Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Yes officially Saturday was a strange one - the first strange thing was the alarm went off at 6am - grrr - hubby forgot, then my alarm went off at 6.40am - this was intended - I ignored it, then said 10 year olds went off at 7am - he slept through it - I got up, then I arrived at work at 8am - what on earth is going on with the world - it is Saturday right?

So I set to with a 29 point (although it might as well have been page) to do list - let battle commence and then spent an hour and a half trying to sort a small discrepancy relating to number one on the list - mmmmmmmmmmm not good before I knew it it was 3 o'clock, I'd been there hours, not had nearly enough cups of tea, had missed lunch completely, had had hubby head home had a ten year old wandering around looking lost on occasions - unless he was tucking into the giant chocolate bar he'd commandeered when his Dad was there.  I got home had a shower and realised it had started to go dark - the sunshine we were promised didn't arrive and the rain was with us all day.
On the plus we saw the international space station on Friday night which was awesome I'll grant you it was just like seeing a fast moving star - but we saw it we did!  

I also managed art journaling and scrapbooking although currently not happy with scrapbooking page just not enough depth of texture - I was following a sketch - you know the ones where you do the layout as per sketch and then say "is that it" so spent Saturday evening trying to recover it - asked hubby and said 10 year old to help - I got - turn it into a double page (I couldn't - only one sheet of base paper and they have to match for me), stitch on it (my excuse every single time to finish a page off) or said 10 year old's idea which was add stickers grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr enough said - anyway I can confidently say that I am now officially happy with it - thank goodness!  I'll get round to photographing it and let you see!

Sunday morning arrived and although grey and cloudy it wasn't raining so that meant car washing and ironing - I think the weekend can be put down as not particularly fun but very work orientated!  

Anyway now were on Wednesday so thought I'd share my workstation as per WOYWW - it's an age since I last did this - I always feel awful if I don't get around everyone's link but to be honest there are so many now I think I'd struggle anyway - so if you pop by - hello and I promise to try and reciprocate!  
So here it is - think it can be described as message the minute, I'm on with a double page layout, got some half done journal pages at the top right of the table, also got the Beyond Limits paraphernalia out on the table as need to make a mini book from the huge quantity of photos I've got from the day, got part of a circle journal under the envelope on the left hand side of the table, together with my 365 day calendar which I'm behind with and my little art journal in the bottom left corner - I had to make some space last night on the table as I had no room (just moved most of it to a chair - don't think you could call that tidying LOL)

Anyway so off to do my link on Julia's site, if you fancy joining in head over!


  1. You have to ask family members advice so you can ignore it I think! Use a sketch as a start - but let yourself wander off the track too! be you...

    Thanks for sharing

    Sarah (sasa at 4)

  2. this is me reciprocating, the spam was because I saw Kim's sardines ages ago - those tins are inspirational in terms of layout and colours, hope you manage to get texture into your page, it is a diappointment when you invest time and effort and feel miffed by the results...

    have a better second half to the week!


  3. I love the advice :) tho stitching always adds. Can't wait to see the LO - I have those blank moments too when you don't know what to add or do to try and make it right, sometimes just leaving it helps me and browsing on the ent...bit more inspiration and then go back. I will have to try asking the kids sometime - I'll let you know what mine say!!



  4. WOW busy weekend. Your workspace looks very busy. I like the layout you are working on. Thanks for sharing! Vickie #69

  5. You look like you have a work in progress on your desk and I hope you share it next WOYWW or the following week or the week after that...whenever! That is the beauty of pressure really unless it's a challenge.

  6. It's ok to add to sketches, they are really just a guide to get you going, I'm sure your layout will be fabulous when finished xxx

  7. Great WIP, can't wait to see the completed project! Thanks for the peek and sharing, hugs Marjo #6

  8. Sounds like a crazy weekend! Love your workspace. Looks very creative!

  9. Yeah..lesson learned, never ask them! How come you worked all day Saturday - is your profile info wrong now? Dunno how you manage to scrap in between your real life!

  10. Lots going on on your desk Virginia, as there is in your life, lol. Been ages since we caught up, why don't you join us on Wed evening for journalling, you would be very welcome if you fancy it. xx

  11. A 10 year old's answer to a creative problem is always to add stickers!! That made me laugh!

    Shame you had to work on your precious Saturday.

    Great colours on that WIP.


  12. OK... you officially tired me out with the description of the weekend, love your journal art page in your Friday post too, its lovely!! And you found time to scrap as well... good grief!! Annette #5

  13. So much energy - am worn out! Love your work. Di x

  14. Busy busy!! Lovely blog BTW ! Di x (aka nosy)

  15. Sounds like you have been so busy glad you found some time to craft ~ sorry I'm running late this week on noseing round the desks lol - Nicky no.2