Friday, 25 February 2011


Well this one hasn't arrived in a flurry of activity but has kind of dragged itself over the finish line after one hell of a week!  I'm somewhat bedraggled, not quite myself and definitely fragile, but in amongst the tough week has got to be some glimmers of happy gratefuls to celebrate - so here I go - I'm digging deep I tell you! 

 Hubbies hugs he's been amazing this last week, he is and has always been my Rock - completely and utterly we met almost 21 years ago and my heart still skips a beat when I see him pull up on the drive, he still takes my breath away and for that gift I am truly grateful! 

Blogging friends - you know who you are and you've all been fabulous - thank you for your support it's been very much appreciated - you'll never know how much and I thank each and every one of you for your kind words.

Warm milky coffees on cold spring like days (even though we started the week with snow) I'm still determined that this should be spring now!

Blueberries and raspberries in porridge for breakfast - yum

JR Ward for her amazing book Covet 

Time off from work even if it's been a rough week, can't say I've managed any downtime on the brain which is what i really needed if I'm honest but time off has been good.

Gulliver's Travels in 3D that made me laugh out loud even though I didn't think I'd enjoy it! 

Despicable Me on DVD another great watch - kids animated films are simply fantastic! 

My new phone - even though I'm still fighting to get to understand how the hell it works!

Art journals that allow me to download when my emotions get a bit much! 

Yes I know it's thin on the ground but each and every one of these makes my heart happy and they've all Rocked my World this week! 
And now a little crafting for you lovely people to be honest - not one of my favourites in fact really not one of my favourites definitely chose the wrong background colour when I did it - but you've just got to go with it - I just kept throwing stuff at it until I could finally say - that'll do! 
Up close (even though I'm not keen) from using up lettering as a title
 to lots of flowers in a cluster
 And the stitching
I'm slowly running out of things to photograph to share with you - which means my crafting has slowed down - normal service will resume shortly!

Hope you've all had a grand week, please join in if you fancy the Rocking Your World post - pop it on your blog and put your link here, if you don't have a blog then feel free to list your 'gratefuls' on the comments!

Hope you all have a great weekend - I'll let you know about mine later!


  1. Sorry you've had a bad week Virgina. Sending hugs and sparkles for your weekend.
    Sue xx
    You already know mine is up but here's the link for others:
    scrapbooksusie.blogspot .com

  2. Hi ginnie!!

    I hope you are feeling much better soon! I really like your LO, I love the flowers! Keep your chin up!!


  3. So sorry that you've had a rough week - well done for picking out all those gratefuls.

    Top husband!

    I'll be back tomorrow with my Rockin' list - been kinda busy today.


  4. I'll be back tomorrow too, think some digging needs to be done here this week for my grateful list too.

    Am hoping to get a couple of those books for my birthday - if I don't then I have some Amazon vouchers and will be treating myself but have been banned from even thinking about it till after. Am so desperate to read them!

    I personally love those pages - the bunting is fabulous!

  5. Tadaaaa -

  6. I'm back with completed list!

    I do hope your weekend has been calm and lovely.


  7. Sounds like you have had a bad week. Hope you are having a good relaxing weekend. Hugs Lynne xx