Saturday, 12 March 2011


I started this off a few weeks ago when I saw it on someones site (can't remember whose sorry) but think it's a great way of taking a snap shot in life at that moment in time so 

LISTENING:To the news and the awful devastation in Japan - prayers out to everyone involved in this disaster
EATING: Nothing at the moment but will be the usual berry porridge and bananas shortly
DRINKING: Hot tea made my hubby - yum
WEARING: My Jasper Conran PJ's three piece set - they are just so comfy!
FEELING: Pain at the minute and lots of it in my right shoulder and right area of my back grrrr
WEATHER:  Apparently grey at the minute but not sure because we've not opened the blinds
WANTING: The pain to go away at some point very soon, then a trip to town to the magazine man for some art journal inspiration, need a new journal (because the one I'm working on is just too small) and some 'rock' embellishments to finish my circle journal entry off.
NEEDING: To put my tens machine on again to get rid of the pain and it's only just stopped grrr!
THINKING: There are two rugby matches today on TV - loads of crafting time for me - tee hee!
ENJOYING:  Having my hubby back - he's been here in person but mentally been elsewhere - so glad he's now returned entirely and is now making coherent sense (very stressful work based course he's been dealing with this week)! 
WONDERING: Whether a combination of voltarol, bio-freeze and tens machine as such a good idea?

Just to prove that the art journal page yesterday wasn't just a one hit wonder (it wasn't honest) here is another layout that I've done subsequently on what can only be described as a lurid green background that I painted an age ago, I remember after I did it thinking that I'd never find a picture or a design that I could put on the same - not at all - well just goes to show when you get that creative boost from a fabulous new source that things can turn a corner and off you trot on a new path for a while.  

This layout is just called Delicate Wings, I love how in the photo she looks like her eyes are covered with butterflies and I thought, sometimes we visually see things that make us feel vulnerable and delicate and was the inspiration for the page.
now don't get me wrong I'll still be doing my 'writing based' pages when I need to get my emotions feelings or rantings down on paper but sometimes I just want to create art without necessarily adding too much in the way of journaling and this new style allows me to do just that!  

Hope everyone is having a good and positive and blessed weekend!


  1. I'm LOVING these journal pages - what a fantastic image you've found. Gorgeous colours and paint/stamping.

    Keep 'em coming!


  2. I like that!! Its definitely very free flowing *thumbs up*

  3. love that page, fantastic.

  4. Oh it's beautiful Virginia, really, really. I don't think you always need words.

    Hope your back is easing up a bit for you.

    And thanks for your comment - blimey I should have a mini moan more often, I've been loving reading what people had to say, I was expecting a bit of a backlash pointing out how wrong I was :P

  5. Hi again, Virginia,

    Just wanted to let you know I'm having a little giveaway to celebrate my first year's blogging, so if you wanna pop over......