Saturday, 26 March 2011


Yes it is Saturday, I've been at work (again) we run a group (we being the global word for I keep getting involved) taking unsellable items from one of our charity shops and turning them into something that is sellable - well that's the logics anyway but we are soooooooooooo struggling to get volunteers, we've done all sorts and today was no better the relaunch brought in only two volunteers both of whom have been before, I helped make most of the samples taking picture frames from the shop, sanding them and filling them with piccies with the help of hubby and Mum and sister etc - so whilst i was there I set too on a set of three deep canvases that had previously been painted in a browny red paint colour with a flowery design.  Hubby painted over them with white paint and then I followed with blue and purple graffitti writing and hearts and actually they looked pretty good when I'd finished - great fun - but then we still had two hours to kill so I headed for my office - yep started doing my normal stuff, now home not feeling great and mentally fried.  Having a rubbish food day (which actually means eating something to try and sort my jumbled brain) and off out tonight to a cousin's 30th birthday - no idea what i'll be wearing but it will definitely be black LOL. 
Anyway I realised after I'd posted my Rocking Your world Friday (yesterday) that I had forgotten to post any 'crafting' what am I like.

Anyway I thought I'd treat you to what I've got that's been photographed so this is scraplift from my group on UK Scrappers (I think) - I was really pleased with it once it was completed and yes that it glossy accents and yes in my infinite wisdom I thought stitching around all the little pieces of paper was a great idea LOL

so the detail as you see shows the tiny stitches I used on the layout - very effective and very time consuming
and even managed to do around the tag
then a couple of journal pages from my little journal which I'm actually starting to love - yes I did say love maybe it's because I've got a big A4 sized journal now that I can appreciate the smaller one or it might be that I'm back in my journaling groove - this is a finsihed page from when I went to AFTH last year for a journaling course and learned to do 3D balls - which have this year been completed and turned into marbles!
 and my current obsession with clocks, I discovered they made a great border - have a go - cut out clocks cut in half decorate around the page, wiggly line and write - nothing too difficult in that whilst being very therapeutic!
 So how's your Saturday crafting going?  Right off to photo some more things because my blog folder is now officially empty LOL!


  1. Gorgeous layouts there Virginia!!! I love the marbles one, beautiful colours! Enjoy your night tonight, you deserve it! xxxxxxxx

  2. Thank you for explaining your work stuff. Love the crafting - wow, all that stitching! And yes, the marbles are really cool, a very clever effect.

    Enjoy a peaceful Sunday.


  3. Happy Sunday!
    Love your art journal - the clocks idea is one I might just copy! Thanks for sharing.
    Sue xx

  4. Hi Ginny
    great pages! hope you're world is wonderful!
    x Michelle