Friday, 18 March 2011


Good morning one and all it is Friday again - I can hear you saying it can't be - but it is - here so quickly 
 This week has been a strange one - not necessarily in a great way - so let's see if I can dig deep to come up with a few gratefuls.

Hubby and said 10 year old for helping clean up on Wednesday night when I threw a mid-week strop - house feels better for it - much much better 

Lovely bloggy comments - so many of them this week because I joined in WOYWW!

Art journaling - I am so enjoying this at the moment - really giving me something to work off! 
Magazine man on the market - at either £1 or £1.50 a shot - bought a load last weekend, which helped complete a circle journal and give me loads of piccies for art journaling.

Hubby and son (again) for going to Meadow-hell this evening looking for leavers presents - you are both stars - thank you! 
Hubby making me make time for a walk at the weekend - kept my sanity chip in place for the weekend at least
TV for providing six nations rugby - plenty of scrapping time and yelling at the TV genius!

CD player in new car playing 30 Seconds to Mars really loudly - sheer bliss!

My circle journal buddies who are all pulling the stops out to get the rock in peace circle journal finished they've all been amazing.

Lee Evans for providing an evening of sheer laughter for me and hubby this week - we were so in need of it! 
Adverts prompting us to watch Mr and Mrs Smith night before last - love that film.

  • listening -to 30 Seconds to Mars - Stranger in a strange land on headphones as instructed by hubby!
  • eating -blueberry and raspberry porridge with banana - yum
  • drinking -cuppa tea
  • wearing -brown wrap town, black work trousers
  • feeling -pain in my right shoulder at the moment and wanting to listen to some really loud music and dance away the stress
  • weather -greay -nuf said
  • wanting - to change the world
  • needing -to celebrate the 2 pound weight loss - seem to be making tiny steps on this front but should still celebrate!
  • thinking - a day off pleasingn myself would be nice
  • enjoying -my art journaling at the moment
  • wondering - if I can slow the weekend down!
Now for a little crafting a layout documenting the lodge we stayed in in Scotland last year
 Can you tell I took the photo around Valentines day LOL!

And a couple of art journal pages during my 'writey' angry phase recently
 And this one that has been prepared for ages but not finished finally got completed!
Please let us know if you are joining in so we can come and visit and if you don't have time to blog what's Rocking Your World - just leave a comment!


  1. Sounds to me like you managed to dig deep and find plenty of goodies this week, Virginia. You did well to sort through the negatives and pluck out the positives. Your hubby and 10 year old are a huge support for you, aren't they. Remember, you're worth it!

    Those journal pages just get better and better.

    I wish I had a magazine man - those images you use are superb.

    My post is here,

    Have a lovely day, I gotta dash!


  2. ooo I like that last journalling page! It looks good from here :-)

  3. Fab list today Virginia & love, love love your pages, hope you have a lovely weekend :)
    Here's my effort this week;
    Claire xxx

  4. <--Moi!

    It's been a fantastic group of girls on the CJ hasn't it?

    Lovely list again Virginia - I miss a CD player in our car. Am stuck with the radio and tape deck but don't have a way of taping my CD's to tape. Aargh!

  5. Gah, wrote a comment & now its disappeared, hmm, think thats a theme for today, lol.

    Get up hun, turn that music up high & dance! So a few people might think your bonkers, I'm sure far more would be wishing they'd got the doodahs to do it themselves!

    My friday essay is here

  6. Sounds like a good week my DH is trying to make ours tidy up at present - so made me smile :) Love your LO and the art journal is gorgeous.


  7. Hi Virginia x Sounds like a bit of a roller coaster week but still managing to find all the positives. huge hugs my postis here x