Friday, 4 February 2011

ROCKING YOUR WORLD FRIDAY - this one feels longer than usual grab a cuppa!

Here we are again on Rocking Your World - how are all the lovely Rockers and Rockettes out there this morning?

 So what's been Rocking my World this week - apart from the wind outside which is Rocking everything at the moment - particularly wheely bins who seem to be doing a Friday morning dance routine to a different tune to everyone else - always find it slightly unnerving when they start walking around on their own! 

Anyhow that definitely isn't rocking my world but here a few glimpses of what are:
Propeller Theatre group for the last two Saturdays have been simply spectacular - both productions were fabulous Comedy of Errors - slapstick and Richard III which was exceptionally bloody - they seemed to enjoy the macabre part of that play and this would have been great apart from a slightly queasy niece who doesn't cope with blood much whether it be real or fake!  If they come to a theatre near you grab yourself a couple of tickets and head down there and if it can be one of Shakespeare's comedies I guarantee an afternoon or evening full of laughter!

Jamie Oliver for encouraging us to eat different types of fish other than tuna, haddock and the ever depleting cod - this has led to purchase of basa and cobbler which in turn have turned out to be Vietnamese fish which defeats the object because we're supposed to be generating a demand for other fish around our sea shore - I mean Vietnamese fish must have be biggest carbon footprint to get here don't they?  I now have a mental image of a fish with exceptionally big feet made of carbon - has anyone else got that image or is it just me?

Crafting nights with family even when one isn't very well but is mighty sensitive who in turn upsets me whose feeling mighty sensitive and then gorgeous sister does the mediator bit for the remainder of the evening - I mean it doesn't sound like something to be grateful for but with the crafting eventually we all calmed and had an enjoyable evening - we were all doing different things - my Mum is trying to finish her Christmas journal, I was on with a 12 x 12 layout (nothing new there then), Melanie is on with her tattoo book and my niece was card making!

A big grateful to hubby and son - who whilst we were crafting last night played with the nerf guns - big plastic yellow and orange things that fire little foam darts - they were shooting each other and it was just so funny to here as said 10 year old could not stop laughing - honestly - if you ever needed to lift your spirit all you need to do is listen to those two playing and it absolutely makes your heart light - I love it! 

Making my own images - yes I know this sounds strange but after a few weeks of stamping the same images on cards I thought I need a new supply of stamps or alternatively I need to do my own - being the frugal (or is it tight?) self I decided to see if I could create some images that I could cope with on my cards, so I spent an evening drawing with a black inky pilot pen - now I am not an artist at all - I can't drawer portraiture at all - but quirky and weird now that I can do!  So I spent an evening doing just that - some have been a roaring success others quirky but made me step back and say - whose card could I put that on?  Then hubby - bless him, scanned them, played with them, tidied them, changed them to JPEGS and encouraged me to print a page with the images reduced in size - ooh I felt like I needed to do an acceptance speech at an awards ceremony when he handed over the first copy to come off the printing press - sorry I mean printer -  it was like creating my very own stamps!  Hubby has now gone on a copy writing mission which has made me laugh quite a lot that he things they are good enough that someone would want to copy them, but I'll keep him amused by doing just that - I'll get round to putting a couple of the cards on shortly to see what you think.  But this has definitely been a highlight this week added to which when I showed my niece she said she didn't know I was so good at art - I thought she was being sarcastic but she said not - she genuinely thought they were brilliant - maybe their is an artist in me somewhere (although she only does quirky)

A few other happies from the week

Blueberry and Raspberry porridge is gorgeously yum (in fact sat eating it in between typing right now) 
Evenings full of DVD's we haven't watched in an age we've just finished the four Die Hard films in reverse and Brucey gets more and more hair each film LMAO! 
New and inspirational blogs - love them! 
A good book to read 
Weight watching because it's just becoming the norm
Preplanned and prepared lunches - the absolutely saviour of my week! 

Finally (before the crafting obviously) I just wanted to ask a favour - if you happen across here can you wander along to my sister's blog and give her a cheer - she's having a tough time juggling everything at the moment and has only recently returned to work after a period of long term illness and now her workplace is putting pressure on her when she's only just returned, added to which she's back juggling home etc and despite setting her mind to a healthy regime has well and truly fallen off it a the moment!  - just go tell her that no matter what happens

"You can handle it!"

As promised crafting this is a double page layout I did when we recently changed cars!  It isn't something I would 'normally' scrap but couldn't help it because it's the newest car we've ever had (just need to pay it off now LMAO)
The pages up close


Then the detail which is always the fun bit - I used a tyre donated (albeit temporarily - it had to be returned good as new) from said 10 year old in paint to create the tyre tracks! 

Then I cut out of the Tim Holtz cogs die some bronzy coloured mirror card and then put it through a couple of cuttlebug embossing folders - I tried for a uniform pattern initially but the best one I used was the one with assorted Christmas baubles and decorations on - because it was a sporadic pattern on a die cut paper it looked very much 'steampunk-ish' - I use that word loosely because there are crafters out there that do it a lot lot better, then I used a baby wipe and black paint to cover the surface and then wipe some of it off to highlight the pattern - what do you think?

And it's so easy to do - I tell you - just so easy and so effective - don't you agree that the first of the two pictures is the better of the two - more industrial! 

Then I used up some more of my older embellishments in the way of hearts (because they were red and went with the layout LOL)
 So there you go another Friday post and the first into February!  As way of an update I've managed 38 Christmas cards to date and not a sign of stress anywhere LOL.

If you join in and Susie bless her did her Rocking Your World hours and hours ago so here's her link

If you join in put your blog post 'address' thingy in the comments block!  If you haven't time to do a blog post or don't have a blog and fancy joining put it in the comments box!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous day!  


  1. Loving your list Virginia. Ah, the joys of hearing your boys having fun - I remember that feeling (I remember the foam darts too!)
    The LO is fab - your gadget gears are stunning and what a brilliant idea borrowing a tyre - I'm trying steampunk at the moment too.
    Will check out your sister's blog but first I have a date with a warm bath and "Lover Eternal" - the reason I couldn't sleep last night - I didn't want to put it down!
    Sue xx

  2. Hi Virginia, I haven't got time now to read your Friday offering, I really must get ready to go out. But I'll be back later.

    Here is my list of happies....

    Have a great day!


  3. Sounds like lots of happy rocking this week! Your layouts are brilliant Virginia - great idea using a tyre and black paint to make tracks and I love the cogs :) x x

  4. I'm so behind on my hopping Virginia - I think I missed last week too. Gargh.

    I must see your designs! I must, I must! I could've told you you were an artiste. I still look at my Alice book and my mind boggles.

    I love your cogs and now that I have a cuttlebug again I may just have to try them.

  5. Love the list this week! I like the LO, I really like those cogs, they look great!! When you mentioned the Nerf guns it made me giggle, me brothers used to jump up from behind the couch and shoot me! The wind is crazy here too, my dogs are sat outside with their ears flapping!! hehe! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and hey! I might see you next week?! x x x x x x x

  6. Super list, Virginia. You sound a happy girl. Love the LO - it's great what you've done with those cogs. And we want to see your artwork, copyright or no copyright!

    I'll pop over to your sister later to give her an e-boost.

    Have a lovely weekend.


  7. Here is my Rocking my world friday post!

  8. Fab LO virginia and those cogs are are tempting me to go shopping now :) Very snazzy new car too.