Monday, 14 March 2011


Good evening, so I went to work nice and early (about 8 ish) had a short twenty minute break in the middle of the day (mad dash to town to help my lovely lil bro) then worked through til 6, mad dash home ravenously ate tea, then sat down with more work which I finished a few moments ago - meaning I've done a ridiculous amount of work hours today - so I'm off to craft for an hour before I collapse in a heap, but thought I'd post a quick post to all you lovely people.  At a weekend I religiously look for new blog updates and there are so very very few of them and then on a Monday when I'm up to my eyes in work there are loads of blog postings that I struggle to catch up with because I'm back in work mode - grrrr!  Anyway thought I'd join in with a quick post (this is quick honest)

A double page layout documenting my niece's 11th birthday! 
 and a bit closer you get to see the detail, from the punched hearts, to the stamping, the hand stamped journaling and the funky title
 and the other page with the now almost compulsory stitching on it! 
 Like a said a very quick post - hope you're all having a great Monday and that it's not been quite as fraught as mine - now where's that paint I feel the need to journal!


  1. Oh that stitching is gorgeous, just gorgeous. All of it is.

    I think I need a starter course in journalling Virginia - I really want to get into it but am really struggling. I do think it would be good for my ever increasing Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr moments.Just don't know even where to start which is frustrating!

  2. gorgeous dlo :) will be great to look back on :)