glazed eyes - brain elsewhere kind of way.  Didn't get to see my sister yesterday - but word has it that she had had a truly awful day and wouldn't talk about it!  As suspected work place making her life completely unbearable - still - no idea if she's started documenting it yet! 

As a result of the complete craziness of the above my only mental solace is my crafting, I'm comfort eating like it's gone out of fashion - seem to have reacquainted myself with chocolate like a long lost friend.  Goodness knows the long term damage I'm going to be doing.  I am however, using a time management tool which is providing a degree of focus that I was lacking until recently so I'm hoping this will allow me to ride the crest of a wave and move me forward on things soon - very very soon!
Anyway enough driveling it probably makes no sense by now so on with some crafting.  This is probably as far removed from my normal style as you can get - why?  because it's pastel - I don't do pastel - but the challenge was to create a scrunched handmade flower thingy - so ended up with pastels and although it took me out of my normal zone I must say it's nice to have something completely different in my albums.
 And the detail the scrunched flower
and the stitched detail near the title
for the art journallers amongst you, this is using up an old page I'd already prepared
then another one - done with no style at all!
and finally my Red Nose day layout!  I wasn't sure what I was going to do with this page with the coring machine from the channel tunnel duly put on it - but was so pleased to use it for Red Nose day because it represents that although change may be slow - we can make a difference to others life.  I did the page whilst watching the red nose day programmes - crying at the real life footage and making a small donation in that hope that every little helps! 
Right off to find my rational self - she's around somewhere - if you find her can you ask her to return because I'm missing her quite a bit at the momentIf you get to here leave don't forget to say hi! 


  1. Shes probably off partying with my rational self who is most certainly a party animal as not only is she rarely seen during the day, lately shes been staying out for AGES!

  2. Hi V, Lovely pages. Its fantastic that your crafting gives you solace from all the muddle 'out there'. I wouldn't rush your rational self if I were you, I'm sure she has a strong will all of her own! Pen x

  3. Loving all the crafting - esp. your journal pages. :)
    So sorry Mel had another bad day.
    WTG hubby for supporting you - not all of them would. Respect.
    Hugs xx

  4. Must be a time of the year thing V - I have been upside down all week emotionally and taking myself off to bed and sulk which is quite unlike me - I do hope it settles down for you love in the mean time give Hubby a hug for being such a fab one and enjoy the chocolate for a day or two - savour the taste for when it disappears again when your old self returns xx Huge hugs for you and for Mel too xx Sounds horrid x Janet

  5. Sorry to hear you're having a rough time. *hugs* At least you can take solace in your crafting. :D