Thursday, 17 March 2011


Good morning one and all, I can hardly believe it's Thursday already - I mean what's that all about - completely crazy.  I have had a strange week which is flying by, had a mass clean last night, the house was going to rack and ruin and so set too and tidied with DH and said 10 year old, it didn't take too long and now the house feels happier.  

Suffering with my shoulder, can't tell if I partially dislocated it, whether I've pulled a muscle or whether it's repetitive strain or a combination - all mighty strange so I'm struggling at the moment.  
Anyway thought I'd share a bit of crafting with you this is the layout where I was following a sketch a couple of weeks ago (I now can't find where the sketch belongs I think it was possibly even a challenge LOL) anyway I did the layout stood back and went - is that it - it felt more of a cutting and sticking project than a scrapbook one, so I set too to add my own individul elements to it 
 from the glossy accents on the title to the 007 stamped in the paper (actually the letters 'O' and 'L' stamped upside down)
 and then something that is becoming almost standard these days- yes you guessed it stitching - I'm liking tiny stitches at the minute - they look quite effective and really add to the dimensions of the layout.
The stamped circles are from a AFTH set that I've had for an absolute age and I truly adore them, if I think the layout needs 'something' these little babies can finish it off! 

Back into my art journaling with a vengeance at the moment with an emphasis on art - these were made prior to my new angle on it, the first one was when I was having a tough time so lots of writing
 this one done not long after you'll have to excuse the fingers it's the only way to keep the book open LOL
and finally another sad one - but felt better for doing it!
If you pop by - say hello - hope you're having a beautiful and blessed day I'll be back tomorrow with Rocking Your World... 


  1. OUCH! for your shoulder:0( That doesn't sound like much fun at all. But it hasn't stopped you creating some great artwork! Love the layout with your own mini-007. The stitching is very effective. As usual your journal pages blow me away - the orangey/pink one is STUNNING! Love those colours.

    I hope you feel better soon - we need more SUNSHINE! A bit of warmth would help, I'm sure.

    See you tomorrow at Rocking Friday!


  2. Love the photos and all the little extras you've added to the the art journal especially the orange/pink pages.

  3. fabulous work, like the details on the lo

  4. I feel your pain. I've woken up this week feeling like an old woman. I have a permanently numb bum (what's that all about) and my legs, lower back and shoulders positively ache. Everyone is finding it highly amusing that I can't bend or walk faster than a snail.

    Your art is as always magnificent. Is that one with the lady just one picture cut in half? What a brilliant idea if so!

  5. Love your journal pages, and I can see why you love that circle stamp so much :D

  6. Those art journal pages rock! Fabulous. Love the LO too.

  7. Sorry I am so late making it around but last week was very busy. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #162