Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Good morning fellow WOYWWers!  Wednesday already - crazy I tell you - mind you done 22 hours work in the last 48 hours so I'm not sure which way up the world is at the moment LOL! 

So here it is in all it's glory - I did move the three cups and bowl that had made their way onto my space but apart from that this is it!  A mess - which means creativity reigns at the minute!  Loving these WOYWW as you learn others little 'ways' for instance last week Annette (Voodoo Vixen) commented that she could only have one project on the go at a time - I on the other hand have to have multiple projects as you can see!  So what's there?
 Well there's my new larger art journal that I'm on with in the bottom left corner I'm on catch up trying to join in with Darcy's brand new 52 words for 2011 and this is week 2 ahem enough said - but I am liking what I'm creating at the moment, it's not finished just currently at work in progress stage but I keep dabbling with that amongst other things
 Then there are Christmas cards top right of the desk - yes you did hear me right, there is something therapeutic about being able to make cards at my own pace, with whatever comes to hand in the middle of March - you remember the stress in the run up to Christmas - cards, decorations, events, meals outs, planning, present buying, making home made gifts and you wonder why you're doing it?  Well make your cards through the year then it's fun when it comes to writing them out to find ones you made back in January that you'd forgotten about - currently got two shoe boxes on the go with them in!
 Then my smaller art journal - work in progress - map of Scarborough and paint at the minute this one is A5 in size but I do double pages thus giving me an A4 space to work on!
 Finally when I'm too tired to stay at my table and need to snuggle up next to hubby on the sofa with a hot chocolate and a blanket (like I did last night) I take a bit of stitching with me which last night were in the form of base papers for Christmas cards
So off to visit some more desks now - before I leave you 
  • listening -to Stiltskin's Inside
  • eating -blueberry and raspberry porridge with banana - yum
  • drinking -cuppa tea
  • wearing -brown wrap town, black work trousers again
  • feeling -very very tired!
  • weather -blue skies yay!
  • wanting - to change the world (as always)
  • needing -to stick to my healthy eating plan to remind me what it is and not to comfort eat!!
  • thinking - whether I could squeeze a day off on Friday?
  • enjoying - my life generally despite being crazy mad I do love it!
  • wondering - if I should grab another cuppa before visiting other WOYWWers! 
If you do venture along to my blog today - may I say thank you for taking the time - your words help me feel connected with my life which is a little fraught verging on fragile at the moment!


  1. So well organised and creative - love your art journals :) When I saw your post come up on my blog list you reminded me about WOYWW and so now I've joined too :)

  2. I love that you have started your chistmas cards now!! Even though |I never make enough because I leave it too late I still don't start early :-P Silly me!!

  3. At last, a desk as mad as my own! I've never revealed the chaos that is my crafting table because it seemed like something to be kept hidden, my dirty little secret, as everyone else's is so neat and tidy. But now I discover I have a chaos sister, hurrah!

    At least I don't make Christmas cards all the year round though - I mean, that is strange!

    Get some sleep!


  4. Lady if you do not sleep you will become brittle not just fragile....

    Get the code for the Darcy's 52 pages off of her blog and catch up at what ever pace you like, but if you link in we can be supportive (heckle). Also Darcy never sleeps so she is good company when you do 22 out of 48 hours stuff....adn Amy is up all night (GMT) becuase she is on Louisiana Time

    I love the crucified filter ALOT and you need to go and brag to Amy because she will love it too, and when Darcy sees it she will stalk you for more Art...

  5. wooooooooand YAAAAAAAAY, you are joining in.

    * does skippy dance*


    LOVES the page too

    I'll be back to see more,more,more

    I am off to link you on my sidebar so other people can stalk...ermm come

  6. A

    You sneaky girl.

    That is one BadAss filter page.

    Well done my sistah.

  7. I needs to get me a journal... I keep meaning to do one, just never quite get around to it but I guess my life is pretty full. I think next week we should all do a sign off like yours - loving it! And loving your music choices too..........