Monday, 25 April 2011


So here we are on bank holiday Monday and the question is what to do? 
Hubby fancies heading over to Brodsworth Hall and as we are English Heritage members that means no cost anyway - little one - well he just wants sausages - and as we haven't got any he's sulking in the other room getting yet another fix of TV since we got back.  Whilst we were away we banned TV - I am that mean - I don't want my holidays disappearing in the blink of an eye so I ban it when we're away so that mentally I can have complete downtime and as a family we get to share every moment together!  

Unfortunately, it means on our return that said 10 year old needs an ultra fix of TV which is what he treated himself to yesterday - which is why we're off out again today!  I can feel a family meeting coming on - I can I tell you....
Thank you to everyone who replied about my missing followers it made me grumpy initially because I did the whole - why oh why are they disappearing but that said I only have a few that actively leave messages and it's them that I'd miss if they disappeared - and be warned I know who you are so I would come and cyber stalk you!  LOL

Anyway I thought I'd post a few more things on here - my page for cosy according to Darcy's 52 words - I racked my brain for things from my childhood but the home we lived in when I was little doesn't match the word cosy - damp and occasionally mouldy but never cosy (the house was literally falling down, it was damp and cold, we lived in one main room downstairs and in winter one main room upstairs - it was wall to wall beds with my Mum and Dad, me and my brother and sister all based in one room, we had an outside toilet that was freezing and a tiny kitchen and the bathroom floor was so rotten that you could put your feet through it over by the basin - cosy is not the word I'd use) so instead I thought of present day and the one room that always feels cosy is our bedroom and no it doesn't look anything like this but it had a cosy feel to it!
then recently I've been into mail art - well into is the wrong word I've sat and admired from afar I mean - most of it isn't in the style I could do but I can certainly enjoy and sit oohing and aahing over it - as I went rummaging a few weeks ago I found the envelopes to the 8 x 8 cards I bought at Christmas, I used the cards as the base to my 'Journal your Christmas' last year and was therefore left with a ruck of 8 x 8 envelopes which are huge!  Anyway thought I'd have a play and I ended up with several which have now toddled off to their new homes, I enjoyed making the envelopes but then got completely lost with what to put inside them, - so I used a single sheet of 8 x 8 card and made them match the envelope and then I wrote a note on the back and sent them on their merry way 

 The inside had this
Then I made this one - the inside first
 and then the envelope

then this one - again the inside card first
 then the outside with a message to the postman
 do you like the chilliphant
then the envelope
 and the inside
 and the back of the envlope again
and finally one that I know has appeared on Carmen's blog the inside followed by the envelope
 this was one of my favourites
 again with a message to the postie
if you likey leave a comment - if you fancy me dropping one to you at some point in the future and I won't say when (and I can't guarantee it'll be 8 x 8 as I'm running out of those - but it'll be large because I don't do small LOL) - it'll just arrive as if by magic then you need to leave a comment so I can publish it and then another comment with your address on which I promise not to publish, I'll keep your name in reserve and when the moment takes me I'll send you a little mail art - now sssshhhhhhhh don't tell anyone it's a secret between me and my lovely band of Rocking Followers tee hee


  1. Absolutely fabulous!
    I'm in awe of your mail art - it's beautiful and fun (we all need fun don't we?).
    You sound so much more relaxed after your week away - long may it last!
    Big hugs xx
    p.s. enjoy your day out. I have sausages - should I throw them your way for said ten year old?lol

  2. Great mail art V! Love your envelopes and inserts and would be a very happy to be a recipient. Your cosy page is fabulous and your story made me think how lucky we all are now that we can offer our kids something so much different to our own experience. Yours is watching tv and mine, well, I can't prise him out from under his duvet until after midday these days! Sending my address forthwith. Enjoy your day. Pen x

  3. ALL your mail art is gorgeous but I think mine is the bestest :D I saw a great stamp set on FB today that I've put on my want list, geared towards mail art - see you are tempting me in new directions again!

    My first thought for cosy was my bed too!

    Guess what?

    I jogged today!

    I can now barely walk!

  4. Hope you all enjoyed your day whatever you got up to in the end!

    You know I love your journal pages and your Mail Art is from the same place so of course I love that too!

    Please please please put me on your list of 'if and when' Mail Art recipients.


    ps I only follow you because I'm scared of what you'll do if I go!

  5. ps if you send me your addy I might feel inspired to send some mail art right back at you!


  6. Great work on the mail art!