Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Ooh look at me little miss organised - a quick post (but with lots of pictures) of a gift I made my cousin who got married last summer!

It started out as a Papermania frame that I then disassembled (actually got hubby to disassemble - he didn't like the glint in my eye as I wielded a craft knife LOL) and turned into a book, thus creating the main gift, the colour scheme was predominantly creams and whites and ivories therefore I used lots of pastel papers and inks to really set the scheme off without being overpowering!  I then laced the book back together!

A few of the inside pages - too many to put them all on but you get the general gist

the back of the book
and then with this I also did a set of wooden boxes with little mini books inside so she could put wedding memorabilia in from the day - these are the outsides of the boxes
and these are the books inside I was pleased overall with them and sent the gift through the post apparently she was in tears when she received it because she loved it soooo much! 

So there you have it - I haven't abandoned my mini book making just not done as much as I usually do! 


  1. What beautiful gifts! No wonder your cousin cried when she received them, I would have too! :D

  2. These are gorgeous and such a thoughtful gift. I'm not surprised that she wept when she received it. How lovely. Pen x

  3. So beautiful - what a lovely reminder of what was clearly a gorgeous and happy day.


  4. I can well imagine there were tears - I know what I was like with 'just' (and I use that word loosely) my mail art and oh Gawd my Alice book - knocked me flat! Still sit and look at that with a silly grin on my face... :)

    All of it is just gorgeous Virginia - I love your lacing up. You keep on at me to start selling - you should do a wedding book service. Or at least sell your mini books - pre-made with empty squares for photos? Perfick!

  5. Fantastic Virginia and what a great memento of the day - no wonder she cried.
    Hugs xx

  6. Hiya Ginnie - thats a really lovely gift for your cousin....but a nice way to make someone cry! The boxes are gorgeous too :D x

    P.S. I miss seeing you.

  7. Beautiful work Virginia, gorgeous papers and great LOs. Great memories of a wonderful day. :-) xx