Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Wow Wednesday already - how crazy is that - blink of an eye and it's here again, feelings like my Rocking Your World Friday post - crazy I tell you crazy! 

Anyway you're not here to listen to me drivel on about the fog or the rain, or how great little man's parents evening was last night.  You don't need to know that work is mad, the house is going to rack and ruin and I've no idea what we're having for tea what you do need to know is what is on my desk this morning so here it is in all it's glory - it's looking relatively tidy after my mass Saturday morning tidy up I was down to 2inches of space something had to give! 
It's covered in my work in progress journal page (top left) 
A few cards I'm attempting to finish (centre front) I'm not a card maker so no laughing
A 12 x 12 layout for the weekly challenge on UK Scrappers top centre) - based on white space (not good at things like this) 
Top right hand side are some prepared loose journal pages and slightly to the left of those are a stack (5 in total) mini books that I'm working on!  This was how I left the table late last night.

For those of you who popped along last week - hello to you all!  Here is the layout that I was working on last week now completed entitled Pencils.

and a bit closer 
Yes I really did drag my family to the pencil museum - it was a strange day - but on a positive it made a great layout! 
Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!


  1. The things we do for a LO - but the pencil museum sounds pretty god to me, actually! Your desk loks great - and what do you mean you aren't a cardmaker - oh yeah gal, you are! Glad about parents evening!

  2. I remember when we visited the earthworm museum in Australia- that was a great layout too! I agree you did a great job with the layout! Your journal looks interesting- a closeup next week? Patsy from

  3. Very creative and busy desk, lots of lovely projects you are working on. I love the DLO, its gorgeous :)
    Have a great WOYWW,
    Karen #73

  4. Hi ya
    lovely creative desk, luv the castle piccie, fabulous layouts, have good day, happy WOYWW, sue,x

  5. I like your pencil layout. Are those real pencils at the museum? Wow! Thanks for visiting my desk. Happy WOYWW #19

  6. what an unusual layout - I never heard of the pencil museum this WOYWW is a great education!!
    Love the layout!
    Happy WOYWW
    Rebecca (45)

  7. You did a Great job on the Pencil Layout!! and you desk looks like a FUN place to play!

  8. Love the pencil LO... sounds like a weird thing to have museum of but then I bet it was different! You appear to have a lot going on with different stuff on your desk... I have to stick to one or two at a time or nothing gets finished. Annette #5

  9. Pencil museum is new to me. Love the layout.

  10. Love the LO and I think the cards are awesome. You have a very busy desk here. Thanks for sharing! Vickie #52

  11. Wonderful LO, love the pics! Thanks for the the view and sharing, hugs Marjo#10

  12. I'm having a really busy week but am quickly dropping by to make sure all our WOYWW friends get the chance to win the last of our weekly draws before the BIG one over in our blog shop. Pop over and join in the fun. Good luck.
    A x

  13. Is that the one that the FB Derwent page keeps going on about? Ooh they made it sound quite interesting!

    Look at all that creativity on your desk! Wowzers Virginia!

  14. You've got a few things going on..on your desk there, WOW! Your layout from the pencil museum looks great - good for you and so quick to finish. I'm so far behind in scrapbooking it isn't funny. I'll leave that for another day though. Thanks for sharing you desk.

  15. Great desk and I love the layout,looks like a great place for a day out. Shaz #148

  16. Your layout is really great, but you are lucky getting to the museum. I would have been in seventh heaven as I am totally in love with pencils and crayons of all kinds from when I was a small child. I would gloat over my latest crayon purchase. Nothing changes except I have a bigger collection these days - I still love them.

  17. Great layout!

    Remember to hop over to my blog if you'd like to win some blog candy. I'm celebrating one whole year of blogging :) Di x

  18. Love your lay out, brilliant great crafty space you have Thanks for the very nice snoop!!
    (((Happy Very Late WOYWW Lyn)))