Sunday, 13 February 2011


Well here we are on a cold rather wet and very miserable Sunday afternoon, half an hour til the six nations starts so hubby will be happy plus it means crafting for me.  Spent an afternoon scrapping with sis yesterday which was awesome, she worked on her tattoo book and I worked on layouts!

Now it has come to my attention that all I seem to scrap about is Christmas, but in all honesty I haven't done that much scrapping of 'life' for some time.  When 2011 hit I set too to catch up on some of life's events that I'd documented in a photographic format but never put the detail behind the piccies into a layout and so I started 2011 in earnest.  Now add to that my whole weight loss pledge for 2011 and the lack of alcohol - oooh yes going for the whole lot this year I tell you has meant lots of crafting time so I'm doing most recent piccies first which means that you lovely people get to see Christmas in all its glory in February - LMAO! 

Now the other aspect of it is - am I a Christmas girl and the answer is unequivocally yes more so over recent years since I've started doing my journal your Christmas project courtesy of Shimelle.  Christmas now means that I actually hit the pause button for a bit during the festivities rather than running hell for leather through it - (OK now that's too expressions I've been in the process of typing that's made me think ????????? where does the term 'hell for leather' come from and the statement 'going the whole hog' - which I wouldn't think twice about saying but seems strange typing it - why on earth would someone want to go the whole pig - it makes no sense) - anyway I digress.
I hope you don't mind I promise to try and intersperse it now with other activities but for now I'll leave you with yet another Christmas layout LOL

and the details which led to some awesome little cards as well (Christmas of course)!
 Just going to finish off a few bits I've had sat waiting in the wings for a bit a Christmas gift for Fi who lost her doggy called Puppy last year - I made this so she could document his little life and had a lasting document.  The book is based on a template shared by the wonderful Voodoo Vixen (AKA Annette) whose blog I absolutely adore!
The inside has pockets and tags and pulls out to spell the word as you can see!
Then there's the post Christmas bargain from TK Maxx being an album and loads of accessories and papers for the bargain price of £6!
Another Christmas gift (yes let's get them all out of the way), being the other Weymss Bay book I did 
Same design as the Puppy book above
And finally evidence of beautiful cakes from Christmas, made by dear hubby who isn't an expert on the icing front by my goodness he makes a beautiful Christmas cake! 
Right off to wrap presents - hubby Craig and my Mum's birthdays tomorrow - he's off partaking in the hallmark profit increase - also known as purchasing a Valentine's card at the moment!

Hope you're all having a grand Sunday!


  1. Wow! you have been busy. Love your layouts and the puppy book is fab. Not done any scrapbooking for ages. Those cakes look yummy. Lynne xx

  2. How lovely it is to see something being used and so beautifully too! Love the puppy book, I am sure your friend will have a lovely memory book when its finished.

  3. As usual lovely LO's and I love Christmas so you'll never here a whinge from me for Christmas LO's! x

  4. Wow those cakes are amazing! I used to be SUCH a Christmas girl, would start preparing every January. I've got a bit jaded about it all in recent years but am desperately trying to reclaim it from the commercialism that made it leave a sour taste.

  5. Oh I adore my Puppy book! I have filled it up with pictures of him, I will have to post some pictures of it!!!