Friday, 25 March 2011


Good Morning all Friday woo hoo so that means what's
 Well for starters this little guy - isn't he gorgeous - just amazing, I got home last night - weeks been hard at work really really hard because I'm so busy and a neighbour comes venturing over early evening with said parcel in hand.  Said 10 year old guesses at a circle journal but wrong size and weight me thinks, hubby looks at me as though to say and now what have you ordered off the internet - but no guilty face appears and so I take off all the wrappings to find a brown box and inside box is gorgeous gorgeous Count Duckula - made for me by the amazingly talented Carmen as a birthday present (and before you ask you've not missed anything lol).

 Then the next thing is the fabulous blog comments I got from WOYWW - primarily because on my desk was a layout I was working on to do with Darcy's 52 words with prompts - I hadn't mentioned previously that I've been following this one for a while with every intention to 'catch up' well once I'd got hold of a bigger journal and fathomed out that the 52 word prompts would fit almost perfectly (almost because the front and back outside covers may have to become a layout LOL) I thought crack on and play with that paint and those words and the journal was on my desk and before I knew it people were identifying what i was doing and I felt like I was joining a club it was so lovely to be welcomed and completely unexpected - I promise to share layouts as I complete them - just finished acknowledge which I think was week 3 - but I'm getting there LOL - prepared pages for week 4 and still have paint under finger nails to prove it (this is because it's one of the few paints that I have found actually dye's your fingers - think if I recall rightly that purple is one of those paints hardest to make because it needs so much pigment - or I might be making it up) 

Then the supermoon - we saw this from the back bedroom window and yes that is the moon (apparently appearing 14% bigger than normal)
and then as it rose in the sky we got this
 how gorgeous is that!  

Then there are gorgeous thank you cards from work colleagues that are moving on to pastures new.  We had five peoples leaving do this week and I was delegated maker of the leaving presents (which with what I had on wasn't a great idea they could have ended up with anything LOL - thankfully I engaged brain long enough to identify leaving presents) and then spent most of Sunday afternoon barking orders at hubby to cellophane wrap them as I finished off the presents forgetting completely that men don't normally do wrapping do they - anyway they were really well received on Monday when we had a tea party at work.  Following this I got a lovely leaving card from one of the girls leaving which made me well up - we both struggled to say goodbye properly because I think we both knew that we'd end up in tears - so we didn't do goodbye we just did - "see ya later".
so where I'm at with the following
  • listening -to Linkin Park's Jornada del Muerto well I was when I started typing now listening to Waiting for the End which is utterly amazing
  • eating -blueberry and raspberry porridge with banana - yum (actually eaten can't type and eat at same time that would just be wrong and a bit messy)
  • drinking - nothing cup empty needs a re-fill anyone offering
  • wearing - black long line top and black leggings - basically black, black and a bit more black.
  • feeling - still under the weather at the moment
  • weather - overcast grrrrrrrrrrrr they said blue skies
  • wanting - to change the world (as always)or at least have a happy influence on somebodies friday
  • needing -to stick to my healthy eating plan to remind me what it is and not to comfort eat!! got home last night got on the scales pound on - grrr moved scales two foot to the left got on scales three pounds off - genius - keep going left wonder how far I'll have to go to lose a stone - sod found the wall - aha - bathroom floor quarry tiled means it solid - gets on scales three pounds on - double grrr - that's a half stone difference - wonder what happens if I just stand on one leg - give up - come downstairs eat a double chocolate muffin - because that obviously helps when you are trying to lose weight, hubby walks through door and I blurt out my comfort eating episode - get up this morning official weigh in day - get weighed once, same as last week - put scales away - sigh!
  • thinking - what do you do on a day off?  bit confused not sure what I'm supposed to do?
  • enjoying - my life generally despite being crazy mad I do love it even when sister comes over with a face so long last night none vocal with the words I'm fine (and we all know what that stands for) - so need your help to resolve how can she meet new friends (male and female) that are 'normal' and not weird!
  • wondering - if I should grab another cuppa and write out said 10 years olds school photo order - they've given me too much choice LOL! 

Now don't faint but I'm going to bring back Mr Linky but the deal is this - if you link with linky can you please leave your actually blog link in the comments as well because if I link with Mr Linky next week I won't see this weeks links and then you all disappear in the blink of an eye - now how the hell do you do Mr Linky


  1. Hi Virginia, I don't know what you do for a job but it sure sounds full on! Love Carmen's Bloody-Sucky-Ducky, you 2 are quite bonkers. But then I guess you knew that already.

    The scales episode made me giggle - where ever they say you've lost the most is where I want to weigh myself too! Chocolate muffins definitely on diet sheet. Along with Prawn Cocktail flavour crisps (I'm addicted to them).

    Our view of Super Moon was brighter but not noticeably bigger - your pic is lovely. Silly me didn't think to take a photo, doh!
    And you gotta get out the black, girl! Spring has sprung!

    Love your list, enjoy your lovely day off (we've got beautiful sunshine down here so I hope you get some of it too).

    Lotsa love,

    ps have done Mr Linky but he doesn't seem to be doing much, lots of caching going on.....? So here is my link


  2. Wonderful list gin!!! Those pictures of the moon are stunning!! I wish I had caught a glimpse of it!! I am loving the Count Duckula too!!


  3. Am so glad you liked the Count :D

    Love those piccies of the moon - I forgot about it till I went to bed and it was lighting the whole room up!

    Had to chortle at your scales tales. I move mine all over the bathroom and then switch to weighing on the wii - I don't like what any of them say :D