Thursday, 31 March 2011

DARCY - WEEK 2 - FILTER and a message just for Doone

Good morning bloggers thought I'd show the final version of this art journal layout that I've now completed for Darcy's 52 week challenge (yes I know I'm behind but catching up) it was almost there when it appeared on my WOYWW but wasn't quite finished, there is journaling on their although not easy to see and I've added the wings to the picture, I must admit I haven't been as pleased with a journal page for quite some time as I was with this one, it came together really quickly and I loved playing with the paints - no brushes just finger painting - seriously messy and good fun, odd baby wipe to give it a bit of extra smooshiness (you know what I mean).  The word filter also got me thinking about life in general and trying to sieve out the rubbish - which was good for my soul - so thank you Darcy!

 Anyway when I got up this morning I had a few messages linked with my WOYWW yesterday and one in particular had me giggling from Doone - she didn't mind my workstation what she didn't like were the cards on my desk - why you may ask because there was a stack of them I've been working on which I'll be distributing in the run up to the 25th December (see Doone I've not mentioned the word).  

Now just so Doone realises this is the story behind them - I hate making cards - why? - well I'm not very good at it - I struggle to do 'cute' or 'twee' or 'pretty' but can admire others up to the hilt and get quite green with envy.  So people would say well why don't you buy them - I'm too tight - with the amount of crafting scraps I have left behind from scrap booking it would be a travesty not to use what I have left over (I never ever use new stuff for cards - nope not me ever).  Now in the run up to the mad day (25th December) there is usually so much going on that the last thing on my mind is making (now I could swear here but I won't) cards so I do them in January and February and March - where I can strop about them to my hearts content and then when I've finally battered them into submission they then go in a shoe box, there's no stress to make them and so I can do them at my own pace when I can be bothered - just to prove I don't do twee - and forgive me Doone for showing such a vulgar item so early in the year - but this is what my lot will be getting this year - with my own design - 'Monica Mohican' on it with the words 'Dear Santa' - 'Define Good' - so Doone I'm hoping you'll understand my general weirdness and also smile at the fact that this style of card goes out to all my friends and family wether they like them or not!  I have invented other characters including Gorgeous George and Tiffany Timely to name but a few but I'll share them closer to the day - I promise LOL!
 Write off to work we go - but I'm not singing the hi ho song - noooooooooooooooooo year end - sob - things are going to get a little crazy!  Which means I'll get even weirder than normal - are you ready for this?


  1. ROFL. Glad I wasn't the only one to query the card making! I do love your card though.
    That art journal page is stunning - love it.
    Hugs xx

  2. Wow what a really mad crimbo card
    I love your layout,your so talented,I,m just one of those pretty,cutie card makers,lol.

  3. 'Filter' is brilliant, Virginia. Another superb image and the finger painting is fab. Love the circles too, they look 3D.

    ps bloody Christmas cards!

  4. Great page on your art journal - love all the painting. I sympathise with you on the characters - intrigued and want to see more of them :)

  5. okay -

    1. Sorry i am late visiting - One HELL of a long day

    2 I seriously like your cards and methodology

    3. grab the code from Darcy's blog so you can advertise your 52 page participation and Darcy
    will link your blog from her page too if you let her know you are in with the Sistahs,

    4. and lastly

    My Christmas cards were linoprints (100 in as many minutes) of a Christmas tree frog holding a gift,

    only it looked like he was shagging the box - and really enjoying it - check out the blog - search for Christmas tree frog,

    so I am the LAST PERSON who could accuse any one else of weirdness,

    and I have to say Cute makes me feel queezy

    thanks for the dedicated post, my ego is now too big to let me out my art room...