Friday, 11 March 2011


Ok so this is the 10th Rocking Your World of 2011 - where is the time flying!  I tell you things are all crazy around here! 

 So what has life had in store for me this week in my list of gratefuls 

First of all beginning of the week, when hubby and I were working on crafting things (he was cutting chipboard books out and I was painting them) we had the Pink DVD on from her last tour and had a bit of a dance to a slow track near the end, it started out as a hug and then I just enjoyed the dance with him - so ultimately grateful for that! 
Grateful for said 10 year old who makes me smile so often - Wednesday I arrived home with a brand new dressing gown for him - one of those ultra soft fluffy ones that I finally managed to track down, both me and his Dad already have one and find that we get more hugs and cuddles when we are wearing them LOL - anyway he was so impressed with it that he got changed into his pyjamas and dressing gown ready for bed at 4.25pm - honestly - giggled so much - his Dad was utterly bewildered when he walked through the door about five o'clock to find him all dressed for bed! 

Also said 10 year old making me play both monopoly and bingo on Wednesday night because he let me do both whilst multi-tasking (painting chipboard books) at the same time - it meant the monopoly game wasn't half as painful as it would be normally and bingo was almost tolerable. 

Next up beautiful blogs that make me smile when I read them - you are all amazing thank you for enlightening me and brightening my life.

In particular this week there has been that path that I've followed - you know the one, you read a blog, click a link, read another, click a link and before you know it you struggle to remember how you got there but you are very glad you did - let me see if I can get the links - so you too can be graced with amazingly talented crafty and giving people

So this post from 

whose blog I follow got me reading her great 52 week challenge thinking of doing a mass catch up on this - it is a new challenge and not one you'll have seen before because it's running live now and in it and she refers to her friend

whose blog is gorgeous documenting the most AMAZING art journal pages - I mean stand back and take a breath - honestly out of this world (scroll down to see and then double click for close ups).  Now Dede as well as being ultra talented likes to show others what she does by steaming her work on U-stream 

I've only had chance to watch a couple up to now but they are all amazing this one in particular really struck a cord

which after watching meant that I went off and created this
which is so far removed from my usual 'style' that I've had to stand back and admire it quite often - I don't just like it I actually love it

So massive thanks to Darcy for sharing some of her inspirational sources and Dede for sharing her amazing talent and motivating me on my art journaling once again!

Then on to UK Scrappers for their great digital downloads at the minute - mini bunting in union jack either muted pinks and the standard colours, enlarged bunting and cupcake flags all in one - I'm not always great with digital scrapbooking (I like paint and glue and tactile things too much) and when they tell me to unzip things my brain goes into meltdown and I think it will be really complicated and i don't have the time or the energy to try and self learn photoshop, but these little bunting babies are just PDF files - even I can download those and print them LOL and they've saved me an awful lot of work in a journal I'm working on - so thank you UK Scrappers for Rocking My world this week this is the link to the download 

So what has 'Rocked your World this Friday?' if you join in leave a link to your blog, if you don't have time to blog or don't have a blog - leave a comment and let us know how your week has been!


  1. Lovin' the sound of that dressing gown - I want one!!

    Sweet list today, Virginia. The slow dance with hubby was lovely. Something we don't do enough in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. That journal page is WOW on legs! Brilliant, it really POPS and demands to be looked at. More please!

    I'll have a peek at those blogs later, I MUST go and get dressed and ready for the day.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Thank you again for being our Rocking Queen.


    Almost forgot, this is the link to my list of gratefuls


  2. Happy Friday Virginia!
    Love your journal page, its absolutely beautiful!
    And I'm so with you on the snuggly dressing gowns !!!
    Here's a link to whats rocking my world this week;
    Have a great weekend
    Claire x

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  4. Before I forget:

    Love your list again. My lazy mares always come straight in from school and put their jammies on! It will change when the weather gets warmer as Pheebs will want to go out and play but Devvie wont - she'd live in her jammies if we let her - weekends, unless we specifically tell her GET DRESSED WE ARE GOING OUT! She wont! *shakes head*

    I love those paths where you get totally lost but totally love the journey and where you end up - have found the best blogs that way :P

  5. This has a wonderful dreamy quality! :)

  6. I love your post this week! Fluffy dressing gowns and hugs sound brilliant!! Your LO is absolutely beautiful!! They colours are stunning!!

    Hope you have a lovely week!!! x x x x

  7. Lovely journal page... and I popped back to give you a link on how to make a snippet roll!! hugs Annette