Monday, 28 March 2011


OK so finally getting round to starting to put these on (still incredibly behind but I am sooooooooooo loving these prompts from Darcy) Darcy decided to do her own 52 week challenge this year and has invited us to join in - I've been meaning to but not got round to it - but finally when I got my new A4 journal have started to join in and it's been fabulous - each one word prompt really making me take stock - I like things like this - so if you fancy it join in - it doesn't have to be an art journal it could be tags or layouts or anything and I don't suppose you have to catch up - you could just start from now and do it when you can - let Darcy know if you join in!  

Anyhow back to the piccies this is my first double page and I'm really pleased with it - used a combination of acrylic paints, magazine cuttings, stamps, foam stamps, free hand painting, stamping etc.
Need to photo week 2 and 3 and just about finished week 4's last night which I didn't think was going to pull together but I dabbled in my paint and soon it was coming together. 

A short and sweet post for me today lots to do!  

If you stop by don't forget to say hi - particularly as I haven't done my normal war and peace type postings - questions is do you prefer my long ramblings or my short craft based posts - suppose it depends on the time you have on your hands!  


  1. Fabulous journal page virginia - love the colours and the one word prompt sounds like a fabulous idea!

  2. beautiful colours, absolutely me! That image on the right is stuning, totally comes together perfectly. thankyou for joining in and blogging about our little