Friday, 11 February 2011


Quite literally as I clicked the 'post' bit on my Rocking Your World Friday last week, did I meander over to Susie's blog and found that I'd Rocked her World by recommending a good read - which brought a big big smile to my face!  

Then the doorbell rang - confused?  And there stood the postie holding a big brown box?  Still confused? Then the little light - that little glimmer remembering some blog candy I'd won from Kim a few weeks ago!  Well you could have knocked me down with a feather I tell you! How amazing is all this!
Absolutely amazed and in amongst it was this little beauty - how gorgeous (and edible LOL) does this look - my kind of cupcake the ones that you can only admire and not eat LOL!

And to add to it Kim has sent me enough goodies to make my own - can't promise it will be anywhere near as good but can't wait to have a try - full instructions on Kim's blog!

So my Rocking Your World this week literally started as I posted last weeks - how awesome is that!  

So has anything else Rocked My World this week - yes I won a blog challenge - I often see lovely blogs and challenges but never get round to doing or sorting - but Scrapology's lovely blog had the most fabulous sketch as a January challenge and so I set too and did the Weymss Bay layout that I put on my blog a week or so ago and guess what it won!  There were some gorgeous gorgeous layouts that joined in the challenge, so I was gobsmacked when they announced me as the winner!  So another Rocking Your World for me this week!  If you fancy having a go, head over as they've got the February challenge on there now! 

Cash and Carry shops that sell white take away bags - yes I know I'm sad but I like to make my own giftbags whenever possible and these are the best base to start with so that I can tart them up (technical term meaning to make them look pretty LOL) and often get them to 'match' the papers of the item enclosed in the present - how OTT is that or should it be OCD!  Can't help it it's just the way I am! 

Scrapping time - ooh so many evenings stretching out in front, no alcohol no naughty food eating (also known as Weight Watchers to everyone else) means I have to keep me occupied and that means scrapping - not the fighting sort - you know the paper variety!  I've made quite a few layouts up to now - I love them I tell you - love them!

Another thing rocking my world this week is Jamie Oliver's sea bass recipe in the 30 minute cookbook and hubbies enthusiasm to cook - I mean I didn't know that I actually liked sweet potatoes (I really didn't - tried them before just not my cup of tea - but did them at the weekend and fell in love!)  and the veggie recipe was awesome - who'd have thought you could make brocolli more interesting - now don't get me wrong Mr Oliver's obsession with Olive Oil (which he adds to everything) doesn't exactly work with Weight Watchers - so where I can, I remove it (or if hubby is cooking ask him to step away from the olive oil bottle lol) and where it needs some I use a tiny amount and count the points so it works!  Just to prove the point of how lush this tea was I photographed it - steam and all!

My son's new favourite saying which is 
"How's your day been?"
Which is lovely but a little surreal when he asks you at 7am and you've been up 10 minutes - I mean how are you supposed to answer that!  I usually say 
"So far it's not been bad!" LOL - love him to bits!

then there are crafting evenings - last nights was lovely with Mum doing her journal for Christmas (in February she's growing a little tired of it and if I'm honest she's started making stuff up just for the sheer hell of it) However, one of the things she decided to document last night was that when we were younger she used to make "Weebles and Wombles" WTF!  Actually Mum Melanie declared you actually made Care Bears and Popples (which she would then sell to family and friends in order that she could buy Christmas presents for us lot - bless her)  but then niece decided Melanie must have got that wrong and told my Mum it wasn't Popples it was poppets - confused we were - so let's get this right my Mum did 

Make care bears and popples when we were younger- true so much so that we used to get fur balls from all the fur fabric in the house LOL 

She did not make little plastic characters that wobbled but didn't fall down
neither did she make characters that wander around Wimbledon common (Wombles) 
and finally she didn't make tiny chocolate covered mint sweets in a box (poppets) 

Just thought I'd verify the name of the DCWV stack that I keep mentioned that DH bought apparently isn't called Truly Madly Deeply (but maybe it should) it's actually called - wait for it 
Then last but not least crafting - forgive me for a Christmassy layout (technically it was November but it was for Christmassy things) but they need to be scrapped let's be honest! (that is scrapbooked not thrown away LOL)
This is us making Christmas cakes and puds before Christmas 
then the close ups - stamped images Paperartsy me thinks - onto colour paper and card stock and then cut out - think it's called paper piecing but I might be wrong LOL
Chipboard word inked in pine needles distress ink and then glossy accents - yes I should have got the versamark out and then the clear embossing powder but the words couldn't be and bothered comes to mind so did it this way instead.
Hope you've all had a grand week, if you join in add yourself in the comments with your link so we can come and visit.  If you don't have a blog then leave your gratefuls in the comments - if you are saying you don't have any gratefuls then dig a little deeper I think you'll find you do - just one - go on think - seeeeeeeeeee now you're smiling!


  1. Will read post later rushing off to work now but here is what is rock ing my Friday have a good day all :)

  2. Sound like you have had a great week Virginia. Lovely blog candy. I made cupcakes for my table centres when I had a big birthday last year can't show them had big numbers on! lol
    Hope you have a great weekend too. Thank you for alll your lovely comments. I hope to join you one Friday. Lynne xx

  3. That cupcake is beautiful! Feeling hungry now.
    I used to want a popple, but was given rainbow bright instead ... really wasnt the same, lol

    Here’s mine :)

  4. What a truly joyful week and I'm pleased to have played a little part in it (as you've been playing a big part in mine recently!).
    Yummy blog candy - esp. the cupcake! And that DCWV stack is wow!
    Off to check out Melanie's post and will be doing mine later.
    I've decided to join you on the TT route.
    Sue xx

  5. Yaaaaaaay! Love this post so happy smiley!

    The dinner indeedy looks nom nom and I wouldn't touch fish if you paid me so good job there. I also agree about Mr Oliver and his Olive Oil!

    Glad to see K joining us too. Slowly but surely we shall take over Fridays :P

    Be back later with mine. Tummy a grumbling and egg noodles wafting at me from my bag!

  6. Lovely long list Virginia, which I'll read later (must go into the kitchen....). My list is here

    See ya later!


  7. I'm back and I've read your fab list. That Jamie meal looks gorgeous (loving the steam!). I nearly bought the Jamie 30 minute meals book from the Book Box man for a tenner this week but backed out, I'm starting to wish I'd got it now........:0(

    How funny to be asked how your day has been 10 minutes after getting up - shows he cares though!

    Great LO, I'm beginning to think you're a 'Christmas is not just for Christmas' kinda girl!

    Have a wonderful weekend, keep on with the WW thing.


  8. You have an amzing blog so glad to have found you via K's fab blog and I am off to look at more posts and become a follower!

  9. I finally did it :D

  10. So pleased I rocked your friday, takes me long enough to pop by LOL!
    Have fun fun fun HuGs Kim :)