Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Just been blog hopping and meandered over to Tracie's blog where she'd documented her feelings for the day - saying they might help on art journal front.  She in turn had got the idea from other bloggy friends so thought I'd join in good way to see where my head is at this morning

  • listening - the noise of the boiler - I'm sure it's supposed to be music but I'm sat in silence so other than me tapping on keys and the boiler and the dishwasher whirring not listening to much at all at the moment
  • eating - nothing at the mo - will be eating raspberries and blueberries in porridge topped with banana which is my favourite breakfast at the moment
  • drinking - hot tea to sooth a rather sore throat!
  • wearing - Jasper Conran pyjama's bought by my hubby Craig for me at Christmas
  • feeling - raw and fragile - enough said
  • weather - grey with the threat of rain (again to make a change during half term week)
  • wanting - to cheer up and find some joy in my day - not sure if I'll manage it but going to try
  • needing - a hug from my hubby - his hugs are helping me get through a difficult time
  • thinking - I should plan food for later rather than the adhoc tea we ended up with last night and wondering whether this sabotage mode I've gone in to to try and alleviate my emotional pain is temporary or permanent!
  • enjoying - not drinking and having time to think - although this year has been hard up to now it hasn't stopped me from being me - raw emotional and fragile me at the moment but still me!
  • wondering - whether popcorn and a new DVD will suffice for my 10 year old and my niece or whether I'm going to have to suffer the trials and tribulations of a trip to the cinema and all that time in those chairs with my back! 
Ooh I liked that - it was fun it made me stop and think - might have to try that again another day!

Anway wednesday morning crafting what have I got for you?  This one is part of the UK Scrappers challenge for this month, thought I'd struggle with it as the photos wouldn't cut to the actual size designated in the challenge but managed it even though the photos are bigger!  Used fibres in the form of stitches!
Upclose stitching!
 More stitching
 Hand stamping!
So there you go a bit of crafting goodness!


  1. * listening - to the rather bouncy tune of Mr Blooms Compostarium song and a 3 year old singing and wiggling her bum to it.
    * eating - Just finished hot weetabix and banana
    * drinking - hot tea as well
    * wearing - Jeans and jumper. Brrr it's cold!
    * feeling - Grumpy
    * weather - Tipping down
    * wanting - The sun sun to come out so the girls can have at least one day not cooped up
    * needing - to play at something arty crafty
    * thinking - What to have for lunch
    * enjoying - having a PC that works
    * wondering - What to have for lunch. (What? Can't help being food obsessed!)

    Hope Bouncy Virginia manages to kick whatever is upsetting fragile Virginia into touch. Big hugs missus. Love that page.

  2. Love the LO (esp. the stitching - I find sewing on my LOs very therapeutic).
    Sending you virtual hugs and sparkles to help you through the day - I do like the idea of pausing midweek to reflect even if if it's not all positive. May try it myself - esp. if it helps journalling - one of my weakspots. xxx

  3. Super crafting - hope things are looking better for you soon.
    Sue x

  4. Oh I like this idea! I will have a go...
    Listening: to Richard Hawley
    Eating: nothing right now, but I had cocopops and a slice of Soda bread for breakfast!
    Drinking: Yup, hot tea! hehe!
    Wearing: My pj's, yeah I know it is half 2 in the afternoon, but shhh!
    Feeling: Excited!
    Waether: shockingly, not raining here in Ireland!! Quite cold though!
    Wanting: To win lots of money so I could go on holiday somewhere warm!
    Needing: time to hurry up, I am missing my man!
    Thinking: I should bake some cupcakes today...
    Enjoying: Packing all my stuff up and getting rid of all the junk I have.
    Wondering: Should I go for a jog or not.... I am rather warm and comfy here... lol!

    Feel better soon!! x

  5. Love your page, I've done stitching myself, not kind to the fingers though.
    Thank you for adding my blog candy, you brought a tear to my eye.
    This is a very difficult week for me, my mum was 26th & husband 27th, also her birthday was 22nd, my son's birthday is 26th.
    It's also very grey & rainy here so doesn't help.
    Good luck with the candy. Take care Ann x