Friday, 4 March 2011


Right eyes down I know I've been missing in action all week - how utterly useless am I and to boot I've done very little (very very little) on the crafting front.  I'm planning on changing that tonight (Thursday - update I did manage to do some but the layout was so intricate that I only managed one LOL) but time will tell as to whether i manage to do anything constructive or whether i simply move bits of paper around in the - 'I'm not sure what to do - kind of way! 

So without further ado what's been Rocking My world this week
Number one has to be my hubby for listening and just being him - as always completely and utterly my rock, I have a stressful job, sometimes the stress spills out and I'm grumpy, snappy and irritable and he accepts and deals with this on a frequent basis - this week has been no different and he's dealt with it as only he can - by listening, offering a shoulder when I need to lean and just being him - so big shout out for my hubby!  
Secondly has to be the weekend away in Scarborough last weekend, we hadn't planned on it but hubby knew I'd had a tough week last week and before I knew it I was nodding my head to a weekend away.  Now don't get me wrong the weather wasn't brilliant on Friday and Saturday but to be honest when you've got a water proof jacket and hiking boots (even if they were hubbies second pair and didn't quite fit - another story completely but we won't go there LOL) what does it really matter!   So this is me and other half at Whitby Abbey on Saturday taken by said 10 year old - not a bad composition for the photo don't you think?
 See what I mean about grey day - despite this we had a great time.
And on Sunday we were treated to blue skies, so we had another venture around Scarborough even hitting the Rotunda museum and Scarborough gallery both of which were great - this photo shows the Grand Hotel - the architecture on the outside of this is amazing and it was once Europe's largest hotel, apparently its a little worn down inside these days but that didn't stop me admiring the exterior.  The second picture is the Rotunda Museum which has been renovated, we paid to go to the Rotunda and Scarborough Art gallery and enjoyed both, the Rotunda is primarily about geology on the east coast and the Scarborough Art gallery had a fabulous collection of works by a guy called McKee who used to be the comic strip artist for the Sheffield telegraph.

The final photo is the footbridge near the grand - I just loved the shape, texture and colour of it!

 The next piccie is skylift that's closed at Scarborough - such a shame because they are such fun!   Thankfully there are a couple still operating.
Next has to be our little lad - he was somewhat bewildered without his 24 hour children's TV - astonished that the portable TV in the room had only 6 channels but pleased when he discovered channel 6 was CCTV for the hotel - it kept him entertained for what seemed like hours giving a running commentary of who was in what room and what they were doing whilst sat eating candyfloss - honestly! 
He also thought that because we were on 'holiday' he could have whatever he wanted to eat and was cross and grumpy when I said he couldn't order chips for breakfast - however, he is now a convert to hash browns! 

Royal Mail - yes I know don't fall off your seat but they did actually manage to get two parcels to two amazing people in relatively good time - one of them was a day late for a birthday grrrrr but apparently it was delivered the day after!  Big Waves to Carmen - hope your birthday was wonderful!  

Friends in the Urban Faeries group on UK Scrappers, I've only recently been adopted into the group but they are so lovely!  

Definitely all the participants in the Rocking In Peace Circle Journal on UK Scrappers, we've had a tumultuous time with this circle journal but have really turned a corner recently and we're all pulling out all the stops to get this finished so that everyone ends up with a finished journal of some sort by the end!  

Onwards with a little crafting and yes it is getting mighty thin on the ground! This one of my sister and my niece, it actually feels like quite an elegant layout which is definitely down to the papers rather than my normal style but I'm so pleased with it!

the detail from ribbons and decorative scissors
 To circles cut and stamping the title
 To tiny pearls tucked away to add to the detail
So there you have it - another Rocking Your World Friday if you join in leave your link in the comments so we can all come and visit (we do love to visit) everyone.  Hope all my Rockettes and Rockers have a fabulous, beautiful and blessed weekend! 



  1. Sorry you've had such a stressful week but you still found some gratefuls - WTG!
    Your hubby deserves some special sparkles and hugs - consider them delivered.
    That weekend in Scarborough sounds wonderful ..sigh.
    I was there last year (just for the day) between Dad's death and his funeral (David took the opportunity to do a work visit). Max and I had a lovely walk on the beach and I hit M&S... think it's the best one I've been to.
    Great photos too.
    And your LO is really elegant and such gorgeous colours.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx

  2. Hi ginnie!!!

    Sorry your week has been stressful!! I hope things calm down for you soon! Go Craig for being there for you! Your weekend away looked lovely, and I love the LO as always, so pretty!! Hope you have a lovely weekend! xxxxxx

  3. Hi Virginia, sorry you've had a week of it.

    The grey photo made me giggle - how terribly British! The other photos are great too - a wonderful record of a thoughtful weekend planned by your lovely husband. Fab layout of M and N - really pretty colours and, yes, elegant.

    I'm not so in love with Royal Mail - someone there decided to have a peek in one of Grant's birthday cards - looking for money methinks?

    CCTV for the hotel, WHAT??!! I do hope your gorgeous boy didn't spot anything dodgy. I can imagine what some people get up to while eating candy floss (note to self, give it a go!!).

    Have a lovely weekend, V.

    Thank you for leading us other Rockers.